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3-Year-Old's Best Friend Helps Her Breathe

3-Year-Old's Best Friend Helps Her Breathe

3-Year-Old's Best Friend Helps Her Breathe

Dogs amaze us. Here's the story of one who is not only the loyal and constant companion of a sick child — he is also her lifeline.

3-year-old Alida Knobloch was born with a rare lung disease (neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy, or NEHI) that requires her to breathe through a tube almost all of the time. As she entered her toddler years, her parents grew worried that she would never be able to run and play like other kids because of the heavy oxygen tank she has to have with her at all times. But a very special service dog, Mr. Gibbs, has come to the rescue. So special that the family moved from Utah to Georgia to make him their own.

Mr. Gibbs is a mix of golden retriever and poodle, and has been trained to carry Alida's oxygen tank even when she's running around at the park or performing in a school play.


Image Source: Caters News Agency via The Daily Mail

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NeveinIskander NeveinIskander 5 years
that is great that the familyfound a solution, Alida can live, run and play
ValerieChampion ValerieChampion 5 years
Wow! This is the reason i love dogs! Amazing & Awesome! - You go Mr. Gibbs!
CoMMember13613145863555 CoMMember13613145863555 5 years
My son is a micropremie that has been home months but on oxygen. He may only need it a few more months or many years. I am pretty anxious about how being attached to a 7 foot tube with affect his gross motor development. This article makes me feel a little better.
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