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4 Websites and iPhone Apps For Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

There's a small army of female-friendly iPhone apps available on iTunes that will help you calculate your due date, track baby's kicks or even track contractions. Of course, before you start worrying about any of those things you need to track your menstrual cycle and conceive. Here are some of the best websites and applications that will allow you to follow your body's cycle without writing cryptic notes in your pocketbook.

  • Ovulation Calendar ($5) — This iPhone or iPod app helps you determine what days of the month you are fertile. It calculates the last day of your period, its length, what days you should abstain from intercourse and what days are best to conceive a boy or girl.
  • Mon.thly.Info — This free service charts your menstrual cycle. You input a couple important dates, and Mon.thly predicts when your cycle will start again and will even email you when you should, uh, expect things to happen.
  • Fertility's Menstrual Calendar — This free iPhone or iPod app is a light version of the calendar available at Fertility You enter in your last period and cycle length and the calendar displays your predicted period start days as well as your expected ovulation and most fertile days in color.
  • MyMonthlyCycles — This free service tracks more than just your cycle. It keeps tabs of your periods, symptoms, breast exams, weight and more. The site is decidedly less hip than Mon.thly.Info, but is more comprehensive.
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