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22 Fascinating and Bizarre College Classes

22 Fascinating and Bizarre College Classes

Got a kid starting college this September? Or headed back to school yourself? Here's a list of 22 offbeat courses that will be offered by colleges and universities around the country this Fall.

There are quite a few that we feel qualified as moms to teach ourselves, including Hampshire College's Things That Go Bump in The Night Santa Clara University's Joy of Garbage, and Alfred University's Tightwaddery (or the Good Life on a Dollar a Day).

Read the whole list at CNN

What was the oddest thing you learned in school?

Image Source: via CNN

LauraWalker18725 LauraWalker18725 6 years
Yes, I agree. It's "Idiocracy" all over again (the movie). I hope they don't credits for those classes. . .at least nothing transferrable!
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