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12 Ridiculous Products for Babies (PHOTOS)

12 Ridiculous Products for Babies (PHOTOS)

When you were a new parent, did you buy lots of stuff you didn't need? It's all too easy to think your baby MUST HAVE pee pee teepees and knee pads when you're lost in the enormous jungle of baby products and don't yet know what's essential (onesies, diapers, swaddling blankets).

The reality is that in the beginning you need very little, and the rest is just for fun. "QueenMom," a mother of seven who blogs at Mommy Rantings, has compiled a list of 12 ridiculous products for babies, including (wait for it) infant toupees, vampire-teeth pacifiers, and a terrifying crib made out of spiked metal.

See her picks (MommyRantings)

What did you buy at the beginning that you didn't need?

Image Source: B.Brutsche' via Amazon

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