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12-Year-Old Girls Switched at Birth

12-Year-Old Girls Switched at Birth

Can you imagine taking the wrong baby home from the hospital and not discovering the error until the child was nearly a teen? That's exactly what's happened to two families in Russia's Chelyabinsk region.

Twelve years ago, the hospital where their daughters were born mistakenly switched the two infant girls' ID tags, and they went home with the wrong families. Now, the parents of one of them, Yuliya and Yuri Belyaeva, were shocked to find out (courtesy of a divorce court-ordered paternity test) that their daughter did not share DNA with either of them.

Russian police helped the Belyaevas track down the other set of parents, who had raised their biological daughter all these years. All four parents are now suing the hospital that made the mistake. 

Hopefully, all's well that ends well, though we're sure it will be emotionally complicated for everyone involved: the girls will remain with the parents who raised them but will also have opportunities to visit with and get to know their biological parents.

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How would you handle such shocking news? 

Image Source: Via Huffington Post

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