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4-Year-Old Saves Sister, 2, from a Frog Prince Drowning

4-Year-Old Saves Sister, 2, from a Frog Prince Drowning

Who needs Prince Charming to save the day when your big sister has your back?

The Reynolds sisters of LaFollate, TN, 2 and 4, were so determined to find an enchanted frog to kiss that they climbed over their backyard fence to explore the local pond — and 2-year-old Kazmirah jumped right into the water. Their mother Nikole, who was inside making lunch, heard screams and rushed outside to find both girls dripping wet, but otherwise fine. All because Nevaeh, 4, was such a fast thinker: she held a stick out to her little sister and guided her out of the pond.

"If it wasn't for Nevaeh, I would have lost a daughter," Nikole told MyVLT News. 

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Have you ever turned your back for just a moment, only to find your kids doing something dangerous?

Image Source: via DailyMail

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PhillipaSenior PhillipaSenior 5 years
I have had four children who have grown up into awesome adults and have to say that as a mother one cannot watch one's child 24/7 all the time! When I think of what my siblings and I got up to growing up! Never mind a back yard, we had a ten acre property to roam around and we climbed tall trees, played in the creek, you name it we did it! Kids are wrapped in cotton wool these days too much! This mom was making lunch and knowing her girls what transpired probably took a very few minutes. A child drowns in 60 secs, one brief minute, and I personally know of cases where a child drowned right in front of a crowd. I don't know of anyone who watches their child every second of every day. It's impossible! You would have a burnt out mom and neurotic kids that wouldn't know how to think for themselves. Stuff can happen, even when all the pertinent safety measures have been taken. Relax and enjoy your children, do what you can to make them safe but don't stress about it! And to Moms who have tragically lost a child, my Mom has lost two sons (my brothers), to totally unrelated accidents, it was not your fault and you were not a bad Mother. Stuff just happens. it's not what happens to you that matters so much as how you respond to what happens. You can come out a bitter or a better person.
camillesmith90705 camillesmith90705 5 years
I agree Grace. My 2 year old can spend hours outside sifting through rocks and talking to plants. I open the back door and the windows and talk to her from the kitchen. I love our time together more when we are both doing what we like instead of me just watching her like a hawk. It is scary to think how quickly something can happen but no matter how safe you try and be you cannot control everything, Better you equip your children with critical thinking and solving problem skills..
JaniceHertlein JaniceHertlein 5 years
I have to say something in defense of this mother. But first, let me tell you a story. It's funny but scary at the same time. A friend of mine, who's son was 5 yrs old at the time, had just woken up and was sitting at her kitchen table drinking her coffee at 6am. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a child riding a bike down the street, with not a stitch of clothing on! She grabbed her cell phone and ran out the door, fully prepared to call 911 and report neglect by this poor child's parents!! She was thinking what kind of parents let their child do this???? As it turned out, it was her own child riding his bike!!!!! He had snuck out of the house while everyone was sleeping. Kids will do silly things, they are spontaneous, they don't realize the dangers. And we as parents can only do the very best job we can in protecting our children, but things happen! I give this little 4 yr old loads of credit for saving her sister's life....thank God, she knew what to do! Let's give her the credit she deserves! And I'm sure this mother feels guilty enough without all you putting down her parenting skills!! I thought this site was a site to come to for support????? I guess not...:((((((
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
Gail O'Brian, I do have to agree that you cannot leave young children outside alone where there is danger. It is good that the four year old was a quick thinker and helped her sister, but they had no business near the pond in the first place. Where I live at this is called child neglect and can get your children taken away until you take parenting classes and can prove that you are fit to take care of them again. I have a 12 year old Autistic child that is more like four and five and I know not to leave him outside alone. I still do not condemn the parent though. We all make mistakes. She didn't set out to harm her children that day and thank God they were safe and she has taught them to be quick thinkers.
GailOBrien1105 GailOBrien1105 5 years
Well done to this little girl for her quick thinking. And shame on you all for blaming that poor mother. Its not possible to watch children 24/7 and realising this herself she has helped her children to think for themselves. If you never let a 12 year old out alone how will she ever be equipped for life outside her cocoon. I would agree with not letting young children play in the front garden, way to dangerous with passers by and traffic but sheez! the back garden??? This was an unfortuntate accident. This is my first post on here but I have been reading comments for ages and I am shocked by the condeming attitude of the majority of you, go on, flame me!
ChristineRaymond86417 ChristineRaymond86417 5 years
why the hell would you leave a 2 and 4 year old outside alone, even in a fenced yard I won't leave my almost 7 year old daughter!! Sorry, that's bad parenting! What if they climbed out on the street side? Lucky the kid is smart, obviously moreso than the person watching them.
KarenWilkins KarenWilkins 5 years
My son at 4 wanted to start going potty by himself so I waited outside the door and when he washed his hands he picked up my tweezers and put them in the light socket we are soo lucky there was a breaker there because it was an old building
dianecummings50938 dianecummings50938 5 years
Thank God the little girl is fine thanks to her big sister...i dont think i let my 2 girls out of my site till they were like 10 & 12 and even then they were only allowed so on the block far
LauraCaraway LauraCaraway 5 years
it's scary how quick bad things can happen...cpl years ago (my son was 2 then), i was getting the carpet cleaner ready to use, walked out of the bathroom for less than 30 seconds and in that time, my son climbed up onto the sink and took a nose dive off of it, cracking his head on the floor. he wound up with a huge contusion on his forehead, and a mild concussion. it's terrifying how quickly kids can find ways to try to kill themselves!
MandyRader MandyRader 5 years
Such a smart little girl..... Awesome thinking!!
DoraLoCascioWiggs DoraLoCascioWiggs 5 years
Glad to hear that they are both ok. This is why I am such a neurotic mother. It takes literally a split second for something terrible to happen to your child(ren). Even when Im in my own driveway I NEVER leave my kids in the car just to run inside and grab something I forgot even though my driveway is just feet from my front door. Instead I drag them both inside with me, get what I need and then back into the car. The consequences are just NOT worth it.
ValerieHarrelsonSobelman ValerieHarrelsonSobelman 5 years
Smart and quick thinking :). Glad all turned out well.
CoMMember13631173898647 CoMMember13631173898647 5 years
thats exactly why MY children are not allowed outside without an adult! Yikes. so glad the girls are ok!
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