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Are These 3D Babies a Cool Concept or Just Creepy?

Here at POPSUGAR Moms, we see it all — ultrasound art, placenta milkshakes, breast milk ice cream . . . but how about 3D ultrasound dolls?

Currently in its fundraising phase, 3D Babies puts the new technology offered by 3D printers to a most unusual use. The company manufactures lifelike baby dolls modeled after your actual 3D or 4D ultrasound (or actual baby) photos. According to the fledgling company's Indiegogo page, "Our ultimate goal is to bring a smile to the faces of parents, grandparents, and other family members as they recall the day that they met their little one."

Parents can choose from life-size (eight-inch) or mini (four-inch) dolls with light, medium, or dark skin tones. The baby's faces are modeled after the photos that parents submit, and the gender can either be on display or discreetly hidden (yes, we're serious).

The target launch date for 3D Babies to begin production is this December, and the company is currently accepting contributions at any level. A $1 donation will ensure you're kept up to date on the project's progress, a $25 military donation means that an active military family will receive a free 3D Baby, and a $3,182 splurge means that you'll receive 33% off the purchase of five life-size 3D babies — one for every member of the family!

So what do you think, are these the creepiest or coolest way you've ever seen to preserve pregnancy memories?

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LindaSchlueter LindaSchlueter 3 years
We have been using a life-like rubbery model baby for quite sometime now, at New Life Family Services to show how big a 10 week baby is and that it has all it's parts - eyes, nose, toes and fingers already. 10 weeks - a woman is just finding out for sure that she is pregnant! We use this model to help girls make the right choice to give birth to this baby in their womb.
Charlene14833354 Charlene14833354 3 years
It totally cool! It totally shows the humanity of the unborn child. Babies are alive inside the womb and this is a great way for people to realize that the baby is more than just a parasite or a ball of tissue!
ReginaStewart4691 ReginaStewart4691 3 years
If you have lost a baby, wonderful. Otherwise I do think it is creepy. Rachel asked why it is creepy?? They look creepy! It is the same concept of stuffing an animal that has passed, some like it and some think it is creepy!!
Rachel14549254 Rachel14549254 3 years
Why would they be creepy? I see them as being more desirable for those who have lost babies than as pregnancy mementos for living children, personally. But why not put this technology to work with making "looks like me" 18" dolls for girls? Seems there'd be a much better market for that.
MandieSchoonover MandieSchoonover 3 years
I would love to have something like that for my little girl I lost at 16 weeks :(!
KimSavino98911 KimSavino98911 3 years
I would love to get one in Memory of our son who we lost at 20 weeks!
DanielleCordio DanielleCordio 3 years
This is awesome! i want to do this! I am 7 months pregnant right now...
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