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4 Standout Products for New Moms

4 Standout Products for New Moms

Even after you've got your essential baby products covered, there are still so many product choices for new moms to make. To help, we asked our Product Review mom bloggers  experts at hunting down and testing products for parents  to share the scoop on their best product discoveries for moms. Below are four of our favorites. (To read all their product suggestions for moms, click here.)

1. Natural Essentials Wipes 

Ah, wipes. As Anitra Elmore of The MamaZone asks, "What mom doesn't keep them in the car, purse or somewhere nearby to clean up spills, wipe noses or take care of that last minute face wipe before you walk into soccer practice?" She rates Natural Essentials as her favorite wipes: "They are 100% cotton, all natural, flushable and paraben and phthalate free. They come in a variety of scents and there are separate products for noses (which I use as an all-purpose wipe), fevers and first aid (great for mosquito bites too!). Nothing fancy or expensive, but essential nonetheless. It's definitely one of my favorite and regularly recommended products!"

Available at, $3

2. QuickZip Sheets

Hate changing the sheets on your bub's crib matress? QuickZip Sheets might be the solution for you. As Cecelia of Cool Baby Kid shares: “The QuickZip Sheets by Clouds and Stars are a must. Eliminating the need to remove the crib mattress, sleep-deprived parents can simply zip off the top layer of the sheet, zip on a clean one, and voila! At least one baby-task simplified.”


Available at Clouds and Stars, $37

3. Beaba Baby Cook

Sarah and Erin of In The Know Mom recommend the Beaba Baby Cook for creating your own fresh baby food: “[It's a] compact countertop appliance that functions as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for baby. Quickly steam cook vegetables, fruits and meats in 15 minutes or less, while preserving their vitamins and flavors.” Happily, the bowl and basket are both dishwasher safe.

Available at BabiesRUs, $120

4. Mama Roo

Judy Joyce of Health, Beauty, Children and Family praises the versatility of the Mama Roo infant seat: “The many features allow for various movements and the ability to plug in an MP3 player allows moms to choose to play music or . . . the built-in natural/soothing sounds.”

Available at MamaRoo, $200

Updated August 9, 2012: One of the items originally on this list has been removed due to safety concerns.

Aside from the essentials (car seat, stroller, crib) what's your favorite baby product?

Image Source: Via Acting Balanced

Join The Conversation
MelissaWoods57693 MelissaWoods57693 5 years
And for those who think I have all the time in the world- rest assured I do not. I am the mother of 4 and I still can't get behind convenience parenting.
MelissaWoods57693 MelissaWoods57693 5 years
Bottle prop? Disgusting. You don't even need bottles, much less to prop them. Here's a radical idea- hold the baby to feed them! Or better yet, boobs! Solution to that problem right there. Why not recommend a good nursing pillow or bra or pump rather than this dangerous crap??? Ugh!
CoMMember13631158593163 CoMMember13631158593163 5 years
I would totally use the bottle prop. It would be nice to have a free hand while feeding and I could definatly see myself using it. I think it would be nice to help hold the bottle while pushing my guy in the stroller, that way I can still keep an eye on him while using it
JoyGrams JoyGrams 5 years
$37 for crib sheets! really who has that kind of money to throw around a more realistic idea is stacking sheets with mattress protectors between, I can usually get four or five layers on my crib mattress and you just have to take the top sheet/protector and all set again. Seems this would be just as easy and save a lot of money IMO.
CoMMember13629822357878 CoMMember13629822357878 5 years
not a fan of the bottle prop as a rule but I think this is for a quick has to get the door etc...not meant to be a prop say for midnight feedings (or any regular feeding...
kimimboden kimimboden 5 years
well don't knock it yet. kinda of a good idea, for mom's who have multiples. when you don't have enough hands or help this would work..
AmandaBrown11957 AmandaBrown11957 5 years
I like the bottle snuggler. I have a 3 month old and a 3 year old who is potty training. She always seems to have to go when I am feeding the baby imagine this is a great uses for parents with more than one baby.
AmandaLightcap AmandaLightcap 5 years
The bottle snuggler is not for propping, its to help out while you're holding your baby, to give you a free hand to work with. Its not intended to prop the bottle.
DoreenWeekley DoreenWeekley 5 years
The "Bottle Snuggler" is the WORST idea EVER! This will now give inattentive parents a fancier way to feed their baby. I knew someone that I can count on one hand how many times she actually held her baby to feed him because she would prop his bottle with a blanket. If I ever saw it I would pick him up and feed him. That is supposed to be bonding time and the time that babies know they can count on you to hold them, talk to them, and just be a parent. I'm sorry, but I feel this item is terrible! I'm glad someone is now making a profit from parents laziness.
PamelaGodbey PamelaGodbey 5 years
Really? Recommending a bottle prop? Sorry, not a fan, and would NEVER buy one. Hold that baby to feed, they are only tiny for such a short time, if there is really an EMERGENCY that needs handled when baby is feeding it's going to require your full attention and leaving baby with the possibility of gagging and choking isn't worth it.
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