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4-Year-Old Drives Away With His Mom's Car (PHOTO)

4-Year-Old Drives Away With His Mom's Car (PHOTO)

4-Year-Old Drives Away With His Mom's Car (PHOTO)

It seems only natural that a preschooler's love for trains, planes, and automobiles might extend to a fascination with real cars and how they work. But last night's story of a 4-year-old who managed to start his mother's car and drive away has us frantically searching for new places to hide our car keys!

Police reported that the boy managed to unbuckle his car seat belt and jump into the driver's seat when his mother stepped out to make a phone call. He put the car in gear and drove off, crossing into oncoming traffic. The car flipped over and landed back on its tires but the boy kept going! Eventually he crashed into some trees, thankfully without hurting anyone, and sustaining only minor injuries himself. And we thought we'd seen it all with the 5-year-old hit-and-run suspect.

Read the whole story (ABC News).

Do your kids like to pretend-drive the family car?

Image Source: ABC News

GayleSlade GayleSlade 6 years
OMG... another "heart skips a beat moment"!
JenniMacLeod JenniMacLeod 6 years
At last crime in SA has a good point - we never leave children in the car and never leave keys in the car because of the possibility of hijacking! Imagine if someone drove off with the child in the car?
JackieLang95869 JackieLang95869 6 years
Yea let's all point the finger of blame. I'm sure that mom feels terrible and won't make that mistake again, but seriously guys?! we are all mothers here and as unacceptable as this situation is, quit bashing like you're without sin! No I've never made a mistake that big but I'm not going to bash someone who has. Grow the hell up people...
TerriBarham TerriBarham 6 years
What I don't understand is how these kids are able to get the cars in gear. With my car, and most new cars, you have to push the brake to shift into drive. But the big issue is why didn't she take her 4 yr. old with her?!
BethanyDiaz BethanyDiaz 6 years
Omg she's lucky that her son didn't die in that accident. This along with many other reasons is why you should NEVER leave your kids in the car.
JennaKing26603 JennaKing26603 6 years
It sounds like she may have left the car running and he didn't start it. If I ever step out of the car briefly I take my keys with me, whether or not my children are in the car. As far as playing in the car, I only let them play like they're driving when I'm loading up the car at home getting ready to leave. It keeps them busy while I'm getting stuff in the car and the keys are in my pocket. And it's usually less than 2 minutes. And this is totally not part of the issue, but it really bugs me when the news media refers to kids as old as 4 as "toddlers". "Toddlers" are tots who are walking but not preschool age yet, so anywhere from before one to age 3. At age 3 they become preschoolers. Glad he was okay, though.
DawnBurke88608 DawnBurke88608 6 years
I do NOT even agree with allowing a child to "play" or "pretend drive" any vehicle whether you are with them or not..You give the message that it is okay to be behind the wheel either way in a child's mind..also...why do they have access to these keys are kept in my purse and I promise if my children ever go in my purse they would have busted up hands and they KNOW this...parenting does not take a brain surgeon to know how to keep your kids safe especially in this common sense situation!...
RhionnaHerbert RhionnaHerbert 6 years
How stupid can you get, if you get out of the car you take the keys with you! My kids love to pretend to drive the car, but I sit with them and the keys aren't in they just play with putting the parking lights on (because it sets a buzzer off when the keys aren't in and they thnk it's funny) and wiggling the gear stick. It seems to be a bigger problem with kids "driving" cars in the U.S.A, personally I think it might have something to do with the high proportion of automatic vehicles. I'm glad that no one was hurt, sometimes as a parent it takes an accident to learn your lesson. ( My eldest son was very good at climbing from a young age and managed to get some scissors from where I thought was out of his reach, he sat and cut up the clothes he was wearing whilst I was in the bathroom- lesson learned!)
michelleharris27185 michelleharris27185 6 years
want to BE like you
michelleharris27185 michelleharris27185 6 years
You cant blame the child its natural children always want to do the things you especially at the age of four they think they are big and want to like you, what was she doing leaving a child in a car by thierselve?
AmandaContento AmandaContento 6 years
Time for parenting classes and a nice butt whooping for that kid. My child's butt would be so red if she ever pulled something like this.
ShirleyVanderau ShirleyVanderau 6 years
I wonder..was she using her cell or payphone..that's unusual..
JezikaStockwellKennedy JezikaStockwellKennedy 6 years
This is why I never, EVER leave my 3.5 year old in the car. Was the phone call really that important?! Thank god no one was hurt!
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