Moms love their kids but that doesn't mean they don't miss privacy in certain circumstances. Modesty is lost when a woman gives birth and many assume it's gone for good. That keeps mothers longing for a handful of things that they used to take for granted. Oh, the dream of doing such simple things alone:

  1. Take a shower without small fists beating on the door because someone has to pee or needs the channel changed.
  2. Go to the bathroom at home without getting a bath because a lil friend is pretending to wash their hands in the sink with an entire bottle of liquid soap.
  3. Go to a public restroom without having to hold the door shut with one leg (because your tot is trying to open it) and repeatedly reminding your kiddos that "not touching anything" includes the sanitary napkin disposal, the toilet paper dispenser, and the flusher.
  4. Try on clothing in a dressing room without having to share the space with a stroller and three kids.
  5. Being able to check the way the items fit in the mirror without your son peeking under the divider at the woman in the next dressing room and your daughter poking at fat you didn't realize you had.
  6. To sleep without bumping into someone that slipped into your bed during the night because they had a bad dream.
  7. To wake up naturally instead of having clammy fingers tug your eyelids open because, "It's time to get up!"
  8. To talk on the phone without toy sirens blaring or a wee World War III breaking out.
  9. To have a conversation without someone pulling on your pant leg saying, "Excuse me. Excuse me." Or put their hand down your shirt, or restyle your hair with their sticky hands.
  10. Take a nap without the kids speculating that you are sick or dying.