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AmandaBethCrowther AmandaBethCrowther 4 years
I question phineas and ferb I wouldn't let a kid under 10 watch it and until 14 with supervision only just because the parents never seem to know what's going on neglgenccalliou is just a weird show and yes he shpuld get a time out once in awhile. Spongbob or should i say spongeboob was a blocked show when i raised my siblings on account of questionable sub message. Adult cartoons are not for kids. I personally like Pokemon however I do avree a kid under 7 shouldn't watch it and with supervision till they are at least 10 its not that its teaching violence or anything as they focus on nurturing just as much including caring for pokemon eggs its the fact that it could cause a seizure to kids prone to it and it may not have been known as some of the effects are poor and flash rate horible I admit its gone down hill over last few yrs. A really good show is wild kratts its a rather new cartoon but all the acurate animal facts they pack into a show that focus on adventure and exploring the world is great and it probably won't bore you parents to sit there woth them you kay find you enjoy it as much as the kids and no dirty humor. I carly is a teen show so anyone lettinf a child watch it is nuts the show its so scattered. I would say aviod cat in the hat and supervise aurthur nothing persay wrong with aurthur its just you may not want young kids watching dw centric episodes she throws far to many tantrums among other things. Martha speaks is good for children 7 plus manly because she may utterly confuse a younger kid. Avoid word girl violence exterme. Dino train isn't bad but there is always moral of weather. You believe in envolution or not they do premote that. So aviod if against evolution. Doc mcstuffins is a great show Mickey mouse club house has its issues but its not bad
jenniferstafford47996 jenniferstafford47996 4 years
I never let my child watch this show either find him really whinny as well, My child would whine when she watched it. then I stoped her from watching it and she dosen''t whine as much
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 4 years
I love Caillou, Ni-Hao, Ki-Lan (my children actually use the chinese words after watching it), and SpongeBob. My kids haven't seen more than one or two Fairly Odd Parents, but they get parental guidance for every show they watch (they even watch shows like Fox prime time cartoons and South Park), and my children are constantly being complimented on how polite, social, intelligent, and well behaved they are. Maybe the problem other people have is not teaching children that shows don't transfer into real life and real people cannot act like that because it's not acceptable in society. By the way, my children are 4 and 5 and have been watching everything from rated G-R since they were tiny and it's never negatively affected them. They know every curse work in the book, and they understand that those words do not leave our house. The only behavior problems I have pop up when the grandparents try to make them think it's okay to act out or when they make a naughty friend when we go somewhere, and I have to bite those things in the bud quick. Now, the only show that's pissed me off would be the Power Puff Girls. Waaay too much gratuitous violence under the guise of cure girliness. Even better, there's even a South Park reference in one of the episodes. That show made me uncomfortable watching it as a teen and knowing my little sister was allowed to see it. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so sneaky and almost subliminal.
ShantyllTribbey ShantyllTribbey 4 years
when my 3 year old son goes to his dads he lets him watch shows like dragon ball z and bacugon (sp?) sponge bob and Pokemon, when my son comes home after a weekend with his dad he is awful he doesn't listen, throws things at people, growls at them like a dog, and is just very naughty. i understand that he is 3 but by the end of the week with me right before he goes to his dads he is a perfect little boy and is respectful. I'm frustrated and don't know what to do.
BeckyAshcraft85896 BeckyAshcraft85896 4 years
I have never let my children see anything having to do with veggie tales. I believe, faith, whatever form it takes, is a completely personal and private pursuit; therefore the separation between this and govt, education and entertainment should be absolute. And for the record, scooby doo, spongebob, dora, and adventure time are great & hilarious shows... Icarly is for older kids, duh, too much rap music on yo gabba gabba, and phineas/f & fairly o. Are completely annoying and thank goodnes~~ thought i was the only one who couldnt stand Caillou... Extremely annoying voice and come on no one sees the complete charlie brown knockoff!!!
NeneJPhillips NeneJPhillips 4 years
The only thing I disagree with it Fairly Odd Parents but only because I love it. Also Spongebob was made for adults. I don't care for it & my kids don't watch it. It's forbidden in my house along with Dora. The only sore spot for Phineas and Ferb is Candace; their older sister. I don't like busybodies nor tattlers. There's a lot of shows that should be on the dislike list! Shake It Up is one (as a previous mom noted). Some of those teen shows I don't even let my 14 yo watch. I love Scooby-Doo though & I think I drive my kids nuts watching it all the time.
CatherineBratton CatherineBratton 4 years
My daughter's two favorite shows were not listed - Little Bear and Pepa Pig. These shows wouldn't necessarily fall into the educational category, but they strongly emphasize family and friendship. There are little to no "temper tantrums" and are just really sweet, calming, and quiet shows. I'm not a huge Spongebob fan but I have a HUGE gap between my older 2 boys (18 & 16) and my two younger ones (8 & 4) and SpongeBob is one of the few shoes that we can enjoy together. There is at least 1 hour every evening where we can all snuggle up on the couch and just veg out and laugh together without being overly concerned about the "this is inappropriate for your little brother and sister" conversation. And I agree with all the others that commented that not EVERY thing our kids watch HAS to be educational. Balance is key.
HollyPowell47937 HollyPowell47937 4 years
I have a 3yr old daughter and I let her choose more often then not what she wants to watch. Sometimes she picks classics (Scooby Doo, My Little Pony, Looney Toons) which makes me happy to no end, usually she picks the "educational" shows and she is smart and polite (many have said so, not just me) because WE watch and interact with the shows. "iCarly is an American TEEN sitcom" says nearly EVERY article about the show...not to mention its on TeenNick and there are only 3episodes left. Luckily my daughter only seems to remember the Chinese words/phrases from Ni-Hao, Ki-Lan and not the horrible way they act. And why is the Koala bear so obsessed with Pandas?! I dispise Spongebob and Yo Gabba Gabba, and can't believe a friend of mine lets her 3yr old son watch ONLY Spongebob ALL THE TIME Although Lilianna watches and likes Max and Ruby it bothers me to no end that Ruby is constantly ignoring Max although he's always right in the end and they NEVER have adult supervison although Grandma is AROUND now and then
CourtneyRussell CourtneyRussell 4 years
I actually kind of like Ni-Hao Ki-Lan. I'm not big on the temper tantrum, but I think they show why that is not appropriate. And she learns words on other languages. I agree with most of the likes and dislikes. Especially SpongeBob! I HATE SpongeBob! And it's been proven to lessen a child's executive function (attention span, decision making, etc.) because of how often the scene changes - it's something like 13 times per minute.
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