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12 Ridiculous Products for Babies (PHOTOS)

12 Ridiculous Products for Babies (PHOTOS)

When you were a new parent, did you buy lots of stuff you didn't need? It's all too easy to think your baby MUST HAVE pee pee teepees and knee pads when you're lost in the enormous jungle of baby products and don't yet know what's essential (onesies, diapers, swaddling blankets).

The reality is that in the beginning you need very little, and the rest is just for fun. "QueenMom," a mother of seven who blogs at Mommy Rantings, has compiled a list of 12 ridiculous products for babies, including (wait for it) infant toupees, vampire-teeth pacifiers, and a terrifying crib made out of spiked metal.

See her picks (MommyRantings)

What did you buy at the beginning that you didn't need?

Image Source: B.Brutsche' via Amazon

AmberChristy AmberChristy 5 years
I can't say I've received anything useless as of yet, but from the above list, I'd say that wall hanger one doesn't sound so ridiculous. It's hard enough finding a place to put your baby while you pee. Most days, I would plot my day around places that had changing tables in the handicapped stalls so I could use them if needed and boy, oh, boy is that frustrating. I could've used one...
KristinRetallack KristinRetallack 5 years
I was 14 when my youngest sister was born, so I had a good idea of what you really need when I had my first baby at 22. I had one of those nappy stacker things, but I found it was not used much. Who has time to to sit and fold two dozen nappies when you're caring for an infant? Especially since my first two kids where only 15 months apart! I was lucky if I had them off the line before they were needed! Usually I was folding each one as I needed it. They're a good idea, if you have someone to fold the nappies for you....although by my third child, I'd switched to disposables.
AmberShaver AmberShaver 5 years
I bought those peepee teepees for my sister-in-law when they were supposedly having a boy (Her name is Gabrielle) and then when I had a boy 12 months later, I realized how ridiculous those things were. A waste of time to use them, they can still shit in your hands...
JessicaKozel JessicaKozel 5 years
I got a diaper genie for my shower, and while the idea is nice, the thing was the biggest piece of junk I've ever had. I'd say less than 10 diapers went into it properly the way they're supposed to, then they started getting stuck and twisted up in the rotating handle part. Can't say removing a shredded diaper full of newborn shit was on my list of fun things to do...And the smell....Phew....For something that claimed it locked odours in, the whole room that this thing was in reeked of pee and poop. I will never buy one again nor will I recommend it to anyone. Take the 30 seconds to get up and go throw the diaper in the garbage...Less frustrating and less mess...
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