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10 Top Movies for Family Film Night

Sometimes nothing beats snuggling up with your kids on the couch, some freshly popped popcorn, and a great family movie. To help you find a child- and parent-friendly film for your next family movie night, we polled our in-the-know Family Bloggers for their best family night movie picks.

1. Despicable Me 

(2010) Rated PG

Funny and heartwarming, Despicable Me is a 3-D animated tale about a super-villain (voiced by Steve Carell), his thousands of comical yellow minions, and a trio of orphan girls. Holly D. of My Kids Say I’m Silly raves: “Those little yellow dudes are hilarious!”

2. Tangled 

(2010) Rated PG

Candice Brevard of My Love from Home, Tracey Balderach (Our blessed, beautiful big city life), and Kaysi Raquel Fox of the fox family all recommend this animated twist on the classic Rapunzel fairy tale. Kaysi shares: “Even my husband is obsessed with this movie; it has a little something for everyone in our family.”


3. Madgascar 

(2005) Rated PG

“My kids can't get enough of the crazy lemurs!” says Holly D. of My Kids Say I’m Silly. “And they love to dance to “I like to Move It, Move It!’” Bonus: If you end up loving it there’s already a sequel, plus a third movie in the series planned for Summer 2012.


4. Finding Nemo

(2003) Rated G

Katherine of An Irish-Italian Blessing and Val Curtis of Mental Chew both suggest this animated adventure of a tiny clown fish searching for his son. If you're worried that the beginning of the movie, in which a shark attacks, will frighten your child, Val advises that you can “start at the EAC [Eastern Australian Current scene], and that avoids the super scary parts.”

5. E.T. 

(1982) Rated PG

This touching story of a young boy's friendship with an extraterrestrial has been a family favorite for decades. Jo from Will the Kids Turn Out OK & Other Guilt says “The kids love it,” though she also notes that “it could be a bit scary for kids under 6.”

6. A Little Princess 

(1995) Rated G

Holly D. of My Kids Say I’m Silly recommends this film for children 6 and up: “I think it’s a BEAUTIFUL story. I have three daughters and I think it teaches a wonderful lesson: All girls are princesses. All special. All important.”

7. ELF 

(2003) Rated PG

This comedy starring Will Ferrell isn’t just for the winter holidays. “We absolutely LOVE the film ELF regardless of what time of year is it,” says Tracy Vaughan of expatbabyadventures.


8.  Singing in the Rain

(1952) Rated G

Fun and relatively tame, old classic musicals are another great option for family night movies. Where to start? Singing in the Rain, starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds, and The Sound of Music are both top picks of Shelby Osmond of Just Because I Said ‘I Do’.

9. Anne of Green Gables 

(1986) Rated G

“We like to choose movies with good moral content yet plenty of action to keep the ‘viewers’ interested,” shares Patty Romack of pk’s house. This film, based on the beloved 1908 book about spirited orphan Anne’s new life with an elderly brother and sister on Price Edward Island certainly fits the bill.

10. Old Yeller 

(1957) Rated G

Whether or not a beloved pet is part of your family, Old Yeller is a timeless, family-friendly flick. Kaysi Raquel Fox of the fox family shares: “This movie is just such a classic, I grew up watching it as a kid and it's [still] one of my favorites now that I'm older! It’s a movie my family will probably pass on from generation to generation.”

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