In the heart of flu season, children are frequently coming down with colds and other ailments, which means there are prescriptions to fill. Babies, toddlers and even older kids can put up a fight when it's time for their daily dose. Follow these tips to help make the medicine go down.

  • For lil ones, try a medicine dispenser like the Kidz Med Medicine Dispenser ($10) to help get the dose in.
  • For babies, use a dropper or syringe and squirt it towards the back of their cheeks and then blow on their face. This helps them swallow the medicine instead of spitting it out.
  • Sit your lil one in an upright position, and dangle a toy over her head. When she looks up, her mouth will open, and you can sneak in the remedy.

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  • Tell your tot to hold his nose while he swallows the medicine. Not being able to smell the medicine can make it easier to swallow.
  • Pretend with a favorite baby doll or stuffed animal first. It can help ease the anxiety they have about taking the meds.
  • Have your child suck on an ice cube for a minute or two before taking the medicine. The cold tends to tone down the taste buds so the medicine doesn’t taste as bad. (This is not recommended for babies or toddlers because it's a choking hazard.)
  • Find out if the prescription can be flavored by the pharmacist with FlavorRx. For just a few more dollars the medicine can go from yuck to yummy with one of their 42 flavors.
  • Check with your doctor to see if the medicine can be mixed with any liquids or food. Yogurt, smoothies, or any thick fruit flavored drinks are good options to help mask the flavor of most medicines. Like a spoonful of sugar, try mixing it with a teaspoon of chocolate, applesauce or gelatin.
  • Offer rewards like stickers or treats to entice your tot to take the meds.
  • Giving control to your child will help alleviate the power struggle. Let him help pour the medicine or hold the spoon.