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3-Year-Old Pageant Contestant Dressed as Prostitute Sparks Outrage (VIDEO)

3-Year-Old Pageant Contestant Dressed as Prostitute Sparks Outrage (VIDEO)

When TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras stirred controversy last week after showing a little girl dressed up like Dolly Parton with a fake derrière and breasts, no one thought it could get any worse. But believe or not, last night's episode managed to top it.

The child pageant show featured a 3-year-old girl named Paisley dressed up as prostitute Vivian Ward, Julia Robert's character in 1990 Oscar-nominated film, Pretty Woman. Paisley, a contestant on the beauty pageant is seen walking around in the famous prostitute outfit while other moms watch in disbelief. See it for yourself in the video below.

Image Source: TLC - Toddler and Tiaras

AprilBeachem AprilBeachem 6 years
People have just completely lost their minds!!
OMFG!!!! What is wrong with that mother..... I am so glad I do not watch that show..
GloriaJones72013 GloriaJones72013 6 years
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart. Teaching your child to be a "hooker" Be careful! Pimping still exist
CoMMember13630736381858 CoMMember13630736381858 6 years
i cant belive it,so wrong
CoMMember13630736381858 CoMMember13630736381858 6 years
i cant belive it,so wroung
CoMMember13630736381858 CoMMember13630736381858 6 years
i cant believe a mother would dress there child up like that
AngelaSuccurro AngelaSuccurro 6 years
I can bet my life that most of those cute liitle girls will grow and have major issues thanks to what there parents make them do! No wonder there are so many girls out there getting pregnant at 14 and big time whores! Hmmmm makes you wonder!....
LisaLemieuxDoiron LisaLemieuxDoiron 6 years
That is so wrong. It's bad enough that moms are exploiting and making money off thier children, but this goes too far.
RachaelMcDonald56940 RachaelMcDonald56940 6 years
I cant believe that a mom would do that to her dughter. It not only gives the parentsa bad rap but the daghter as well, and she doesnt need that. And to me pageants r for girls that r older, can understand the choice they r making and know what is appropriate to wear on a stage or walk way
LindaEllison LindaEllison 6 years
This mother should never be allowed to enter her child in another pagent again! This is inviting her daughter to become a victim to anything out there.
CoMMember13631070070093 CoMMember13631070070093 6 years
So let me get this straight-it is ok to make your lil girls wear more make up then an adult, false eyelashes,spray tan,fake hair,expensive outfits that look like something out of an adult sex shop..but NOW its wrong that this mom dressed her kid like a prostitute??lol..Funny that these pagent moms will sit and criticize another when what they do to their kid is no different. Poor poor little girls! Funny that most the moms are the farthest thing from any pagent material..hmm I wonder if by makign their daughters do this and show them off, somehow it feeds their lack of positive attention growing up..
AngieRodriguez AngieRodriguez 6 years
I think they all look like a bunch of tiny prostitutes the way their parents dress them. What ever happened to just letting kids be kids. They grow up quick enough these days without being encouraged to wear heels, mini skirts, makeup etc. It's so sad.
SueKileyWhite SueKileyWhite 6 years
Shows like this should be cancelled! I'm all for freedom of speech, but this is child exploitation - and I would take it a step further and call it child abuse!!!
AnissaFranks AnissaFranks 6 years
There are no words for this... wth is wrong with that parent!!
sorry peeps, but I am/was a "pageant mom" & I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT BELIEVE a "parent" would actually EMBARRASS themselves enough to dress their child as that!!! matter HOW much u love the movie!! LOL....just REDICULOUS ON THE PARENT'S PART!!..the poor child has NO CLUE!!...2 her it's just "dress up"!!!
ChristineSesnon ChristineSesnon 6 years
ChristineSesnon ChristineSesnon 6 years
SilvanaZrno SilvanaZrno 6 years
THIS IS WRONG... but I also want to respond to a comment below that says :"This is very sad :( and people wonder why kids born in the 80s until now dont have respect or mannors or get pregnant or std's at young ages WTF!!!!!!!! - by Julia- is not really true. I was born in 1983 and I am married and I had my 1 st baby after 6 yrs of marriage to the same guy and i am clear of all STD's and also as a nurse I know tons of young people born in 1980 up to now, who go to school and don't have any kids yet. so please, just because some of them are idiots it does not mean that all of us are like that.
ShilohAbercrombie18559 ShilohAbercrombie18559 6 years
ok so honestly? I've seen worse...its not right but there's worse
NeenaKamal NeenaKamal 6 years
Is this really happening? What fame and what money are we talking about? I guess only a mother who has NO SELF RESPECT will do this to her daughter ..
chasitylindsay chasitylindsay 6 years
R u for real..omg some of these parents are just so hungry for fame and money they make me sick.Get real
AnnaVillani AnnaVillani 6 years
Everything about this show is just so wrong that I'm not really surprised by this. Horrified and outraged, but not surprised.
KellySturgess KellySturgess 6 years
This is beyond wrong
LindaGant LindaGant 6 years
That Is CHILD ABUSE !!!!!!
Jocelyn83934 Jocelyn83934 6 years
What's really sad is my kids can't even be a beauty contestant bc of the way I would have to dress them. So many truly beautiful little girls have to lose out because of how these contests are ran.
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