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20 Favorite Finds From Toy Fair 2012

Feb 16 2012 - 7:03am

Oh, this was tough. After two days scanning the endless aisles of Toy Fair, mama certainly found a few things to put on her lil one's wish lists this year. While this year's Toy Fair trends [1] may have us dreaming of glow-in-the dark bubbles and iPad-based games, there were several other items that struck my fancy! Keep reading to see my favorite finds from this year's show, and tell me, which looks most exciting to you?

The Game of Life zAPPed

The integration of the iPad and the traditional board game has never looked better than in The Game of Life zAPPed. Create your own player to move around the board, spin the wheel, and watch videos of different life events on the app, all while playing the favorite board game.

Symphony in B

B. Toys' Symphony in B is one of the most innovative musical toys I've ever seen. Choose the song and instruments you want to create songs kids know and love — 15 are pre-programmed in the unit. Simply pick which of the 13 instruments you want to hear and the music starts flowing. Add and subtract instruments as you see fit. Endless fun for every budding musician!

Tiny Love Rocker/Napper

Tiny Love's new Rocker/Napper incorporates one of my favorite baby accessories — the take-along mobile — with a vibrating place to place lil ones when mama needs a break. The sides pop up to transform it into a bassinet, and best of all, its colors blend with traditional room decor.

Hot Wheels iNitro Speeder

Another toy that combines traditional play with modern technology, Hot Wheels' iNitro Speeder is one of the fastest toy cars I've ever seen. Just charge it on the included device, attach the antenna to any i-device and start controlling the car as it zooms its way through the home. Very cool!

Begin Again Bathtub Ball

Made from pure rubber, the Begin Again Bathtub Ball and its included characters will make bathtime safer and more fun than ever.

Stunt Brothers

Brought to us by the people behind the Brinca Dada dollhouses (those beautiful modern creations we can't stop drooling over), the Stunt Brothers is a set of three characters that love to sky dive, be shot out of canons, and zoom off in their sporty lil race cars. Great for imaginative play, the set was just too beautiful to pass by.

Janod Circus Train Set

One of my favorite European toy companies, Janod is finally entering the US market this Spring. The company's 41-year history has helped it perfect the art of wooden (and affordable) toy-making, and now it's bringing its wares stateside. The Circus Train Set is just one of the 40 beautifully designed products it'll introduce here.

Seedling Make Your Own Snow Globe

Before ever hitting the market, Seedling's Make Your Own Snow Globe kit is already sold out. The company plans to make more long before the holiday season when they are bound to sell well!

Lil Teammates

Lil sports fans can reenact their favorite plays with Lil Teammates new Play Set Field. The set comes with a coach, and then individual players can be added for team-specific play.

VTech Switch and Go Dinosaurs

Consider these the educational Transformers. VTech's new Switch and Go Dinosaurs start out as vehicles and then transform (in six easy steps) into dinosaurs. Each has an LED screen for a face that teaches tots about their dinosaur's history and needs.

Brave Castle

Families are gearing up for the June release of Brave, Disney's girl-powered film about a princess with deadly aim with her bow and arrow. Fisher Price will be introducing a line of Brave dolls and toys to accompany the film, including this castle that comes with the doll and the horse.

Micro Kickboard 3-in-1 Scooter

Following the success of the Micro Mini, Kickboard is introducing a three-in-one scooter that gets lil ones on the bikes sooner than ever (around 12 months old). The added seat has a balance bike feel to help kids learn the intricacies of balancing their weight.

Lego Monster Fighters

Fans of horror films (both big and small) will want to get their hands on these LEGO Monster Fighters when they are released in August. Sets include Frankenstein, Dracula, and even a really fun ghost train.


Parents who want to monitor their kids' online browsing and app purchases will love Kurio, a new tablet that gives parents advanced filtering control either by specific site or age-appropriate content. Running on the Android platform, the unit comes with 450 million websites already categorized for easy parental control.

7 Habits of Happy Kids Game

Steven Covey's son is now a dad himself, and none too happy when his kids say they're bored. Rather than give them things to do, he created a game to teach them how to create fun for themselves. The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Game is designed to be played as a family and may be the basis for a lifetime of happiness.

Gund's Boo

The most popular dog on the Internet isn't the winner of the Westminster Dog Show, but Boo! This Spring, Gund will introduce an incredibly soft plush version of the dog for $20.

Crayola Marker Airbrush

Inspire your lil graffiti artist with Crayola's Marker Airbrush. The kid-powered device works with any Crayola marker — just insert it into the sprayer, pump it up and get to work. The airbrush works on clothing, paper, and more!

Flying Super Grover 2.0

I've always been partial to Grover's silly antics, and this year Hasbro is focusing on the lovable blue monster. The motion activated doll recites many of Grover's catchphrases and looks great flying through the air!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Bucky Pirate Ship

Fans of Disney's number one hit for kids have been begging for toys to support their lil ones' play. Fisher Price will be introducing the new Bucky the Pirate Ship in June, and parents and kids can't wait. Packed with characters from the show, hidden crocodiles, water bombs, and songs and phrases from the show, Bucky is a guaranteed hit!

BROBO "Shine Force"

As robot friends from the future, BROBO Shine Force help lil ones who are afraid of the dark get comfortable with their shining stomachs. Simply rub their hands on their stomach sensors and watch them glow!

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