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2-Year-Old Picks Lock to His Sister's Room to Take Things

Toddler's Sneaky Nighttime Behavior Surprises Parents

When Joann Moser's 8-year-old daughter complained that her 2-year-old brother was taking things from her room at night, Moser told her to just lock her bedroom door. Big sis did so, but things still went missing. As Moser recounted to HuffPost Parents, she and her husband found it hard to believe that their 2-year-old was able to take things from a locked room and set up a camera to solve the mystery. The resulting video, below, is both amazing and hilarious!

Read the whole story (The Huffington Post).

What's the sneakiest thing your child has ever done?

Victoria14391451 Victoria14391451 4 years
I think the shadow was from the parents watching, I heard laughter at the end. I was a foster parent and heard a story about a little 4 year old boy who would pick locks, even turn off home alarms. His foster family finally had to install a motion detector alarm on his bedroom doorway as well as double key deadbolts near the top of every outside door.
Renee14372188 Renee14372188 4 years
Omg get the poor kid his own pillow pet!
Amanda14369108 Amanda14369108 4 years
as cute and funny as this is no sees anything wrong with the fact that a two year ol has finger nail clippers
jennifer14 jennifer14 4 years
Had to watch it again didn't notice before.yea shadow of someone walking by .
KatieGregory37558 KatieGregory37558 4 years
did anyone else see the shadow moving on the right of the screen?
ChelseaRundquist ChelseaRundquist 4 years
Hahahahaha! What a little stinker!
YolondaLewis YolondaLewis 4 years
Okay professional thief at two.lmbo
Angel4249905 Angel4249905 4 years
Little man really wanted that pillow pet lol , my step son would sneak up at night and get food ( junk food)
Jennifer11447727 Jennifer11447727 4 years
Lol amazing what they get up to smarter then we think...My Steven was same but he unlocks windows with a hair grip and at night he use to sneek downstairs turn everything tv xbox pc n that on and sit there speaking on radios we have ,
KhyaraNewton KhyaraNewton 4 years
lol true rugrat right there! the most thing my toddler did was learn how to get into his high chair with no assistance and back out. then graduated to climbing the counter to steal cookies off the top of the refrigerator until he got caught red handed.
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