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Introducing the 2017 LilSugar Awards!
Every mom you know has probably said something along these lines to you: "This stroller/high chair/toy is the best. You need it!" And while the input is appreciated as you navigate what seem to be endless aisles and shopping pages filled with baby, toddler, and big-kid buys, all the info coming your way makes figuring out what truly is "the best" a tough task — one a busy mom has no time to decipher. That's when the LilSugar Awards come in with a definite list of best-in-class gear, toys, and games for all ages that moms and POPSUGAR editors love and trust.
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Best Play Clothes

You want your kids to look their best, which can sometimes be a challenge with active kids. Thanks to Kohl’s, you can easily create a collection of items that are durable, on trend, and ready for hours of play. Kohl’s has looks that fit with your child's unique personality and also work for little ones who love to mix and match. Extra bonus? You can fill your basket without worrying about busting your budget.

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Live LilSugar Awards: Day 1

Image Source: Phil & Teds

Phil & Teds Lobster High Chair ($89.99)

It's easy to get caught up in the glamour of a modern high chair that claims to do it all. But regardless of all of the bells and whistles that come with it, there's no taking away from the fact that your little one's seat is going to take up a significant amount of space in your home. To avoid that, there's the Phil & Teds Lobster High Chair.

It attaches directly to the table, saving space, bringing tots to their parents' height, and keeping little eaters comfortable as they try new foods. The Lobster easily collapses for when you want to fold it up and put it away, but we can honestly say you'll probably leave it attached to your dining room table until your little one is big enough to move to a real chair. We've recommended it to every new mom we know, regardless of the size of her home.

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EZPZ Happy Mat ($24.99)

Feeding toddlers is exhausting: not only do you have to whip up a meal that is the perfect balance of healthy and appetizing, but you have to make sure the bulk of it gets in their mouths . . . not everywhere else. Unfortunately, that last bit's next to impossible. Kids are messy eaters.

Thankfully, the genius folks at EZPZ were well-aware of 2-year-olds' predilection for playing with their food when they created the Happy Mat, an all-in-one placemat and sectional plate that captures everything. Another clever bonus? It suctions directly to the table, making it nearly impossible for tiny hands to tip over. The food-grade silicone mat is built to last — it's bendable and flexible, and the vibrant color doesn't fade or deteriorate — and can be tossed right in the dishwasher. If you have more than one mouth to feed, simply fill each mat with fruit and veggies and stack them on top of each other to carry to the table. Easy-peasy, indeed.
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Image Source: ezpz
Image Source: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch ($299.99)

As with every shiny new Nintendo system, things just keep getting better and better. Branded as "the home console you can take anywhere," the Switch provides kids with a gaming experience wherever they are (as long as they have enough allotted screen time left for the day). The joysticks on either side of the tablet-like Switch can be attached to create a portable system, removed and used as two separate controllers for multiplayer gaming at playdates or in the car, or combined as one large controller for solo play using a television screen at home.

The coolest aspect: your child can link with up to eight other friends' Switch consoles to either compete or team up while playing the latest hit games — or they can take it to the interwebs and play live with other gamers online (don't worry, there are parental controls).
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Live LilSugar Awards: Day 2

Image Source: Little Tikes

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set ($44.99)

Looking for a slam-dunk gift for your sports-loving kid? Look no further than the Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set. The sturdy miniature hoop and net will help your child develop their court skills in no time, thanks to an oversize rim and small ball fit for little hands. One of the best features, though, is the adjustable height, which goes up to four feet tall so kids of all ages can play. With one of these in your yard, you're destined to raise a future all-star!

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Image Source: Kohl's

Step2 Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster ($149.99)

If you've got a thrill-seeker at home, you're guaranteed to get plenty of playtime with the Step2 Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster. With more than 10 feet of up-and-down riding track, it's been a must-have toy for backyards and spacious basements for the past 20 years.

The track comes complete with two nonslip steps so tiny riders can reach the ATV-themed coaster car safely from either side. The cute red car, which can be used as a ride-along toy separate from the coaster, comes with handles, foot rests, and a high seat back. And best of all, there are no plugs or batteries required — the kid-powered coaster will offer your little ones hours of fun as they start the ride all on their own and then walk the car back up the tracks after each turn. It's an amusement park in the comfort of your own home!

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Image Source: littleBits

LittleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit ($199.95)

LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit gives your kids all of the tools they need to be seriously cool inventors. These curated packs for kids ages 8 and up come with dimmers, light sensors, motors, and buzzers to actively create games, pranks, and apps. Instead of sitting in front of the screen, kids are able to get hands on with technology with this "invention toolbox."

Not only does this kit inspire little ones to use their imaginations and build new skill sets, but it also combines art, math, and science in one interactive hobby. All the pieces are reusable, too, so they can keep creating wow-worthy inventions that bring STEM learning from school to home.
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Image Source: Hasbro

Hasbro Gaming Pie Face Showdown Game ($39.99)

A follow-up to the instant hit game Pie Face, Pie Face Showdown eliminates the surprise attack aspect of the original game and adds a competitive element. Players sit side by side with their heads poking through the plastic splash masks, count down, and fight to pie the other person in the face by repeatedly slamming on their lever, which makes the hand go into their opponent's direction. The hilarious game takes sibling rivalries to the next level (an arguably more civil one), creating opportunities for fun feuds rather than angry ones.

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Live LilSugar Awards: Day 3

Image Source: Kohl's

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets ($39.99)

When Raegan Moya-Jones first created Aden + Anais's muslin swaddle blankets, she was simply trying to re-create the ubiquitous blankets Australian parents have been wrapping their babies in for years. The oversize dimensions and unbelievably soft cotton make these perfect for wrapping up even the tiniest newborns. But what Moya-Jones created was a lot more than just a swaddling wrap.

Parents quickly learned that Aden + Anais blankets may just be the most versatile piece of baby gear in their arsenals. Placed over a stroller or car seat on a sunny day, it's a sunshield. Spread out on the grass, it's a picnic blanket. Draped over a mother's chest, it's a nursing cover. It's also a lovey, a changing pad, a burp cloth, and even a sarong for the beach-bound mom. With its adorable yet on-trend prints, Aden + Anais has created the do-it-all piece that should be in every parent's nursery.

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Cloud B Sleep Sheep ($31.99)

There's nothing more precious than an infant's sleep (for both mom and baby!), which is why Cloud B's Sleep Sheep is an essential part of the bedtime routine for many families. This adorable sleep aid is just as useful as it is cute and cuddly.

The nighttime friend has a range of eight different sounds and melodies to soothe babies into a deep sleep as well as a sleep timer to preserve batteries during the night. But the Sleep Sheep isn't just a dream machine — with its soft exterior, kiddos love to cozy up to their plush friend. Don't worry, it can be machine washed to keep it clean and ready for endless snuggles.
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Image Source: Kohl's

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller ($529.99)

If Mom or Dad wants a versatile stroller loved by their little ones, too, Baby Jogger's City Select is the one. This beloved buggy can be set up in more than 16 different positions, offering Mama and her baby the chance to face in or out, lay down, and even ride with a sibling with an added second seat.

It keeps kiddos safe as well as comfortable with a five-point harness, adjustable UV 50+ sun canopy, and multiposition footwell. But its design doesn't forget about parents with a telescoping handlebar that adjusts to each adult's height, a lightweight and self-folding frame, and a variety of color options to compliment each parent's style. Plus, this stroller is compatible with a variety of different car seats, so you can have a complete travel system that fits your family's needs.

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Live LilSugar Awards: Day 4

Image Source: SNOO

SNOO Smart Sleeper ($1,160)

When you have a newborn, one of the first things people ask you is, "So, how's the baby sleeping?" For most parents, the answer has never been a good one, until now. The Snoo, created by Dr. Harvey Karp of The Happiest Baby on the Block fame, is the first bassinet that actually promises a good night's sleep — for everyone. It does this by incorporating Dr. Karp's famed five S's into product form: swaddle, side or stomach, shush, swing, and suck.

A beautiful sleeper on its own with a modern wood and mesh design, the bassinet features a mattress that produces white noise and "swings" up to one-half inch each direction to help lull babies to sleep. Hidden microphones detect a waking baby and signal the sleeper to respond with increasing sound and motion, essentially providing the same response parents would when a newborn fusses in the middle of the night. So the next time someone asks about your night, you'll have nothing to say: you and your baby were asleep the whole time.
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Image Source: Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar ($50)

If the idea of teaching tots as young as 3 years old how to code sounds crazy to you, you're not alone, but after seeing Fisher-Price's Code-a-Pillar in action — and how toddlers react to it — you'll be convinced it's never too early to learn. The adorable creeping caterpillar actually teaches toddlers coding basics (think sequencing and programming) before they can even say the words.

The toy comes with eight segments that are connected via USB-like plugs. Each piece communicates a different action or command — turn left, play noise, turn right, spin, etc. — to the caterpillar's head. Once the parts are attached, kids press the start button, and the toy moves following the sequential commands as each segment lights up. Games and toys designed to get kids coding early have been gaining traction in recent years, but none have focused on the preschool market quite like this.
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Image Source: Kohl's

World Tech Toys Mini Orion Spy Drone Quadcopter Camera Drone ($69.99)

Take your kid's inquisitive nature and need for speed to new heights with the Mini Orion Spy Drone. Not only does this highflying Quadcopter drone come in a glow-in-the-dark finish, but it also features a camera that takes photos as well as videos to capture the in-air action. An SD memory card records the views from this new perspective as the drone flies up to 400 feet. With four main rotors, flip and stunt modes, and speed control and LED lights to illuminate nighttime flights, this drone is ready for some serious adventures at any time of day.

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Live LilSugar Awards: Day 5

Apple iPad ($329)

Although it's sometimes a source of guilt, every modern parent knows that without an iPad in their lives, things would be a bit different. Unlike clunky toys and blocks thrown into your already-giant diaper bag, the sleek iPad can be packed with hours of endless entertainment for your little one, whether they choose to watch mystery egg YouTube videos or play an educational app.

With a long battery life, kid-proof accessories and cases, and most importantly, a headphone jack so you don't have to join in on the egg-video watching, these tablets are total lifesavers for busy moms who need to entertain their kiddo in a waiting room, at a restaurant, or at home when mom just needs a few minutes of me time. And don't let that screen time guilt hit you too hard, mamas — our readers agreed that of all the amazing items on our Readers' Choice list, you just couldn't vote against your family's beloved iPad. We're all in this technological parenting age together.
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Image Source: Apple

Ergobaby All Position 360 Cool Air Mesh ($180)

Whether you're a brand-new parent or this isn't your first rodeo, having two hands free at all times is always helpful. There's no better way to keep your eyes on baby — and a million other things — than with the Ergobaby All Position 360 Carrier holding your child snugly to your chest or back in one of four positions. And because it holds a child of up to 33 pounds, you can get away with keeping your toddlers close by as well.

Need to start cooking dinner but your baby's feeling clingy? Strap her onto your back and get the meal started while also keeping an eye on your hungry toddler who is poised for kitchen cabinet destruction. Have to run to the store superquick and don't want to deal with getting your child into and out of carts? Get them into the front position so they can look out at all the fun things in the aisles and you can keep your hands free for grabbing the essentials. Going to an amusement park or farmers' market? The padded straps and even weight distribution between your hips and back mean that you can carry your little one around for as long as your family is out having fun. There aren't many situations this four-position baby carrier can't help you with, aside from diffusing a threenager's public meltdown — you just have to ride that one out, Mama.
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Image Source: Lego

Lego Minecraft The Cave ($19.99)

As is the case with all Lego sets, there's so much room for imaginative play both during and after building. Combining everyone's favorite blocks with Minecraft's Steve, zombies, and giant spiders makes for even more hours of innovative fun and entertainment.

This particular set, The Cave, is aimed at kids age 8 and up and has 249 pieces between classic blocks (in a Minecraft color scheme), minifigures, and Minecraft-themed extras. It can either be built and played with on its own or combined with other Lego Minecraft sets (or any other set, really) to build a whole (pixelated) new world.
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