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2-Year-Old Tattoos Leg

2-Year-Old Toddler Has Leg Tattooed

Two years old might sound a tad bit early to get a tattoo, but don't worry, it was painless. Logan Lansborough recently had artist Michael Joseph paint the character Bubbles from Finding Nemo on his prosthetic right leg, the Huffington Post reports. 

Logan was born with congenital absence of the tibia, which required both of his legs to be amputated.

To find out why his parents thinks it's a good idea to decorate his prosthetic leg, read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

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NaomiVissersKranz NaomiVissersKranz 3 years
Misleading story title. Probably most of the people who looked at this article only did so because they were misled. This is not news, nor does it need to be sensationalized.
Brianna14658903 Brianna14658903 3 years
Who would give this anything but a star? I think this is a wonderful idea. It helps the child attach pride instead of embarrassment to their prosthetic. That's awesome.
Aurora14902311 Aurora14902311 4 years
this is great parenting. making the obvious difference more special and awesome than something the other kids may look at as a handicap.
NicoleM17196 NicoleM17196 4 years
The story title is quite misleading. JMO...
ChelseaRundquist ChelseaRundquist 4 years
Awww! Super-cool! :-)
sharoncarey52868 sharoncarey52868 4 years
Kids should be proud to be different!!!! Teach them that we are all special!!!
HeatherKline1130 HeatherKline1130 4 years
LOVE....LOVE....LOVE it!!!!
StephanieNavarrette1368402604 StephanieNavarrette1368402604 4 years
Different but if and I'm sure it was done with positive and encouragement of seeing how something negative can be positive and fun! I support the parents totally! So much hardship has been endured and I can this the tattoo a awesome way to deal with it!
DaniellePeterson53554 DaniellePeterson53554 4 years
I had the pleasure of meeting Logan yesterday and he is just the sweetest thing! I held out my hand like I wanted to hold his and he kissed it! He is just a peach!
DoreenStodolski DoreenStodolski 4 years
Bless this Mighty Lil GUY !,,,as well as his Brave Parents who had to endure,,,Whats Wron W/ My Baby ? ! ?,,,All OF YOU No Life PPl ,,,,Go & Hug Y our Kids & Thak the LORD that Your Kids are Whole W/O the Problems this Perfect Child had to endure. Let them Always get What Ever is Amusing to this Beautiful Lil Guy,,,,For What ever Makes Both Parents & Child Happy,,,Go For It !
SheriPinnixGeorge SheriPinnixGeorge 4 years
He looks like a Rock Star in the making!!!! Love the facial expression! Rock On young dude!! You are a hero!
AntoinetteLewisClarke AntoinetteLewisClarke 4 years
Awesome! What a little cutie! My nephew had a large burn scar on the back of his head (from toddler to pre-teen) that he was always self conscious about, so my sister put stick on tattoos on it and it made him feel so much more confident ... unfortunately it kinda took off as a craze at his school with other kids putting them all over their faces so the school ended up banning them but it lasted long enough that it wasn't a big deal to him or the other kids anymore, he's since had surgery to fix it but some kids (and adults) don't have the option to "fix" things so why not allow them a little something that makes them happy!
EmiliMcMakin EmiliMcMakin 4 years
We do this with all my son's legs. Shriners hospital puts whatever design we want straight in the resin. I have several pictures of all of his past legs there. He gets to match Daddies tattoos and he gets to pick and customize it each time. We like to have fun with it.
Barbara14644689 Barbara14644689 4 years
I think this was a great idea kids wont be freaked out by his leg and he wont feel embarrassed
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