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11-Year-Old Ordered to Change Schools Because of Cystic Fibrosis

11-Year-Old Ordered to Change Schools Because of Cystic Fibrosis

Seven weeks into the new year at California's Jordan Middle School, Colman Chadam was told by his teachers to change schools. It was neither a behavior nor an academic issue; the 11-year-old was happily settling in to his new school. It was because Chadam carries a gene that increases the likelihood that he will develop cystic fibrosis, a very serious but non-infectious lung disease.

Sound odd? Chadam's parents think so, too. School officials were being extremely cautious when they made the decision to bar Chadam. Kids who have cystic fibrosis are not supposed to be exposed to one anther's bacteria, and since the school already has two students with the disease (they are siblings), the administration decided that Chadam was a potential danger, even though he does not have cystic fibrosis or any of the lung problems associated with the disease.

Chadam's parents had volunteered that their son was a genetic carrier on a medical disclosure form when they enrolled their son at the beginning of the year. They say that not only isn't he a danger to others, they would willingly change schools if he was — and they are suing to try to keep him at Jordan.


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Do you trust your child's school with private medical information?

Image Source: SF Gate

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MarieBabcock MarieBabcock 4 years
Hmmm So I need to understand something here, in this article they (the writers ) are saying that the school thinks this child who carries the gene could develop C.F ? I find that a wee bit odd!!!!! I am the parent of a child( adult now) who actually has C.F, and unless things have some how changed that would mean that 2 of my other now adult children can "develop" C.F ? Are you serious? or is it just in the States where this can happen? Sorry if I sound a bit upset but I have had years of misinformation to deal with in regards to C.F ... and then to read . It was because Chadam carries a gene that increases the likelihood that he will develop cystic fibrosis, that really gets me going!!!!!!
HillaryStanbury HillaryStanbury 4 years
I seriously hope you are not calling me ignorant Carey, yes I am not in close contact with CF, but if you had taken the time to read my entire cooment, you would know, that although I understand (which is different than agreeing) I stated that I think they went about it the wrong way, but due to news stories being filled with half truths, we have no idea why exactly he was asked to transfer. Also, I would never expect any child to be excluded from the norms of life, regardless of circumstance, all children deserve to live life to whatever extent they are capable. My comment was only stating how the school did what it felt was right with the knowledge they had, hence why I stated conversations between the school. parents and specialist in CF may have been a better course of action instead of asking him to transfer, or the next step by the parents as opposed to suing.
MariahMaskey MariahMaskey 4 years
I don't think I'd want my child "educated" by a school with this level of uneducated ignorance; get him the heck out of there and find a school that will provide a real education. Can you imagine what kind of crazy misinformation is being taught in Biology class??
CareySparbel CareySparbel 4 years
Are you kidding me???? I have 2 boys with CF and 1 who is a carrier.....IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT CYSTIC FIBROSIS DON'T COMMENT or MAKE DECISIONS THAT ARE GOING TO MAKE YOU LOOK EXTREMELY IGNORANT!!!! 1 in 29 people are carriers of the CF gene!!! 1 in 29, so are we going to kick ALL of those kids out of school too???? My children go to school and there is another boys that goes to the same middle school as my son with CF who also has CF, am I suppose to throw a fit and make him transfer because my 2 sons have it and he is the only one in his family???? NO You make the school accountable for making sure they don't share the same space and any space they make come in contact with throughout the day is disinfected!!! SHAME ON THE SCHOOL - RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!! The boys who is the carrier can not make those boys any sicker than someone who is not a carrier!!! Are we suppose to keep our CF children in a bubble?? Ummm....CF patients come in contact with bacteria and germs EVERYDAY EVERYWHERE they go!! We can't be making kids transfer school....and we can't keep our CF children in the house, away from the public, we just make sure they are doing what they need to do to keep healthy. As a CF mom I found this story infuriating!!!!
HillaryStanbury HillaryStanbury 4 years
I understand why the school did what they did. It has nothing to do with not being able to handle another, it is because of the ramifications of the pass of bacteria between non-related CF persons, hence the need to keep a distance of 3-6 feet apart. The other two are related, therefor not a risk to each other. This young boy may only have the gene, and not classic CF, but had the school not asked him to transfer, and it does cause an issue with the other two, or, heaven forbid, death, this headline would be a lot more tragic. At the same time, I agree they need more information, and just asking him to transfer may have been in the wrong. But, that could be why it took them 7 weeks, maybe they were trying to determine the risk involved, yes, a large portion of the decision was to save their own asses, but I am sure some of it involved the risk to safety element for the other two students. Instead of asking him to transfer, maybe a conversation between the parents, a doctor specialized in CF and possibly even the other parents was needed, but like all news stories, they need to sensationalize it to make it sell worthy, for all we know all of that took place and it was deemed this was the best course for all involved. Shame that there is so many holes in this news story, shame that this student (although most likely just the parents) feel so wronged by this, I would hate to be the other students parent to know that someone caers so little about my child's safety. Again, I am sure that carrying the gene is not as significant as having classic CF, but who is to say for sure, and who wants to chance another child's life?
traceygray traceygray 4 years
that is sad that a school would do that to a child talk about bullying well maybe they should see what there doing bullying a child that does nothing wrong, there pretty much saying in a nut shell because you could have cystic fibrosis we don't want you as we have two that already have it and we can't handle another I would so put him in another school and sue that school
OrnaThompson OrnaThompson 4 years
That child would probably be better off changing schools as I would worry about the level of education he would get in this one. They could at least get their facts right . As people responsible for education of others they should practice what they preach.
CoMMember13631171109959 CoMMember13631171109959 4 years
Omg I'm sorry to sound horrible but something's I read on here make some parts of America sound backwards! Don't you have inclusion policies? Why do you have to give a full medical history to school anyway?? Over here that between yourself and the doctor, you would only include the school in something relevant to everyday life such as ADHD, autism ect anything that needed support at school. Can a school ask a child to leave without consulting the governing bodies...surely someone has some common sense higher up.
KarenMichelleStancil KarenMichelleStancil 4 years
I have the CF gene. It has no effect on my life. A child can only get CF if both parents have the gene even then not every child will get CF ( its a 1 in 4 chance). The gene does not cause CF to manifest itself one day in the future. You would think in this day and age people would take the time to become informed about a disease before jumping to conclusions.
RanaRagan RanaRagan 4 years
I really wish the school had educated themselves on this before making that silly judgement. My son has CF, and he's fine living w/ his parents- non-contagious CF gene carriers who do not have CF.
NicoleMcMichael NicoleMcMichael 4 years
Thats right FIGHT for your baby that is rediculous and that school is full of crap there is no reason any child should be denied an education for any reason even a medical or possible medical need. You are brave and strong people to stand up and fight for what you believe do not give up your child needs you you are their voice and you will prosper. Way to go!!!!
FjolaRoberts FjolaRoberts 4 years
This is wrong. Shame on the teachers at his school. Let the boy stay as he is not contagious.
BelindaEdwards19196 BelindaEdwards19196 4 years
I have a son with CF, being a carrier does not mean that he poses a risk to the other CF child any more than another healthy child As a carrier, he is not at risk of developing CF....he is at risk of having a child of his own with CF if his partner also has CF
ErinNaumowicz ErinNaumowicz 4 years
Being a carrier of the disease does not mean the child is more likely to "contract" the disease. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease. Either you have it or you don't. And you can only have it if you have TWO gene mutations - one from each parent. Having one carrier gene simply means that you have the potential to pass it on to your children. I am a carrier, my husband is a carrier and both of my children are carriers. But none of us will ever have the disease, expose anyone else to it, or pass along any germs related to it. There are hundreds of thousands of carriers of this disease, just like there are this many or more carriers of many other genetic diseases. These educators need to get educated. A quick, simple meeting with a geneticist would clear this up very easily.
PattyFrye PattyFrye 4 years
I am a step mom of 4 adult children the boys are carriers of the gene, two girls one of which passed away from Cystic Fibrosis and our 32 yr old daughter who is currently still in the hospital in ICU due to CF, all of them were in regular schools and never a danger to someone else just because they were exposed to other kids...are these people morons or what??? They truly need to be educated about CF...this is total stupidity on the educators part...I could go on because this acutally made me angry but I am sure others have called them out on their ignorance no need for me to add to it...
FayeCunanan FayeCunanan 4 years
The school needs to be educated.....
threenorns threenorns 4 years
this is absolutely bullshit. since when did schools get such authority that they can deny a child's right to an education? if that school is publicly funded, they've not got a leg on which to stand.
SharonRoady SharonRoady 4 years
they need to straighten that school district and school out /the school is wrong its the other children that can make a cf patient ill not the other way around i think they need to get the facts and if the school has nurse that person should have been able to expalin this its crazy and being a carrier of gene only puts a pregnancy at risk for the baby developing the disease if both parents have the genetic predisposition
LaurinTibberts LaurinTibberts 4 years
Disgusting!! That poor little boy !! He should change schools I wouldn't want my child there with those insensitive morons!!!!!
MandyVickery MandyVickery 4 years
That's shocking! My daughter and I are CF carriers and there is absolutely no possibility of developing CF!!! It will be a problem for her when wanting to have a child herself - if her partner is also a carrier - that is all....that school needs to educate their teachers on CF as that poor child is being ostracised for no reason!!!
TianaKelley TianaKelley 4 years
Maybe school officials need to retake biology and genetics. As a carrier he is no threat and cannot develop CF anymore than anyother person who is not. A carrier must combine genetic material with another carrier (having the same genetic mutation) in order to produce offspring that express the disease. Good luck to his parents!!
JessicaLemieux53373 JessicaLemieux53373 4 years
Agree with all the other comments. The boy that is a carrier can't develop the disease. Maybe some research prior to writing this article would have been good.
DanyelleJanikCurtis DanyelleJanikCurtis 4 years
Before posting a story get your facts straight please. You can not develop cystic fibrosis ~ you have to be born with it, have the 2 genes from each parent. This is beyond ridiculous! I'm a carrier, as my husband and my daughter has cystic fibrosis. Thank you.
LindaHickman17262 LindaHickman17262 4 years
this is totally disgraceful of the school and teachers, and very nasty of them, i for think that for one instant that it would help the other students and young lad to be part of a proper school, shame on them.
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