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3 Benefits Kids Receive from Writing Thank You Notes

3 Benefits Kids Receive from Writing Thank You Notes

To many people, writing letters of thanks is a dying courtesy, but not to Circle of Moms members like Amber D. and Mary R.. As Amber points out, friends and relatives would enjoy giving kids presents even more if they “at least said thank you.”

Not only should kids should write thank you notes, she says, but when they avoid the task, it is a parent's job "to reinforce their manners.”

Why do some moms feel so strongly about this issue? Here are three important benefits they say kids receive from writing thank you notes.


1. It Helps Children Learn to Feel Gratitude

Numerous Circle of Moms members say that encouraging their children to send written notes helps them teach and reinforce the importance of feeling gratitude. Says Missy S., ”I want my kids to be grateful for what they have and not complain. . . .This is one way to teach them to be more grateful and appreciate what they have.”

(Several Circle of Moms members mention another technique they've found for teaching their children to give thanks and appreciate their blessings: “My kids donate some of the toys they get for Christmas as a way to say thank you,” says Carla A., which "teaches them about sacrificial giving.”)

2. It Strengthens a Child's Bonds with Family 

Mary R. says that sending written thank you notes keeps her children connected to their extended family. She had been in the habit of writing thank you notes long before becoming a mom and discovered that it came back to her in spades when her first child was born. All those friends and relatives she'd showed her appreciation to over the years sent "gifts and savings bonds" to welcome her new baby.

But Mary also points out that the impuse to say "thank you" in a formal way goes beyond mere politeness. When her grandparents passed away, she "knew without a doubt" from all her years of sending them thank you notes that they were aware "how much I loved them and appreciated them." She wants her own kids to have the same kind of tight bonds with extended and far-flung family members.

3. Good Manners Help Kids Succeed in Life

Many Circle of Moms members feel it is important for their kids to send thank you notes simply because people love getting them. The practice of writing these notes helps kids develop critical social skills that are essential to maintaining strong relationships. As a Circle of Moms member who calls herself "Schmoopy" explains, “It’s part of a larger issue of manners."

Do you make your kids send thank you notes?

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Madame-Joy Madame-Joy 4 years
Yes, we usually write thank you notes together. For their joint bday party this year I had both kids help with the TY notes, which we did all together. The 3 yo did some drawings (basically lines and squiggles) and the 6 yo wrote out words and also drew pictures on some. It was a fun (for the most part) activity and it helps them to learn good manner and appreciate what they have (as you indicated).
SusanA52364 SusanA52364 5 years
More parents need to set the example to their children of thanking others for gifts, etc. For ten years m in-laws sent Christmas presents to their two grand nieces who live in another state. Not once in those ten years did they ever receive a written thank you, email, or phone call even acknowledging the gift. My in laws finally got fed up and felt taken advantage of and stopped sending them gifts when my son was born three years ago and that side of the family did not bother to send a birth gift or holiday present for him. A simple thank you goes a long way, and it is the parents' responsibility to teach their children this lesson.
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