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20 Children's Book Covers Gone Wrong (PHOTOS)

20 Children's Book Covers Gone Wrong (PHOTOS)

20 Children's Book Covers Gone Wrong (PHOTOS)

Baby shower cakes are not the only things that can go wrong. Children's books can take a wacky turn, too.

If you're looking for magical bedtime stories your little one will remember forever, this is not the right list to look at. Some of these are completely inappropriate for children, some are just plain weird, and all will leave you wondering "What were they thinking?..."

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What are some bedtime story books gone right?

Image Source: via Heavy Comedy

LigiaMedinaZaiter LigiaMedinaZaiter 6 years
I don't like this articule at all!! This Luke, is a person with no sensibility. My son has Autism and I don't like people who talk like that about any disability, not even as a joke. Sorry, do not like it!
RebeccaHuff RebeccaHuff 6 years
ok i'll admit it. i'm the sick F#$%*& who laughed at every one of those. yes i have a crass adult sense of humor, and yes i've read on the night you were born and loved it. even though i have t admit the title and the vertically (rather than horizontally) dancing poar bears do suggest something quite strange. i however think Ill always love you is a little strange. what kind of son craws in his aging mothers window and rocks her to sleep? makes me think of norman bates and his mother. (for all of you who don't know... he was a PSYCHO!) some of you ought to read the book "Go the F$%# to Sleep" and try to regain the adult/ slightly off color sense of humor you seem to have spending too much time with your preschoolers. lighten up and chill out. oh ps. i have a kid and she is 5 and loves walter the farting dog, and any kind of poo joke. her sense of humor seems to be just as warped as mine. it must run in the family.
GloriaSams GloriaSams 6 years
Most of the comments are funny, but some thought should be also given to the comment on "Baby Island".
EvelynDavis EvelynDavis 6 years
Sorry, I did not find most of these funny. Cooking with Pooh was the best.
ChrissyWeeks68304 ChrissyWeeks68304 6 years
Ok you guys need to lighten up, they may be good books but some of those covers are pretty darn funny!
LeeannLaTouche LeeannLaTouche 6 years
it doesnt work! TT_TT
colleenladino colleenladino 6 years
I'd like to think I'm a person with an excellent sense of humor and the person that wrote the captions under each book is just not funny, period.
ClairePrevost ClairePrevost 6 years
wont open
JamieFerrell27602 JamieFerrell27602 6 years
The people who are mad about the comments on some of the books need to grow up. You get your feelings hurt too easily, and when you think things are all about you, you are likely to get offended. So he was crass. If you as a parent think it is okay to open the link (when it says above that these were "completely inappropriate for children"), then complain about the coarseness of the article, you send your kids a message, whether you realize or not. They are watching, and probably they are seeing that mommy is a fight-picker and a hypocrite. You're probably also the mother who glances at the tabloids out the corner of her eye in the checkout line, then degrades the people in the headlines to her children when they ask about it. I have been there and done that too. Yes there are many hard topics in this world that we will have to explain to our children, and books like these can help, but come on people, learn to laugh too. Or if you can't laugh at things like this, don't even open it. You WERE warned.
VanessaGraves88821 VanessaGraves88821 6 years
Apparently a lot of people don't have a sense of humor. Although I don't understand why On the Night you were Born is on there or Love you Forever but the rest are hilarious. I understand writing books on difficult subjects but they are also hilarious titles and covers.
TaniKelley TaniKelley 6 years
I can say that I am very appalled at the comments under everyone of those books. I have read at least two of those books. This person should actually read the books before passing judgement.
OlgaLeonenko OlgaLeonenko 6 years
One of the worst and most offensive articles I've read, veru\y pretentious and plainly stupid.
ErinnStarnes ErinnStarnes 6 years
After the first couple of books my sense of humor kicked and I couldn't help but laugh. There's aren't many books that are still in print that help parents talk to little ones about sex, death, and servers in the livingroom. What might seem inappropriate or weird to one person might actually make sense to some parents.
CoMMember13630945263409 CoMMember13630945263409 6 years
I normally love your articles but this one is definitely not on my FAV list!!!!......did you only read the first few before posting it on your site?.....the person writing the comments was just out-right rude!!!......if he/she has kids then I feel for them that they are not going to be reading these books. The books are meant for younger people so the illustrations and titles have to appeal to them. I never buy a book for my children thinking if I am going to like it, but if they will.
SarahKryzer SarahKryzer 6 years
What an idiot. I hope to God this jerk never has kids.
mariangriffith mariangriffith 6 years
Some of the books I could do without but I think the guy who compiled this article and made the comments is the one that is out of line.
HollyJoUnderwoodReynolds HollyJoUnderwoodReynolds 6 years
Anna, I heartily agree with you about this article. The guy is a jerk and there is no way he has kids. The comments were crass and offensive. In most cases I wonder if he read anything but the cover.
SimoneRendon SimoneRendon 6 years
"Love you Forever" is my favorite book! But I can see if you have never read it how the cover can seem strange.
AmandaWills81980 AmandaWills81980 6 years
Can't open the link....
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