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30 Moms Help Heartbroken Dad with Amazing Act of Kindness

30 Moms Help Heartbroken Dad with Amazing Act of Kindness

The tragic and sudden death of new mom Michal Lura Friedman last November has inspired an amazing act of kindness and support in New York City. Friedman died unexpectedly on Nov. 25, just hours after giving birth to a healthy set of twins following a scheduled C-section.

Since Michal's death, thirty moms have come together to donate a steady supply of breast milk to feed the infants, Jackson and Reverie, who are cared for by their father, Jay Snyder. The grieving dad told the Wall Street Journal that the dedication of these moms has amazed him: "...these women are serious and it's extraordinary that they're willing to do something that is uncomfortable and time-consuming to help take care of my kids while they're taking care of their own."

Read the whole story (Wall Street Journal)

Would you donate breast milk?

Image Source: Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal

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ChelseaWinters ChelseaWinters 5 years
I take zoloft as well. And if I missed a day or 2 not only would I notice the difference in myself but also in my daughter. I was told that not a significant amount was passed on through the milk but I found that it did affect my daughter. My next child I plan on switching to formula after a couple months our so, possibly trying to use both. Weaning was also difficult, but once she was olds enough to understand she was better able to handle the withdrawal.
GracesMommy GracesMommy 5 years
I found that I couldn't donate because I take the lowest dose available of Zoloft and since no studies has been done on whether or not Zoloft was secreted in breastmilk, my breastmilk was considered "tainted."
StephanieStone3056 StephanieStone3056 5 years
I'm with Gina... I have an abundant supply and though I haven't lost a child would have loved to donate but there isn't anywhere here to do that... I'm feeding my fourth child now she's 6 months old and totally breastfed. Gina my heart goes out to you and Jay for your losses I'm a widow (my three older children's father) who has remarried. God Bless You.
GinaCardenas GinaCardenas 5 years
After I lost my first child, Dominic, I desperately wanted to donate but there we no options for it in my town.
AshleyTrinkle AshleyTrinkle 5 years
That's amazing and shows the character of these women. Way to go ladies!
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