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17-Year-Old Makes Ultimate Sacrifice for Her Unborn Child

17-Year-Old Makes Ultimate Sacrifice for Her Unborn Child

Asked if we would die for our children, most of us unhesitatingly answer yes. Rarely, however, are we put to the test.

As USAToday reports, 17-year-old Jenni Lake has made that ultimate sacrifice. After learning that she was pregnant, Jenni stopped chemotherapy treatments for tumors on her brain and spine. As Jenni's mom shared: "She would either have to terminate the pregnancy and continue the treatments, or stop the treatments, knowing that it could continue to grow again."

Twelve days after her son was born, Jenni lost her fight with cancer.

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KylaPaz KylaPaz 5 years
I myself made this choice, I was 8 weeks pregnant when they found mine... I was told to abort and start chemo, the fetus was not viable as I would not live long enough that he would survive outside the womb. I didn't take chemo, I had him and fortunately I am still here. I had open heart surgery in dec 09 and was cured. Its back again but I have had 2 and a half wonderful years with my son and the battle rages on............. God Bless This Jenni and I pray this world has many more like us and starts valuing our children before we ever meet them.
CybilGatere CybilGatere 5 years
When will humanity realize that you cannot change God's purpose. Jer 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I set you apart"
GaylanTracy GaylanTracy 5 years
I lost my 26 year old son Aug. 2006, not to cancer but we will never know why, no closure, but we know he was one special human being. Just at Jenni was. My son would have given his life for his child also he so loved children. We are so lucky to have such wonderful children. One day Jenni's family will be able to explain to him what a special mommy he had and how lucky he is. I know how hard it is to lose a child and it is so unfair bless all of you.
BARBARAWakeling BARBARAWakeling 5 years
I am really shocked at how bigotted so many of your members are, when I read a story of someones sacrifice on these pages, there are always these grumble guts types who find they need to make judgement on the people in the stories, God is the only one who may judge our actions, we are not qualified to judge others. None of us are perfect and how would they like it if they made a decision based on the facts they had, and everybody turned round and without true knowledge of those facts and made critical and even cruel, remarks about them. Who are we to judge whether or not she should have taken precautions, that little baby was destined to be born for a reason which nobody knows as yet - who knows, that little boy could grow up to be a great blessing to all of humanity - Jenni died happy and that is all that matters and her little son does have a Mummy, Jenni's Mum - and if that is good enough for Jenni, its good enough for me. Barbara Wakeling. at the bottom of this post box - it says powered by RESPECT not thumps, so you negative types, stop thumping decisions made by others, just keep your own doorstep clean and leave others to their own.
paulettemeath paulettemeath 5 years
I have a 18 year old .A fairly nice kid but I can't believe how unselfish this young girl was.Not a typical teenager.But then a cancer prognosis ages you and chemo is terrible aging everyone.I woas crying. so muchSo brave and it is what Mum's say thay will do.I am praying for this family.Rest in peace.It's hard to lose a child for any Mum But a child from your child would be a small piece of happiness reguardless of how much you would wish they were there
UrsulaWinter UrsulaWinter 5 years
omg - truly amazing and just so unfair
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