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10 Crazy Places Moms Have Given Birth

10 Crazy Places Moms Have Given Birth

Did you give birth under unexpected circumstances? If so, you're in good company: there are tales of moms delivering babies at McDonald's, at the post office, and at the library.

The Huffington Post's editors have gathered ten of these offbeat birth stories, including #1, a mom who gave birth up in a tree to escape flooding, and #9, a mom who had her two-year-old cut her baby's umbilical cord after livestreaming the birth on the Internet.

Read the full story here (Huffington Post)

What's the craziest or most amazing birth story you've heard?


Image Source: alamy via Huffington Post

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BethFitzsimmons BethFitzsimmons 5 years
Can't open it either!
JessikahMoe JessikahMoe 5 years
Can't open link either :(
DeanaHortman DeanaHortman 5 years
I can't open it at all.
ErinHersey ErinHersey 5 years
When I pull up the full article it doesnt show me but 2 of tge 11,weird places to give birth. Can someone fill me in please
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