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3 Tips for Staying Connected to Your Friends

3 Tips for Staying Connected to Your Friends

For busy moms, trying to get together with friends can feel like mission impossible. When you finally do put a date on the calendar often months away a small spike in your child's temperature can postpone that get-together for months, says Circle of Moms member (and mother of four boys) Jennifer M. "The boys are great, but I just wish I had more time to spend with some friends. I have my own business and even [during my work] time I don't interact with other adults much. It has made me feel pretty lonely."

Many moms echo her wish for a more active social life. So we searched out member secrets for carving out time with friends to surface three great tips for revving your social life.

1. Banish the Guilt

It's healthy for moms to take some time for themselves, and it's especially important to nourish friendships. Circle of Moms member Susan B. says that having a social life "makes me a better mama." Married for ten years "without a single girl's night," she's now planning on changing that and confidently asserts that "I don't think it is selfish of me to want that." Shantelle S., who has three kids under four, initially "felt incredibly guilty" about going out, but when she noticed how much happier she felt when she connected periodically with her friends, she became motivated to be the organizer of her social circle's nights out.


If it's hard for you and your partner to juggle your busy schedules, or if you're a single mom, several Circle of Moms members suggest recruiting babysitting help from family members. Alisha R.'s solution is "good old grandma." This mom to a 10-week-old daughter says "I'm feeling a little bit confined as I'm always in the house and whenever I do go out it's only with my mom and my sister." So she's begun leaving her daughter with her mom when she needs to take a break and be with friends.

2. Plan a Girls' Night Out

Many Circle of Moms members say that the key to getting out and having fun with friends is to plan a gathering that's focused on fun. Brenda likes to invite mom friends over for a slumber party -- without their kids! "Slumber parties are a ritual girls of any age can celebrate and they should. A [moms'] slumber party is a great way to break away from the usual routine, reconnect with friends, and have some fun." Still other members suggest finding other like-minded moms and planning a get-together around a shared interest. DeeDee S. has been going out with friends to enjoy poetry readings.

Other members say girls' night out is much more likely to happen if you lower the ante by keeping your plans simple and casual. Working mom Shantelle S. says "It doesn't have to be a big night out," and that "even dinner or movie or drinks at someone's house" will satisfy that important need to catch up with friends.

3. Bring the Kids Along

When all else fails, one of the best ways to pull off time with friends is to find friends who are in the same life circumstances and can bring their kids along too. "My best friend and I make a point of seeing each other at least once a week," with babies in tow, says Amy H. "It's for the babes as much as [for] us. I'd say definitely try to make some new friends [who have] babies." She points out that it's important both for the little ones and for moms "to socialize for their development."

How do you squeeze in time with friends?

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LauraTate27333 LauraTate27333 6 years
for me its hard for me to find time for myself let alone with friends im a single mom and we live with my mom so i am able to help her out with things. My daughter recently started headstart and i was hoping that would help but it doesnt it just makes it easier to clean and do things around the house! I also work nights and dont have a set schedule so my mom usually has her on the nights i work so on the nights i dont i hate asking my mom to watch her or even to not be there since we dont get much time together anymore!
EmmaMacDonald EmmaMacDonald 6 years
I love my play dates. I have 2 groups of friends, 1 group I meet up with regularly with the children for coffe or lunch. The other group we met up not only with the children but also on a 2-3 weekly basis for wine and nibbles without the children. We are fortunate to have partners to help out with looking after the children. However when 1 of us doesn't have anyone to look after their children then they host wine night at theirs. Some of my friends have brought their babies when they have been breast feeding. They can then enjoy a worry free night out without the wine! I have written a post on Making Friends After Children at
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