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4 Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Tips

Decking the halls for the holidays doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. To get the scoop on affordable holiday decorating, we asked our savvy Home Design Moms to share their best tips for making a home feel festive without spending a fortune. Here's what they had to say...

Start With Greenery

One of the suggestions numerous moms suggested was to look outside for inexpensive (and often free!) decorating materials. As Becky Cunningham of Buckets of Burlap shared: "Nature provides so many useful and beautiful items such as pine cones, evergreens, or branches and berries. Even fruits and vegetables from the grocery store can provide a gorgeous centerpiece. Nature can help you create a stunning, rustic table setting this holiday season."

Rebecca of Acanthus & Acorn had similar advice: "When I was newly married and didn't have a large budget to spend on holiday decor, I used nuts, oranges with clove spikes, and big bowls of pine cones along with holly branches from our yard."


If you live in a more urban environment, Lynda of Happenstance Home offers a great solution for getting free greenery: "You can also usually score free greens anywhere that Christmas trees are sold. If you ask they usually have a pile of leftovers that were cut from the bottoms of the trees."


Add Ornaments, Shine and Sparkle

In addition to bringing seasonal nature items indoors, our Home Design moms also suggest brightening the holiday mood with a little color and shine. As Rebecca of Acanthus & Acorn suggests: "Add some glass ornaments in your favorite colors, either vintage or from a discount retailer."

Another option Kelly Marzka of View Along the Way recommends is to add metallic spray paint to objects or greenery: "Use glittery spray paint on some of the branches to add sparkle, or add ornaments you already own."

Light the Candles

Another idea recommended by many moms is to decorate with candles in various containers you already have at home

"One of my favorite inexpensive 'go to' ideas is to force paperwhites" shares Ashlyn of Pinecone. "I bought about 25 bulbs and gathered up canning jars, striped bowls, and glass vases. For the bulbs in the kitchen, I planted all of them in different brightly colored giant Italian tomato cans."

Alison Agnew of Stuff and Nonsense agrees: "I use every silver or glass candlestick in the house for holiday decorating, along with every white pillar, votive or tapered candle I can find."

Finish with Seasonal Scents

As a final festive touch, we love this sensory idea from Kelly Marzka of View Along the Way: "Another favorite tip to make your home feel cozy: use seasonal smells like apples and cinnamon. Totally sets the scene for a beautiful holiday season!"

How do you spruce up your home for the holidays?

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