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10 Most Violent Video Games

The 10 Most Violent Video Games — and What Kids Can Play Instead

It seems like more and more kids play video games these days, and very often the games are violent. The attraction, says Common Sense Media via the Huffington Post, is that "many ultra-violent video games are actually technically superb," which underscores the need for parents to stay apprised of what games their children play.

"Of course, many video games can provide enriching experiences and learning opportunities. But with ultra-violent video games, the negatives clearly outweigh any positives for kids," reports the Huffington Post.

With that in mind, Common Sense Media has ranked the most violent video games — from "Saints Row: The Third" to "Call of Duty Black Opps II" — and suggests more child-friendly alternatives in the same genre.


To view the complete list, read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

rationalreason05 rationalreason05 4 years
Along with it seems many others objections to this article, I would like to agree that this is about the parents decisions about what video games to purchase. Read the back of the game and do some research before it is bought. I am also a gamer as is my whole family. I , as well as my husband, always play a game first before we ok it for our children. Similar to a parent who watches a movie before allowing my kids to (I have seen some PG-13's that I felt should have been R's). If anyone is interested about the link between violent video games and violence, read the charts that are at the link below; particularly section III, charts 13 and 14. When people are allowed to get aggression out in the form of media, they are less likely to actually perform violence either because it is out of their system, or they are too busy playing the game to go out and be violent. In the end, it is all up to the parents what is purchased and what is seen. Just be smart about it. Read these charts and do extra research, as well as being thoughtful when someone else's kid comes to the house and wants to play video games. Other parents may not have the same objections or they may have more objections to certain games. Consideration is the key. Consider the game, consider the rating, consider the content, consider other parents and most of all consider the children.
TrishGriffith TrishGriffith 4 years
Completely useless and baseless article. It gives me the impression that the writer had the wool pulled over her eyes by a youth in their care, possibly due to some violent video game. There is no excuse to not be self-informed as to the ESRB rating system. We have movie ratings for a reason, that some parents choose to ignore anyways, and the gaming one as well. Take responsibility for your actions if you decide to allow your kids to play these games. Most game store chains (I speak moslty about EB here) WILL NOT sell to kids under 16, depending on the title. So, mommy dearest, if you had to go into the store and pay the nice sales person for your tween-agers video game and confirm that you were over the age of 18, and now are whining that junior is being exposed to nudity and beating women with baseball bats, that's your own fault. Plus, I agree with the others, there are many family oriented titles for most game systems taht didn't even get mentioned and yet you're luring people in with pictures of kids who look no older than 6 and 2? Wow... just wow. You really need to do better research or at least title your articles more appropriately. As a mom and a gamer, I am highly offended at the subject and suggestions that this article implies.
DeniseWilder1370565366 DeniseWilder1370565366 4 years
You are showing a kid that looks about 6 years old & a BABY! The games listed are rated +17/Teen/Mature. Not only do games have ratings, but they tell you why it has these ratings. Blood/Gore/Strong language/Sexual content/Nudity etc. While Michelle Gower thinks it's sad that people would want to play games like GTA, I think it's sad that parents actually need this list. If you can go out & buy your child a $300+ console then you should be able to buy games that you see are appropriate for said age. All you have to do is glance at the cover to see whether it's for your child or not. If you're letting your child lock themselves in a room with a console & games that YOU bought them, then you have no right to blame video games. I have also played GTA, yet I haven't shot anyone & know nothing about guns. It's just a game & if you're not a good enough parents to teach your child the difference from video games and reality then once again, you have no right to blame video games. Either way your child will probably end up playing these games. I never owned these games in my home, but my cousins & friends had them. It's best to let your child know that reality is not the same as a video game and educate them as opposed to keeping them in the dark.
BethanySolimine BethanySolimine 4 years
If you show young kids in this picture, you should have listed some games suitable for them. One of the suggested games was Dungeon Siege III, the worst one of the series. Plus the lack of actual games for all ages of children (since you never clarify what ages you might be talking about) leads me to believe you have no one who understands gaming at your disposal. It takes one Google search to have more games than you can shake a stick at. As others have said, the best way is to play before your kids, then with your kids. That's when you have the opportunities to explain everything to them. And yes, outside is nice, but in this tech age, you are doing your children a disservice if you don't let them explore the computer. Games are a part of this and have helped society in many different ways. They can help surgeons with their hand-eye coordination. They have helped solve part of the AIDS virus. There is nothing wrong with playing on the computer as well as doing other activities. And children who are not kept from the computer usually do not develop such an attachment to the computer. It is usually the kids who are limited that have trouble with these things.
kerriemanning kerriemanning 4 years
I was exposed at a young age to horrors, gore and violent movies and games... And I haven't hurt or killed anyone or even wanted to. I still enjoy playing some of those hack and slash games and kid friendly nintendo games to. I love RPG more than a common hack and slash.
JenniferAlonso20042 JenniferAlonso20042 4 years
Any parent that isn't informed about these games BEFORE they buy them, should be ashamed. Obviously these are not games for anyone younger than a mature teen, but kids don't just learn violence from these games. It also takes a neglectful parent do initiate the harm in the first place. I was exposed to violent movies and games at a young age, but my parents taught me the difference between reality and fantasy. They also taught me to be respectful, as well as right from wrong. Kids need parents, not adult best friends.
michelegower michelegower 4 years
What about Grand Theft Auto - hijacking cabs, robbing banks, shooting innocent bystanders...even using prostitues, robbing her, then killing her so she doesn't tell the police. What a disgusting did this not make the list. I have a 14 year old, and some of his friends play this game....there is no way this will ever enter our house. Why children feel the need to play such horrific games is beyond me. So sad :-(
TaniaMatherLees TaniaMatherLees 4 years
How about, instead of letting your kids play games at all, have them go outside and play in the sand box, , take them to the park, and play on the swings. Teach them how to garden, a children's museum, a swimming class... Then you wonder why, children have an obesity issues when they are older. and why we are having government intrusion, in our everyday life...
juliadoherty juliadoherty 4 years
I agree with ChristineMenton. You need to screen the stuff. On the other hand I see with my own son who is 7 that you have some parents in their 30s who grew up on video games and play with the kids and enjoy it as a family activity. But some of the parents are in their 40s and didn't grow up on Nintendo and PS so they are a little more detached and don't know. We play games like Skylanders and a lot if car games etc in our house but no realistic violence and never 1st person shooter. The other issue can be when you child goes to other kids house and there are older children (or sometimes the dad) who are playing these more violent video games that you don't want your kids exposed to. That can be a problem. On one occasion I had to say to another mom. I'm sorry we can't stay for this play date but I would love to take the boys to the park or we can go to my house because the father was playing an excessively violent 1st person shooter game in the family room where the kids were also to play. I do screen what my son plays but you need to know what goes on outside of your home too. I love video games! However even as an adult I don't think anyone should be playing some of the games that are out there. There is plenty of research about the negative impacts it has on both kids and adults. You need to make limits for your kids as well as yourself and you can't be afraid to draw the lines with others either to be sure you maintain your boundaries. We explain why we allow certain games and why we don't and no matter how old my son is there are certain things I won't have in my house. Period. Although he will come to an age where when he is not at home he will have to decide for himself what is right and wrong.
TonyaGreene18868 TonyaGreene18868 4 years
We have two 16yr old boys & a 7yr old boy who all play most of these games. Our youngest son of course plays with the chat filter on when he plays online but it doesn't have to be played online & he often plays with myself, my husband, or his brothers. We are careful to explain that these are games so they are all make believe just like the cartoons he watches so these things CAN'T really happen & are not ok any more than the things the Joker does in Batman are ok. He also knows if the language is ever repeated, the games are a privledge that will be taken away. That said playing the games has helped improve his reading, hand eye coordination, & step by step task completion among other things. He has other games as we,, that are more commonly played by kids his age & we would never allow his friends to play the more violent games without prior permission but in our household it's working for us & kids don't come from cookie cutters.
TennilleMiller TennilleMiller 4 years
My thoughts exactly ChristineMenton! Of course children should not be allowed to play games with a Mature or Teen rating! Hence the rating system!
ChristineMenton ChristineMenton 4 years
This article is ridiculous and as a parent and a gamer I am offended. Why? Because you put pictures of two very young children with game controllers in their hands and then talk about "violent video games" that are bad for children, and yet every single game you mention has a Mature or Teen rating. Which means that you are implying that parents are too damn stupid to read a label and realize that Call Of Duty or Black Ops is not for their 8 year old! Not mention the implication that parents dont know what their individual child is capable of dealing with. So unless you are giving a pre-teen their own wad of cash or credit card and carte blanche to buy whatever the heck they want, and not paying attention to them when they come home this article is fairly useless. You want to protect your kids from violent video games ... Play with them... pre-screen the games and play with them! My son and I game together, he's 10... two of the best pre-teen family friendly MMO's we've played (which by the way helped him improve his reading) are Pirate 101 and Wizard 101 both from King Isle Entertainment. Since he's a little older now he's move on Runescape which he plays with me - with the chat filter on.
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