The helicopter mom may have been shoved aside by the Tiger Mom this year, but overprotective parents won't be extinct any time soon. It's a big scary world out there and if parents aren't watching over their kids' every move, who will?

If these signs sound like you, watch out, you may be hovering in Helicopter Mom territory!

  1. You have the cell phone numbers of all of your kids' teachers on speed dial — and you're not shy about calling.
  2. You enlisted the services of a preschool admittance essay adviser in your second trimester.
  3. You started a line of kids clothing with built-in tracking devices.
  4. Your child is your best friend.
  5. You attend, observe, and videotape every dance class, and then learn all of the routines so you can practice together.
  6. After your tot and a friend set up a lemonade stand, you ask the friend's mom for a letter of recommendation highlighting your 6-year-old's business acumen.
  7. You see nothing wrong with personally taking down that 8-year-old bully (and her mother) who didn't let your lil one in the clubhouse.
  8. Your 4-year-old orders Chinese food. In Chinese.
  9. All potential playmates and their parents must cooperate with a thorough background check.
  10. You don't count Cornell as a real Ivy. In ten years, your child will only be applying there as a safety school.