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12-Year-Old Girls Switched at Birth

12-Year-Old Girls Switched at Birth

Can you imagine taking the wrong baby home from the hospital and not discovering the error until the child was nearly a teen? That's exactly what's happened to two families in Russia's Chelyabinsk region.

Twelve years ago, the hospital where their daughters were born mistakenly switched the two infant girls' ID tags, and they went home with the wrong families. Now, the parents of one of them, Yuliya and Yuri Belyaeva, were shocked to find out (courtesy of a divorce court-ordered paternity test) that their daughter did not share DNA with either of them.

Russian police helped the Belyaevas track down the other set of parents, who had raised their biological daughter all these years. All four parents are now suing the hospital that made the mistake. 

Hopefully, all's well that ends well, though we're sure it will be emotionally complicated for everyone involved: the girls will remain with the parents who raised them but will also have opportunities to visit with and get to know their biological parents.

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How would you handle such shocking news? 

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DebiYoung DebiYoung 5 years
wow... This is really heart breaking! you are right money cannot fix this. Imagine not feeling an emotional bond with your child or shared interests and blame yourselves and find the reason is because that life you carried inside of you for 9 months you never raised. The same way with the child..feeling like you never really "belonged". I hope these families did not know or have any of these problems..the one is getting divorced so there is already a broken home. It would be very intersting to know if the DNA was because the father was denying paternity. oh so sad and only half the story.. these children have a book in their future only they can write and what a klenex read it will be!! God bless and watch over these young girls and parents!!
nicholeoberdorf nicholeoberdorf 5 years
Kinda reminds me of the tv show on ABC Family "SWITCHED AT BIRTH". Oh, wait, there is no KINDA about it, It Does remind me.
MaChristyTacugue MaChristyTacugue 5 years
this is a heartbreaking news! not only for the parents but for these children as well. I cannot imagine the emotional turmoil these two families are experiencing right now. But God has a reason for everything......hope things will go the right way for everyone.
WendyJones10605 WendyJones10605 5 years
That is one reason I had my son at a birth center with midwives. I was the only person there having a baby so they couldn't get him mixed up. He is also a clone of his daddy so that helped too. I just didn't want to deal with the hospital & all the rules they have.
CarolynWalker96630 CarolynWalker96630 5 years
I can't imagine how horrifying that discovery had to be!! Thank goodness my oldest girl is my mini-me, so no mistaking her, and my other girl is my husband's mini, so no mistaking her either, thank heavens!
DioneSimonin DioneSimonin 5 years
When my son was born, I remember telling my husband to go and stay with him until he was brought to our room. I didn't want him by himself at all until all the braceles and such were on him!
WandaMedley WandaMedley 5 years
This is so sad and scary. That it could happen in the first place. Yes I would sue them. I hope that do get to know their familys.
AngelaBreunis AngelaBreunis 5 years
The same way they did, sue, and love my child despite the parternity and give them opportunity to know the birth parents. But I would be upset very upset
MelanieUnderwood84494 MelanieUnderwood84494 5 years
That is horrible! Thank god mys son is a male version of me.
TracieDumm TracieDumm 5 years
So sad for both families. Although the chances are so small it would happen, I made sure to find a distinguishing mark on both my baby girls the second they were born so I'd know for sure it was the right baby when they came back to me.
DaniellePike81092 DaniellePike81092 5 years
hospitals do make mistakes, and sometimes its just through exhausted tired doctors and nurses. I have had them leave morphine in a syringe under my bed while I was in labour! luckily my kids were not there at the time! however one time, I was in suspected labour with my 4th baby, and came in to the hospital. later when I left (not in labour) my midwife said she wouldnt need to see me to do my blood pressure etc, as the nurse wouldve. I said, that the nursle hadnt. the following week when I went into labour, my midwife looked at the notes, to see in pencil, some made up vitals next to the doctors notes.. which had been written in AFTER I left. we knew they were made up because everything was way higher than mine had EVER been. so sometimes nurses make mistakes and try to cover them up.
MaryBreyer MaryBreyer 5 years
One more reason to just have a homebirth! Or the fact that mothers should keep their babies with them at all times in the hospital....
michellecataldo michellecataldo 5 years
keep my birth kid at that point, Im keeping the one i raised!
I have 5 children. One of them is a 12 yr old girl I can't imagine someone telling me she's not ours. After birth she stood with me in the room till discharge plus she's her dads clone. If I ever went through something like this I'd want them both. Poor girls in Russia
HeidiStrauss HeidiStrauss 5 years
I'm a newborn nursery nurse (or have been for most of my nursing career) and this is really so avoidable with the many checks and balances that should be in place to keep this from happening. I'm glad they are suing the hospital cause they need to get it together.
RoseHuntChandler RoseHuntChandler 5 years
I would handle it the same way they did. I do understand how incompetent people can do this. A few days ago I went to the emergency room in South Hill, VA for anxiety and the nurse came in to give me a shot of Morhine. I refused it and told her that the Dr told me he was giving me Vallium. She insisted she was supposed to give the Morphine. She left the room to tell the Dr and soon came back in with the Vallium. She apologized. She could have killed me! Later another Dr came in and was going to treat me instead of another patient. Then my Dr went to the room next to mine and called her by my name and I heard it. My friend went over there to tell him I was not in that room. He apologizes. I told him I was going home before my leg gets cut off. We can expect anything in a hospital. Some folks never know they have the wrong kid I an sure!
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