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10 Things I Never Would Have Said Before I Became a Parent

Becoming a parent has been the single most rewarding and challenging experience of my life. Being a Mom has opened my heart and given real meaning to unconditional love. Motherhood has taught me so much already, and I learn even more day by all the things I would have probably never said before I became a parent. Now, phrases like these are commonplace in my vocabulary:

  1. Get that (crayon, Lego, carrot, finger) out of your nose!
  2. Get that (crayon, Lego, carrot, finger) out of your brother's nose!
  3. Who put my cell phone in the toilet?
  4. Sure! I'd love to watch some more Wiggles!
  5. You spit that in my hand right now!
  6. Please, for the last time, do not pee in the sprinkler!
  7. Why is there a toad in my kitchen sink?
  8. Do I have to remind you that we keep our pants on in McDonalds?
  9. If you two keep up that farting contest, someone is going to poop in their pants and then you'll both be in trouble!
  10. From the movie Baby Mama. "Is that poop or chocolate?"

What kind of things do you find yourself saying that you would have never dreamed of before you became a parent?  Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Award winning blogger Susan McLean can be found writing about her daily adventures in Motherhood over at The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva.  Connect with her and thousands of like-minded Mamas on Facebook for some fun, and don't miss her on Twitter either!


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