Sadly teenage pregnancies have become all too common, even trendy in some spots. While movies like Juno make it seem like an American phenomenon, other parts of the world have seen babies having babies for ages. In many countries, the age of consent is as low as 13 or 14. Though it varies by state in America, the average age of consent is 16. So when we hear about an 11-year-old having a daughter, it still shocks the system. When I think of 11-year-olds, I imagine budding girls starting middle school and having their first crush. I think training bras and scrawny legs, not breastfeeding an infant. But that's exactly where one young lady finds herself.

An 11-year-old Bulgarian girl had a daughter in the middle of her wedding festivities. Yes, wedding festivities. The two wanted to tie the knot before the baby's arrival. Apparently it was love at first sight when her 19-year-old fiancé rescued her from a bullying group of lads. The two consecrated their love for each other within a week and unknown to him, she lied about her age so not to scare him off. She immediately became pregnant with his child. Now the two teens are parents to Violeta. The new mommy said, ""I'm not going to play with toys anymore — I have a new toy now."