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10 Instantly-Soothing Lullabies

10 Instantly-Soothing Lullabies

From traditional hymns to Beatles ballads, Disney soundtracks to silly ditties composed at 4 a.m., our moms share an enormous range of sleep-inducing favorites in community conversations. To help make your bedtime routine more surefire, we've rounded up the most-mentioned songs and singers:

Traditional Lullabies

Soft and sweet, traditional lullabies endure for good reason: they work. Brandi S., a mom of two, sings the praises of Hush Little Baby: "My son is two and has LOVED Hush Little Baby since birth. Always calms him down if he's upset."

Another traditional tune recommended time and again is You Are My Sunshine. April K., who has one daughter, sings it in the car to calm her, while Jennifer M. has relied on the tune for her own daughter since day one: "As soon as she hears it she calms right down."


Other moms, including Jessica C., say the Brahms Lullaby is incredibly effective: "I have to sing the Brahms Lullaby to my daughter every day for naps and every night for bed, otherwise she won't go to sleep," she says. Jenifer A. in Ohio agrees: "Brahms Lullaby has been a favorite for all 3 of my children."

Soothing Adult Music

Some children respond best to songs not traditionally considered children's music. Sunny M., who has a son, discovered that he likes soothing adult music best: "When he was a newborn we used to play him an old Tracey Chapman CD and he loved it."

Meanwhile, Lana V. joined several moms in recommending Sarah McLachlan and The Beatles: "I sang Ayla to sleep with Angel by Sarah McLachlan and Yesterday by The Beatles."

And while many moms recommended country music (especially Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, and Taylor Swift), Loureen K. suggested Rockabye Baby's lullaby covers: "It's all your fave bands like Led Zep, Nirvana, Metallica…Bob Marley and Radiohead all done in lullaby-type music on glockenspiels and vibraphones."

Disney Soundtracks

Many moms mine Disney movies for comforting songs. Angela A., a mom of two, says her son loves River Lullaby from Prince of Egypt: "I have tried others, but this one is the only one that soothes him instantly! It is actually kind of funny, he can be screaming at the top of his lungs, and the music starts and he stops mid-cry!"

Other mom-recommended Disney lullabies include Once Upon A Dreamfrom Sleeping Beauty, Part of My World from The Little Mermaid, and The Lion Sleeps Tonight from The Lion King.


Last but not least, moms say hymns are a rich source of beautiful, sing-able soothers. Spirituals like Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and Amazing Grace are mentioned repeatedly in a popular conversation on the topic. As Amanda R. in Fredricksburg explained about her daughter, "She'll calm down within the first two words and will usually be asleep by the time I finish all 4 verses! It's magic when she's overly tired."

Want to trade other bedtime tricks? Got a favorite lullaby we missed?

Whether you want to discuss bedtime routines, share your children's favorite music, or connect with like-minded music-loving moms, Circle of Moms has communities focused on a wide variety of parenting topics. Learn what's worked for other moms (and what hasn't!), and share your own experiences to help make the lives of other moms a little bit easier.

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