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11-Year-Old Turns in Pot-Smoking Parents

11-Year-Old Turns in Pot-Smoking Parents

A 11-year-old Minnesota boy was so annoyed by his mom's and step-dad's pot-smoking habit that he went to his biological dad for help, and together they gathered evidence that led to a drug bust.

As Today News reports, the boy, prompted by his dad, took a photo of his mom and step-father's stash. His biological father sent it to the police, and a raid of the house turned up eight pounds of marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia and a scale.

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Would you ever involve your child in busting your ex-spouse?

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SallyTempleton SallyTempleton 5 years
It does not say anywhere that the dad involved the son. The son went to the biological father for help; read the full story. This mom deserves to lose her child. She obviously does not care about him if she was smoking in the house with him in it. As a parent you have obligations and priorities, which does not include smoking weed in the same house as your children. I say bravo for the boy and his dad. They did what needed done. I'm just not sure how this article turned into a dad trying to get back at the mom.
JessicaMcVeigh JessicaMcVeigh 5 years
Ok, this was not a case of a dad trying to get back at the mom. This is the case of an 11 yr old boy, who knew what was going on, repeatedly asked his mom and his step dad to quit, and they refused to listen to him. So he did the only thing that he could do, he went to his dad for help and advice. Now, I don't know about your guys' kids but, mine would understand what means to go to jail and I'm sure that the boy in question understood what he was doing when he agreed to take that picture. Regardless if the biological father uses drugs or not, he obviously isn't doing it around or in front of his son. Adults are adults and able to make their own decisions, but once you add a child to the mix, you have to take that into consideration too. Shame on the mother for refusing to honor her son's wishes and to put him in a position where he had to turn against her just to live in a household that he was comfortable with. Props to the bio dad for being there for his son, no matter what. He may very well have been friends with his ex and was just doing what he had to do to provide the best and most secure future for his son. I think all of you that are saying he used his son to get back at his ex are being ridiculous. He didn't go to his son and trick him into doing anything, his son came to him and said no matter what I do, they won't stop, help me. As the mother of a young boy, with an ex that lives out of state, if my son went to him with the same situation, I certainly hope that he would do whatever it takes to give my son a happy and healthy life.
IreneIoannidisKruger IreneIoannidisKruger 5 years
Yes - well done to the 11 year old and his biological dad who turned in his mom and step dad on their pot smoking!!!! I am a mom and now a granny as well - I salute you both!!!!! Way to go - its about time people stood up to these drug inhaling people!!! To any form of substance abuse that is causing havoc in peoples lives. I understand and urge you to ignore all those ignorant people who believe MJ has no bad effects, to ignore all those who did not understand that an 11 year old grows stronger when he stands up for what is right, to ignore those who can not understand that this was not getting back at the mother but making her face up to the consequences of her actions. ITS HIGH TIME mothers carry their responsibilities with honour and respect.
AdrianaHernandez25269 AdrianaHernandez25269 5 years
brave kid
DondeMoore DondeMoore 5 years
I don't believe I would involve my child, but if my child came to me and said that was going on at his Father's house, you better believe I would say something about it.
NicolaGrimwood NicolaGrimwood 5 years
What i see is a father who supported and helped his son in a decision he had already made exactly as a good dad should. The mother and step father are the ones who should be coping the flak for endangering there sons health.
AngieMuston AngieMuston 5 years
Good for him!!
crickett4jc crickett4jc 5 years
Um...sounds like there NEEDED to be a wedge between the boy and him mom. If she can't keep her hobbies from endangering her kid she doesn't deserve to be a mom. If she cleans up her act she can have another crack. I think pot should be legal, but until it is that much is a felony, and you don't commit felonies with kids in the house. Blaming the dad is lame--he did what he needed to to keep the kid safe. The kid obviously knew about the pot, so he was already involved. NOT letting him know that something was being done about it would give him the impression that breaking the law was ok.
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