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11-Year-Old Reports Mom To Police... Over Having To Do Chores

11-Year-Old Reports Mom To Police... Over Having To Do Chores

We know kids don't like chores, but how many have called 911 to report their parents in protest?

An 11-year-old boy in Germany called 110 (the German equivalent of 911) complaining of "forced labor" when his mother asked him to clean up after himself. Authorities quickly gleaned that the boy's claims were a bit over-the-top after speaking with his mom - and gave him a tutorial on the appropriate times to tie up an emergency line. 

Read the whole story.

What do your kids do to protest their chores?  


Image Source: Via Huffington Post

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CoMMember13631153010583 CoMMember13631153010583 6 years
thats why so many kids are out of control these days. You have laid down the law at an early age! So by the time they are teenagers they should know right from wrong!
JessicaWhitman44421 JessicaWhitman44421 6 years
Some little girls needs to sent time it jail and see how lucky she is,
ConstanceTrinkman ConstanceTrinkman 6 years
My then 8 year old son decided to get up before I did an "run away" to his Grandmothers because I told him he could not play video games until his room was clean. He made it two houses down before the neighbor sent him home...and called the police! I had gotten up when I heard the door and we were discussing it when the officer arrived. He laughed and told me it sounded like "Opie Taylor" off of Andy Griffith...then he told me that in Texas, since this was reported as a runaway by the neighbor he had to inform child protective services! It was a cleared case, but if you don't know, your CPS record is kept forever! That means that 8 years later when I was attempting to become a foster Mom it came up on my record. I was able to go through and not only foster but adopt, but that record of my young sons temper tantrum, combined with an over zelious law that hurts good families, means I have a record to haunt me! There should be a way to clear that off and there is not( he is now 21 and I have had 7 kids and have had multiple foster kids) so be careful Mom's. This law does not just hold in Texas, it is a national one!
JodieFraser JodieFraser 6 years
My kids tell me they can't do their chores because they're too lazy. I have no comeback to that one!
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