The 105th American International Toy Fair is currently under way in NYC. Elizabeth Warner, the iVillage Chief Toy Officer, was on the Today Show previewing the newest and hottest toys.

Kids will be begging for their parents to pick up at least one of these bad boys:

  • We already showed you the latest and greatest Elmo Vibe that likes to shake his money maker. Still in his prototype phase, he will be making his debut at toy stores soon!

To see some of the highlighted toys and a clip of kids testing them out,


  • The old phrase, "what's old is new" applies to Cabbage Patch Kids. The 25–year–old dolls are back, although they never really left.
  • Laugh & Learn is introducing the Smart Bounce and Spin Pony. The interactive television game helps tots learn colors, letters, shapes and numbers in a wireless playground setting.
  • Move over Easy Bake Oven because Girl Gourmet is here. Everyone knows cupcakes are all the rage, especially for lil ones. Kids can make their own treats, slather them with frosting and decorate with sprinkles.
  • The wildly popular Guitar Hero now has the Air Guitar Rocker. Very similar to the original, this version runs off a belt buckle. Your kids won't be the only ones to enjoy rocking out.
  • For the fashionistas, Barbie IDesign is sure to be a hit. The computer game includes 50 fashion cards with a variety of clothing options, hair and make–up styles and fashion models. Then they can be uploaded onto the IDesign studio where youngins can become queen editor. They can put together a runway show and create a magazine layout.