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3 Ways Your Mind Can Improve Your Sex Life

I've heard it said that love is more an action than a feeling, but I think when it comes to women and sex, it's the opposite. Sex is actually more a feeling than an action, because for women, sex starts in our heads.

Have you ever heard the saying, "men are like microwaves and women are like slow-cookers"? It's supposed to be because men can heat up quickly, while women take longer, but I don't like that analogy. It implies that women will, indeed, heat up. And the truth is there's no guarantee. If your head isn't in the game, he can be doing the exact same thing to you that two nights ago had you in raptures, and tonight you're lying there thinking, "will we be done soon? Because I've really got to get to sleep."

When you have little kids, sex can become such a battleground. You're exhausted because you have little ones hanging off of you all day, and you just want some time to yourself — preferably in a bubble bath with some chocolate. Meanwhile your husband feels a little antsy and insecure about the relationship because you're spending so much time with the kids, and wants that reassurance that you still love him. And so he becomes someone else on your "to-do list" that you have to satisfy.


That's hardly a recipe for getting in the mood.


When I was researching my new book, The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex, I found that about 40% of moms made love less than once a week. When kids come along, husbands get pushed aside. Is there a way around this impasse?

I think so. Here are three new ways to think about sex, even when you're up to your eyeballs in diapers, and your bed is covered with laundry to be folded:

1. Sex is More Than Physical

Often we put sex on the back burner because we really don't feel like we need an orgasm nearly as much as we need  sleep! But sex is about more than feeling good physically. It's also about experiencing real intimacy. You're naked together. You're fully vulnerable. You truly know each other. You're like this with no other human being in the world. It's a way to know and be known.

When we make love, we feel closer together. We smile more. He smiles more! We release oxytocin, that bonding hormone, that makes us feel more committed and more intensely connected.

When you're exhausted with babies and little ones, making love can actually invigorate you because you realize that you're not in this alone. And sometimes we really need that assurance!


2. You Don't Need to Be In the Mood

When couples fall into bed on TV, they're usually both clawing each others' clothes off. They don't lie in bed together, and then turn to each other and say, "y'wanna?" They're already totally aroused.

Rosemary Basson, from the University of British Columbia, found that in women, desire is usually a product of making love, not the cause of it. In other words, most women don’t start out making love “in the mood.” They get in the mood because they decide to throw themselves into it, and once they start, their bodies catch up.

You don't have to wait to feel aroused. You just have to be enthusiastic, and your body will follow!

3. Sex Helps You Sleep Better

In my surveys, exhaustion was the number one reason women avoided sex. Yet ironically that's probably the wrong prescription.

When you make love, you sleep better! You fall asleep faster and your sleep is more productive. So spending half an hour in the evening being more active with your husband, even if you’re tired, will help you feel more rested.

It's easy to put sex on the back burner with kids, but your marriage is worth more. So since our brains are our biggest sex organs, let's use them to our advantage! Decide to be excited about sex. Decide that you want to pursue your husband and have a great marriage, even if it's just for your kids' sake. And then jump in! It's worth it.

Image Source: via Sheila Wray Gregoire

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Ask3234583 Ask3234583 4 years
Anyone who has been in a relationship for a significant amount of time (think 6 months +) knows that after a while, it's time to start exploring ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Why not bring some sex toys into the bedroom? For some people, the idea of "sex toys" is a scary, intimidating thought. So many of us are afraid to venture into the unknown; we're unsure of what to look for, where to buy our products. One simple sex toy, the vibrating clit flicker, is an extremely simple, straightforward toy that can totally revolutionize your old faithfuls. The best part? This toy will add pleasure for BOTH partners at the same time; a rarity in many cases. Reverse Cowgirl +: Slip the vibrating clit flicker on over the man's penis and testicles. Assume the position, and begin rocking. Enhance this! Reverse Cowgirl +: Slip the vibrating clit flicker on over the man's penis and testicles. Assume the position, and begin rocking. The vibrations will not only drive the man wild, but will also move through the woman's vagina, sending new sensations throughout her insides. As though this isn't enough, the flicking will add increased levels of stimulation to the woman's clitoris and to the man's testicles simultaneously. The added levels of pleasure throughout both partners' bodies will send both people through the roof. And if this isn't enough, read more here...
JanaKurrle JanaKurrle 4 years
I wish I could fall asleep after sex, instead I'm usually awake about 30 minutes.
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