Oh, to reminisce about those pre-baby days. Yesterday, I wrote about the things I took for granted before having children. While mamas love their lil ones – and our lives with them – we've given up a few luxuries. Our readers chimed in with some of the things they have sacrificed so check out the list.

  • Impromptu Vacations: Before kids, we threw our clothes in a bag and headed to the airport for a weekend getaway without thinking about sleeping arrangements, food or entertainment.
  • Reading on Airplanes: On a business trip or vacation, flights offered time to catch up on our favorite magazines and books rather than tempering cranky travelers.
  • Music with Explicit Lyrics: There is no way to compare the G-rated sounds of Radio Disney to Snoop Dogg's uncensored lyrics.
  • Uninterrupted Phone Calls: Hour-long, in-depth conversations with girlfriends were a weekly occurrence before kiddos started interrupting them with endless questions vying for attention.
  • Laundry: Complaining about having to do one load of laundry each week seems crazy now that the washer and dryer are constantly running.

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  • Leisurely Car Rides: Sunday afternoon drives in a small convertible were one of life's luxuries before car seats required more space.
  • Uninterrupted Meals: Who knew sitting through an entire meal wasn't the norm.
  • Impromptu Date Nights: The biggest dilemma on date night used to be where to go not who would watch the kids and what time we had to be home.
  • Personal Shopping: Aside from simply hopping out of the car and checking off a list, shopping used to be by ourselves and for ourselves.
  • Stain-Free Clothing: Before kids, the stains on our clothing were the result of our own accidents instead of greasy fingers and far-flung food.