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10 Ways to Make Kids' Clothes More Affordable

10 Ways to Make Kids' Clothes More Affordable

10 Ways to Make Kids' Clothes More Affordable

With kids growing as fast as they do, keeping their drawers stocked with clothing in every size they will zoom through can easily become expensive. Thankfully, there are ways to lower your family’s clothing bill. We’ve rounded up ten smart suggestions from bargain-savvy moms on how to make shopping for your family’s clothes more affordable.

1. Shop Out of Season

“When shopping in-store be sure to shop out of season. Fall is a fabulous time to stock up on summer essentials while early spring is awesome for winter apparel. Be sure to pick up larger sizes since they won't be wearable for a year” –Nichol of KiddieCorner Deals

"One of my favorite things to do is hit up my clutch stores like H&M, Zara, Gap, etc. when seasons are changing. I stock up on clothes for the NEXT year by simply buying everything one size up. By doing this you can get things anywhere from 30%-75% off!" -Stephanie of Love. Life. Babies.


2. Set up a Clothes Swap Party

“I love to check with the mommy groups, many have trading parties and you can get some great stuff for free and have a fun night out." -Laureen Botticelli of The Momccupation

“Another thing we do that's a lot of fun is to have a Clothes Swap Party with friends. Everyone brings clothes in good shape that no longer fit, or that they don't like. We set up a display table, and everybody goes shopping. We try to make sure to keep it fair so that no one person gets all the good stuff. I did that with moms  trading clothes, and we also traded our kid clothing too.” -Crystal Beutler of The Life and Times of the Beutler Family


3. Shop Daily Deal & Flash Sale Sites

“When it comes to shopping for clothes for my family I always start with Daily Deal sites. I have found 50% off gift cards and certificates to my FAVORITE stores!” -Enza Ketcham of Enza's Bargains

"Tons of sites offer daily or timed bargains for kids and babies, often by small independent designers and labels usually found in boutiques, at fractions of the cost. Yes, it can be a pain to remember to check daily, but the deals are worth it, especially great for shoes, hats, and staples like tees and onesies." -Amy L. of BiblioMOMia

4. Buy a Size Up

“I often buy [my daughter's] tops and dresses a size larger than necessary, they still fit fine (and are probably more comfy) and they last so much longer.” –Mari Richards of Small for Big

5. Wait for Clearance Sales

"I love shopping clearance and with coupons as well. Target has awesome clearance and my kids' super cute Cargo jackets were $4 last year. Yes, it takes a little planning, but why not? All those stores with great clearance sales like Carters, Macy's, Osh Kosh (got sandals for $5 each in August), Old Navy, and Kohl's are great places to help out a hand-me-down wardrobe or spruce up the closet." -Laureen Botticelli of The Momccupation

"For the boys I always hit up good sales and almost never pay full price." –Elizabeth Jacob of Yellow Finch Designs

6. Shop Consignment and Thrift Stores

“I'm lucky that in the area I live, there are about four very good yearly sales for 'gently used' clothes. I try to take advantage of them. While not everything will be excellently priced or in wonderful condition, I have managed to find a great toddler-sized winter-coat for $3, a perfect Thanksgiving dress (never worn) for $2, and sweaters for between $1 and $3." -J. Henry of Foster and Boo

"Our number one stop is always the thrift store. I can't get over how many great finds I get for Jess, my one-year-old. My older boys are a little harder to thrift for because most of the clothes are pretty worn." –Elizabeth Jacob of Yellow Finch Designs


7. Learn to Mend

“R. has just started to tear holes in the knees of his jeans. This is from constant 'zooming' on his knees with his trians, cars, etc. I'm currently looking for some cute, old-school patches  a bunch of these could look really cool, and add new life to his jeans.” -Shana and Molly of Ain't No Mom Jeans

"Learning to sew has been a big money saver for [my family of six]. Sometimes [I] upcycle my husband's [old] shirts. . . . [to] make my girls some cute, cute dresses." -Jacqueline Mukweto of Chez Mukweto 


"Another great idea for both recycling the clothes your child has outgrown and getting new clothes in their size is" –Heather Smith of Acting Balanced 

9. Shop Websites with Free Shipping

"What I love is the websites that give free shipping. . . . Zara is one of them! Love Zara." -Bridget Hunt of Tales of Me and the Husband 

10. Buy Only What Will Truly Be Worn

"Know what your kid will wear. Or, what you will make your kid wear. No use in spending money on something you know he/she will only wear once." -Jennifer Clowers of Completely Outnumbered

SamanthaUeno SamanthaUeno 5 years
seriously...go on craigslist and just look at the sheer amount of baby/toddler clothes people are selling for next to many people buy stuff that barely, or even never gets used! Especially newborn clothes...dresses, shoes? If you have a baby in winter then you will need some fleece and socks, but summer babies can get by just fine with a onesie. 3months size of course.
WendyJacobo WendyJacobo 5 years
This is a great article. I usually buy clothing at discount and markdown prices. Also, the fact that my kids wear uniforms to school has save me a lot of time nonetheless money.
JamieRoseEndfinger JamieRoseEndfinger 5 years
#7 if you know ahead of time that a child is hard on pants knees, you can adhere the iron on patches to the inside of the pant and it will lengthen the life of the pant significantly.
JennaKing26603 JennaKing26603 5 years
My sewing skills have definitely come in handy in a family with four little boys and my one little girl. I have repaired one coat several times as it has ripped along a few different seams. It looks just fine, can't see the repair and two of my boys have used that coat and I hope to pass it on to a third.
kiddiescorner kiddiescorner 5 years
This is a wonderful list of how to make shopping for kids clothes more affordable. I do almost everything on here! Swapping is wonderful!
megfranz megfranz 5 years
Great tips!! also try peace. love. swap -we have swap events all year and each event is ONLY $5 - you can bring what you aren't using any more - and take what you need - it's that simple (books, toys -large and small- clothes, bouncy seats - you name it..) Plus... our leftovers go to charity. So you get rid of your old, get 'new to you' and help those in need. We have several locations throughout the US (and now India!). If you don't have a p.l.s event near you, start your own! Make extra money, get FREE stuff for your kids, give back to your community AND help the environment! It's the best home based business you will ever run :). Since 2009 peace. love. swap. organizers have produced over 130 swap events, donated over 100,000 baby, kid & maternity items to charity, and swapped over 150,000 items.. Happy swapping~ meg/peace. love. swap founder
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