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10 Things I Never Thought I'd Do...Then I Became a Mom!

10 Things I Never Thought I'd Do...Then I Became a Mom!

At some point, we all believe we're the perfect parent...usually, before we actually are parents. Once the daily challenges of motherhood become a reality, many of our naively ambitious ideas and plans go right out the window. And that's okay-you're allowed to change your mind! Motherhood doesn't come with an instruction manual; you have to take each challenge as it comes. Curious what your fellow moms have changed their opinions about since having children? Read on...

1. Let my child watch TV.

"I swore I would never let my kids watch TV...My Addilynn watches the Wiggles everyday," admits Morgan B. Many moms struggle with finding the right balance of TV, especially after finding it distracts kids like a charm. As Krista E. shares, "Sometimes Thomas the Tank Engine is the only thing that tones down a meltdown, so what are you gonna do?"

2. Use a leash.

It's easy for people to criticize child leashes before having children. But as Laura L. remembers, safety concerns can make you change your mind: "I swore I would NEVER put my kid on a leash...[then] she decided to run from me one day... she had one foot on the curb and one almost in the road as an SUV screeched to a stop. Leash is now bought and ready for use."


3. Co-sleep.

"I said I wouldn't co-sleep, but I ended up loving it," confesses Ricky P. She's not the only one; many Circle of Moms members have caved in to co-sleeping even though they planned to avoid it.

4. Leave the house without showering or putting on makeup, and with stained clothing.

You didn't have time to shower or do your makeup, and your shirt has an unidentified stain? Don't worry, we've all been there.

5. Use formula.

Breast, formula or bottles? Many moms have strong opinions about feeding topics, both before and after giving birth. "Before my son was born I was determined to breastfeed. I was NOT going to give in and go to formula. Well, the whole breastfeeding thing was much easier said than done...I ended up going to formula," admits Sarah B.

6. Feed my kids junk food.

Soda, candy, hotdogs, chicken nuggets...Circle of Moms members have changed their tune about all kinds of junk food that were formerly blacklisted from their kitchens.

7. Treat a solo supermarket trip like a night out.

Forget dinner and a movie-after meltdowns in aisle 6 and tears through the checkout, shopping alone is as exciting as a Friday night out!

8. Be so interested in poop!

You laugh, but when did you ever think you'd care so much about what's coming out of your baby's bum? Just one more unexpected curveball motherhood throws at you.

9. Bribe my kids.

A Circle of Moms member named Sharon now laughs at her early anti-bribery ambitions: "I swore I would never use bribery to get my kids to behave. HA!" Sure, we prefer positive reinforcement to bribes in theory, but no one is going to judge you for hushing your child on the plane with promises of Jelly Beans.

10. Say "Because I said so."

As a kid, you swore you'd never be like your parents...oops! "I often catch myself telling my daughter the same things my mom said to me," says Joanna B., like "'Come here so I can brush your hair, you look like nobody owns you!' or 'It's like I'm talking to a brick wall!'" Meanwhile, Amy D. tells her son, "As long as you live in my house, and I am paying the bills you are living by our rules." And as she shares with a laugh, he's only 4! Amy's not alone-over 100 Circle of Moms members have shared funny and strange things they've said to their kids.

Is there something you swore you'd never do before you had kids that you do now?

Think you wouldn't use a pacifier? Or maybe that you'd always feed your child homemade baby food? Try searching Circle of Moms' communities (or browse the site's most popular conversations) for conversations where you can share and laugh about how motherhood has changed your mind-and you!

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