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104 Year-Old-Woman Lovingly Cares For Her 86-Year-Old Daughter

104 Year-Old-Woman Lovingly Cares For Her 86-Year-Old Daughter

Once a mom, always a mom. Rosario Schielzeth, who just turned 104, and her daughter Maria Garcia, 86, have been inseparable for most of their lives. They began living together 60 years ago, when Maria and her husband divorced and she needed help caring for her two young sons. 

Schielzeth, a great-great-great-grandmother, is in exceptionally good health. Garcia suffers from dementia, but is in high spirits. She is warmly cared for by her mother and two full-time caregivers. Schielzeth reads the paper every morning and tells Garcia about current events. When Garcia had a stroke a while ago, Schielzeth insisted she recuperate at home and cooked for her until she recovered her strength. 

"I take care of her and she takes care of me, too," Schielzeth says. Adds Garcia, "We help each other."


Read the whole story (The Herald Tribune).

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CoMMember13628023664928 CoMMember13628023664928 5 years
I can relate to this because of my step-father. His mom was 108 when she passed but it wasn't until she was 104 that her health started to decline, up till then she was still lookin after my step-father if need be. Then at the other end of my family there was my grammy. She actually looked after me until she was in her 80s when we both lived in Atlanta and would go on to pass aver the age of 100. Two women, one lucky son, and one lucky granddaughter just like Mrs. Garcia and her sons havin their mother and grandmother hang around for "a while"
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