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10 More Household Uses for Vinegar

10 More Household Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar is clearly one of the safest and most versatile household products on the planet: Hundreds of readers responded with more great ideas to our first round-up on the subject (8 Household Uses for Vinegar).

As suggested by Circle of Moms members, here are ten more handy uses for vinegar in the home.

1. Glass Cleaner

"My absolute favorite is using it to clean my windows," shares Adriana P.  "There is no window cleaner that can even compare." In addition to cleaning windows, vinegar is also great for cleaning other glassware, says Leanna S.: "Vase looking dingy? Put vinegar and uncooked rice in it and swish around. The rice is a natural abrasive...and the vinegar cleans it."

2. Itch Reliever

Vinegar can provide relief from itchy insect bites, shares Sharleen S.: "I cover a fresh mosquito bite with it for about a minute and it takes the itchiness away.” And Ursala P. suggests that vinegar can also soothe skin that's been irritated by plants: "You can also use vinegar for the sting of bluebottles, hairy worms, plants that burn your skin."


3. Pet Deterrent

In addition to eliminating pet odors, vinegar can deter your furry friends from gnawing on your lovely living room furniture. As Jo D. shares: "Vinegar and lemon in spray bottle keep pets from chewing furniture."

4. Anti-Fungal Agent

Several moms shared that vinegar can help banish various fungal problems. Ellen M. advises: "Vinegar can be used to kill toe fungi! Soak the foot in a pan of warm water and vinegar daily for several months. Works!" And Meredith B., who suffered from swimmer's ear, recalled: "The ENT suggested that after swimming I use a mixture that is half white vinegar and half rubbing alcohol and put it in my ear for a few seconds. The vinegar is an a anti-fungal and the alcohol kills germs. No problem since!”

5. Hard Water Stains/Mineral Build-up Remover

There are many ways to use vinegar in the kitchen, including cleaning coffee pots and tea kettles. Catherine P. explains: "I usually use it [vinegar] to clean lime off my electric kettle; just add 20ml of vinegar to the kettle, fill it up with water and switch on the kettle, and ta-da! The lime is gone!"

6. Heartburn Reliever

Suffering from heartburn? Mellisa J. is one of many moms who recommend vinegar as a cure: "Vinegar works awesome for heart burn. It neutralizes the stomach acid. It's the best heartburn medication I've ever used!"

7. Gnat and Flea Catcher

Having a problem with gnats? "Put about 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in a cup," advises Marci P. "Add a few drops of dish soap, and leave the cup sitting around. The gnats are attracted to the vinegar, and the dish soap will kill them.” A similar trick works for catching fleas, says Sue D., who suggests putting vinegar out in a white container: "Fleas are attracted to white, [so] use white foam plates and they will jump in there and drown. Also, you can spray it on carpets."

8. Ironing Aide

"I use plain white vinegar to set or remove creases in clothing," shares Angie G. "Just put some in a spritzer bottle, lightly spray the area, then press. It doesn't leave your clothes stiff like spray starch and the smell disappears with the steam. Works great!"

9. Ant Deterrent

If you're looking for a humane way to get rid of ants, Jena L. says vinegar will do the job: "I use vinegar to clean away ants. It may not kill the little buggers but it disrupts their sense of smell enough that they cannot find their needed foods and go away."

10. Hair Conditioner and Product Remover

Many moms also recommended using vinegar for various hair care needs. As Hari M. relays, “My hairdresser advised me to rinse my hair with a little white vinegar and water mixture to remove all of the remnants of hair products after washing it. I tried it and it renewed the shine in my hair, as well. Great advice.” And Cindy O. found apple cider vinegar was a great alternative to a cream rinse: "Mix 1 cup vinegar to a gallon of warm water and pour over your hair to great!"

Got another vinegar tip not covered here or in our first round-up of vinegar tips? Share in the comments!

Image Source: sidewalk flaying via Flickr/Creative Commons

AliMariePoe AliMariePoe 4 years
Vinegar removes even old carpet stains!! Spray straight vinegar onto the stain, let is sit for just a min or less then rub it with a dry cloth. Easy! (To the person saying vinegar in your ear will put you in the hospital-that is not true! And it says to mix it with rubbing alcohol not hydrogen peroxide)
CassandraDeAngelo79435 CassandraDeAngelo79435 5 years
what are the steps to using it to clean your windows?
BridgetMulvany BridgetMulvany 5 years
Is anyone vetting these responses? Some are frankly dangerous. The only thing you should put in your ear is your elbow. Dont put hydrogen peroxide or vinegar in your ears. Those suggestions belong on a thread entitled 'whats the quickest way to get myself in the hospital?'
melisalegaux melisalegaux 5 years
I use vinegar to clean out my coffee maker.. Fill the pot with water and a cup of vinegar run it through and you'll see all the old coffee come out.. I usually run another pot of water through but coffee taste sooo much fresher!!
BethBowser BethBowser 6 years
Most heartburn is due to low stomach acid. ACV works bc it supplies the acid needed.
TammyMalek TammyMalek 6 years
When you have sunburn if you take a bath with vinegar (about a capful), it will take the sting out and help to not peel.
chastitypotter chastitypotter 6 years
awesome article! also if you mix 1c white vinegar with 1 c baking soda, takes stains out of laundry and smells great!
Gemela86906 Gemela86906 6 years
I use vinegar in my laundry instead of bleach it whitens the whites and enhances the color in colored clothes. Also when cleaning chicken pour a little vinegar in your water the fat and the hairs on the chicken comes off so much easier
ConnieRiggs ConnieRiggs 6 years
For the folks that question the validity of drinking vinegar for heartburn, etc.,,,IT DEFINITELY WORKS!!! I buy the Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I drink a few tablespoons every day diluted with some water. You have to get used to the taste. Some people mix in honey too. I absolutely have horrible reflux and other stomach issues. I have to use Prevacid twice daily. Since I have started drinking the Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, with the mother, the reflux rarely ever acts up. I did serious research on this before I started doing it. The apple cider vinegar neutralized the acid in our stomach. I am a living success story, no doubt!!! I buy it a gallon at a time off of Amazon. Do your homework, there's one site that it runs approximately $10 ish dollars a gallon, and usually only a dollar for the shipping. Check it out. Worst case scenario, you will have some really good organic vinegar to use with some of these other suggestions!
ConnieRiggs ConnieRiggs 6 years
I have a comment for Melissa. When you use vinegar in your washer instead of fabric softener, is it the write vinegar or the apple cider vinegar? Thanks
DarleneMoore4303 DarleneMoore4303 6 years
Another 'never fails' use for vinegar! When you get a case of the hiccups... take about a 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar straight and swallow it. Instant relief!
CherylMunroe CherylMunroe 6 years
Vinegar also works on soothing sunburn.
BeckyMeader BeckyMeader 6 years
Vinegar also kills weeds. cuts excess soap in laundry, and showers. I use it to clean the shower and baking soda to dry to clean the glass then rinse no scum on the glass doors or walls of the shower. and it leaves the drains smelling fresh final I wipe the Shower walls with a rag damp with lemon oil and after that it is easier to clean the next time however I never ever wipe the last two inches or the floor as it will make that area slippery.
LynDownes LynDownes 6 years
I will try a few of these tips they sound really good. Thank you for sharing.
CharmaineWelland CharmaineWelland 6 years
Its also a good cleaner for inside of microwaves
CoMMember13631114711339 CoMMember13631114711339 6 years
really nice tips .thanks
RevaHuebner RevaHuebner 6 years
Vinegar works wonders on getting rid of warts! Soak a small piece of a cotton ball in vinegar and put it on the wart and then cover it up with medical tape. Leave it on overnight. Do this for about a week and the wart with slowly turn black and fall off. It worked like a charm on my daughter's foot!
RhenaLindsey RhenaLindsey 6 years
A good remedy for indigestion: I use 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey in 8 ounces of warm water. I just sip on it at meal time or right after. It is so good to help me have a good night's sleep as well.
AllisonLeding AllisonLeding 6 years
I have problems with vinegar used as heart burn medicine to neutralize the stomach acid since vinegar is an acid. You would need something basic to neutralize stomach acid.
StephanieMarotz StephanieMarotz 6 years
I used vinegar as a hair rinse when my daughter came home from school with head lice. The vinegar not only helped to kill the bugs, but works as a dissolving agent for the glue that the lice use to hold the nits to the hair shaft. It makes removal of the nits SO much easier.
LindsayNewton85151 LindsayNewton85151 6 years
Not so sure on vinegar nuetralizing stomach acid. Vinegar is acetic acid which is an acid itself. Not sure adding acid to more acid is a good thing but if it works than it works!
BrandyTrammell BrandyTrammell 6 years
I wanted to second using apple cider vinegar as a hair conditioner. When I remember to mix it up before showering, I use 1tbsp baking soda mixed with 1 cup warm water as a cleanser and then follow with 1tbsp acv mixed with 1 cup warm water as a conditoner. My hair looks healthier than ever when I do this!
NanaHill78779 NanaHill78779 6 years
If a room or you home smells must or of other odors, soak a dishtowel in white vinegar solution, wring out and walk around shaking the dishtowel, it absorbs and destroys the odors..
ColetteWills ColetteWills 6 years
1 cup vinagar in ur coffee maker then rinse 2 times with clean water cycles helps keep your coffee pot from having hard water build ups once a month.
katemerseal katemerseal 6 years
thank you to all for the vinegar was very helpful.
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