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10-Year-Old Charged with Felony for Attacking Teacher Over Candy

10-Year-Old Charged with Felony for Attacking Teacher Over Candy

Should we arrest elementary-school aged children with extreme behavior problems? Another grade-schooler is being charged with a felony in Florida, this one for allegedly attacking and threatening to kill a teacher who confiscated her Halloween candy.

While the State Attorney's Office has not yet decided whether to go to trial or recommend a "diversion program," the child and her mother say that the situation was blown way out of proportion and that the arrest was an excessive response.

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Do you think children with extreme behavior problems should be arrested? 

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DoraLoCascioWiggs DoraLoCascioWiggs 5 years
This is definitely no normal behavior for a 10 year old especially over losing candy. This child obviously has issues and is acting out. She needs help NOT be charged with a crime. Help her now before it's too late. She maybe having problems at home, problems in school, etc..... There is a reason for her behavior and it's not because her candy was taken away from her. It runs a lot deeper than that. I hope she gets the help she needs and the school officials wake up.
ToniGeiselman ToniGeiselman 5 years
That's ridiculous! It makes the situation worse.
TannaCraigo TannaCraigo 5 years
Well said Shawn! I am so sick of everyone placing blame on everyone & everything except where it belongs, on themselves. Love your kids and give them what they NEED but NOT everything they want.
KaityEvans KaityEvans 5 years
I'd look more into the child's home life.. the child obviously learned that behavior from somewhere... but to arrest them? i'd say no... maybe behavioral therapy instead
AmandaSeery AmandaSeery 5 years
if a child attacks a teacher then and arrest could scare them into thinking b4 reacting in future. if it was a one off then the parents should of been called. only if a child is constantly attacking im all for having them arrested and i have a 10 and 12 year old. they have to be acountable for their actions
RebeccaLucas RebeccaLucas 5 years
The first question I would ask is: Why did the child get to that stage over candy? There should be disciplinary options within the school and IF the child's behaviour gets so out of control that there is no other option then the police may have to be called. This kids might only be 10 but, believe me, kids can be much stronger than they look and capable of so much damage. I suspect that the teacher could have used reasonable force in self defence but then the situation would have been turned around on the teacher. I think, in this case, it was probably going a little too far to have the child arrested but there is clearly a problem with a child who attacks a teacher for confiscating something they should know they shouldn't have.
EstelaTriglia EstelaTriglia 5 years
I'm so tired of people making it about race!!! yes.. The charges works have been the same for a Caucasian!!! that's why your kids are turning out the way they are.. You ate teaching them people punish then because of their race and not because they are delinquents!
ShawnCummings ShawnCummings 5 years
Many white children have been arrested for assaulting teachers, just because it isn't in the news as much doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Yes he deserved to be arrested 10 is old enough to take responsibility for your actions. Age is not an excuse for violence my 3 year old knows better then to hit, bite or kick. The lack of accountability that our young people have today and are held to is ridiculous because most places it is non-existent. Guess what just because you live in America does not mean you are ENTITLED to everything you want it means that you earn what you get and poor actions have consequences. Also just because your child acts out does not mean that they have a behavior problem sometimes it means that you have not taught your child the correct way to act!
CindraRadczenko CindraRadczenko 5 years
Color has nothing to do with the way she is being punished. I dont agree with the way they are handleing it, she should be punished, but the color of her skin is just a stupid persons excuse. The color issue was over 50 yrs ago plp get over it. Anytime something upsets a person its ALWAYS the color card. Get over it..just saying..if u dont like this it must be the color of my skin
KellyBerthiaume KellyBerthiaume 5 years
Guess next time they won't take her candy away.
ElisabethIswariMH ElisabethIswariMH 5 years
I can't explain why but I don't think it's appropriate.
CoMMember13629062814573 CoMMember13629062814573 5 years
this is why the americans are having so many child criminals !!! in this case the parents should have been called in and a social worker there is oboviously something else going on with this child children dont wake up go to school and start punching at a teacher over candy !!! this was handled so wrong they have now just tramatized a little girl just by being taking away by the police she will never be a little girl again even if she had behavior problems prior to this this is so sad and handeled so wrong ! the teacher should be investigated?? i have seen teachers yell and drag around kids in a class room when i have taken my kids to school then stop when i see them ;;isnt this what principles are for too handle the problem the teachers cant handle??? and they fight for more money pfff !!!
BonnieRuff70537 BonnieRuff70537 5 years
the problem is because a child acted out in a violent way. Yes the child needs discipline , both child and parent need to go to therapy to see what is going on in a childs head to get violent like that. Should she get a felonly NO shes a child for goodness sake. Help to understand why and teach her how wrong that was. Its not because of color of her skin, I believe that it got out of hand and the whole situation could have been handled differently as adults.
rebekah59024 rebekah59024 5 years
I'm a mother and a teacher. I wonder, though, is this a private rehabilitation program these children would be sent to? One dependent upon government monies doled out on a per child basis? (And, in Leigh Anne's defense, there is no race card. There is institutionalized racism. And this may well be part of it. These children were not arrested because they are black... but would the same behaviors on a caucasian kid, an Asian kid, receive the same consequences? Nope. Leigh Anne has a right to her opinion -- nothing good can come from attacking her.
anja16593 anja16593 5 years
question to all other parents would your kid do that?or if you were a teacher would you want to be hit with fists?yes ultimately the kid is a victim of bad parenting!ther should be consequences for the kid and the parents..if nothing is done now...what happens in a few years if any similar situation escalates and the kid does have a weapon?
SamanthaMessler SamanthaMessler 5 years
Yes leigh because everything is about race. Totally. How did you know that every white person in america is a rasict pig who wants to own the lower species of humanity known as blacks?
anja16593 anja16593 5 years
i doesnt matter what race ..i do believe arresting is a bit are acting the way they are raised...someone should definetly look at the parents.....most kids i think would know better than to be disrespectful towards adults or act out that way....iam in no way saying the kid was right but i firmly believe the parents are to blame and maybe only maybe it wouldnt have been handled the same way with a white the end the kid needs help and the family counseling!
CrystalBrown16013 CrystalBrown16013 5 years
I dont think the color of skin has anything to do with it. The law is so crazy on small kids. And let rapest drug dealers and killer get off so easy. But if they put her as a felon she will end up in the cycle the rest of her life.
SarahHardy67242 SarahHardy67242 5 years
Way to go on pulling the race card Leigh Ann.Seriously the little brat attacked and threatened to kill her teacher black,white,yellow or green if you pull that crap you should get punished.
CrystalBrown16013 CrystalBrown16013 5 years
She should have been in trouble but not a felon. There are kids that are selling drugs and raping and molesting other kids and they arent felons. They may need therapy at 10 you can probably rehabilate the child. She must she this violent behavior somewhere or had something disturbing happen to her.
JulieMann JulieMann 5 years
That's outrageous!! That poor girl! I think if the girl wants to behave that way, there should be some sort of discipline but arresting the girl, and charging her with a felony is definitely blowing it way, way out of proportion! If the Teacher want's to get that bent out of shape about it. She should not be teaching. A Teacher is supposed to teach children, and guide them, and help them grow. Not get straight up irate with them to the point they have them arrested, and charged with a felony! What on earth was the school thinking?? That is not going to teach the girl any lesson's. All its going to do is ruin her future when it comes to job's, colleges, or any other type of achievements she may want to do. If the girl was that bad, then she should at the most get some help. Therapy or something, as well as the parent's need to talk with there Daughter, maybe sit down with the Teacher and the Principle, with the Parent's and discuss what happened, and an act of discipline, and/or a way to help the child deal with any issues she may be having. Then again, maybe the girl is, sorry to say. A spoiled little girl, and the parent's are to blame. Maybe they never told her NO. Ether way, This is beyond extreme!!
JanetteLockett JanetteLockett 5 years
I am sickened and saddened by this report. I read the HuffPo article link and even if this child hit the teacher directly with her fists, HOW MUCH DAMAGE CAN A TEN YEAR OLD DO!!!! Seriously! What a big baby this teacher is being. Yes the child needs to be stopped but if we start convicting our babies they will grow up to believe that they are criminals and exhibit additional criminal behaviors! PUBLIC SCHOOL: STOP LABELING CHILDREN IN NEED OF ADDITIONAL ATTENTION AS PROBLEMS!!!!!!! They are NOT problems, they are the cases falling throught the cracks! Generally children who are extra sensitive like this child are the extra intelligent who are not being catered to properly! Good grief, what is this society coming to! Anyone who is not a drone or robot is a problem????? Sick, sick, sick. Children with verifyable intellegence and a lack of ecomonic status to provide proper resources should be given grants for extra assistance.
LeighAnnThompson49374 LeighAnnThompson49374 5 years
Notice what color these two children are that have been charged. I wonder if that has anything to do with the charges & would they have arrested them if they were Caucasian? Just wondering out loud.
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