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5 Creamy Lactose-Free Desserts

5 Creamy Lactose-Free Desserts

One of the hardest things about discovering that you or someone in your family can't tolerate the lactose in dairy is the prospect of saying good-bye to ice cream. But the many creative workarounds shared by Circle of Moms members suggest that there's little reason to mourn for creamy desserts.

A range of lactose-free dairy products are widely available at grocery stores, so your whole family can continue to enjoy treats like chocolate pudding, decadent cream pies, and yes, ice cream. For inspiration, here’s a look at the inventive ways Circle of Moms members are using these products to whip up creamy, lactose-free treats for their own families.

1. Puddings

Several Circle of Moms members recommend making homemade puddings using lactose-free milk or lactose-free formula for regular cow’s milk. As Christina O. shares: “I made pudding by using my son's lactose-free formula instead of [regular] milk and it turned out great, he LOVED it.” And Chandra F. shares: “We make pudding and ice cream from scratch ourselves with Lactaid—it's healthier [to make them from scratch], too!”


2. Smoothies

Creamy, milk-based fruit smoothies are another category of desserts that families don't have to forgo because of lactose intolerance. As Chris W. shares of her son: “One of the things I have him eating is 'smoothies' that I make with a banana, frozen yogurt, lactose-free milk, and sometimes a splash of chocolate. I suppose you could even add peanut butter." For a sweet, creamy treat the whole family will love, pour smoothies into popsicle molds and freeze.

3. Yogurt-Based Desserts

The friendly bacteria (probiotics) in yogurt actually help digest lactose, so yogurt-based treats can also be enjoyed by lactose-intolerant family members. As Alice C. shares: "I started with Green Valley lactose-free yogurt. My 1 year old son loved the plain with honey flavor." Other moms suggest layering lactose-free yogurt with fruit and serving as a parfait, or freezing it into creamy popsicles.

4. Baked Goods

As many Circle of Moms members know, baked desserts which call for millk can be made using lactose-free milk or other lactose-free dairy products in place of regular dairy ingredients. For whipping cream, try coconut milk or lactose-free whipped toppings; for cream cheese frosting, use soy-based cream cheese. Even lactose-free eggnog is available for holiday desserts. And as Brandy W. advises, “All I do is add the lactose-free or soy milk in the recipe instead of [regular] milk.”

5. Ice Cream

Last but not least, “There IS lactose free ice cream, now!” Jude M. eagerly shares. “I was SO excited!!!” To the delight of lactose intolerant ice-cream lovers everywhere, several lactose-free ice-creams are readily available in supermarkets, including Breyer's lactose-free vanilla and LACTAID® Ice Cream in chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, strawberries and cream, and butter pecan. Turtle Mountain offers coconut-based ice creams, and Circle of Moms members swear by this easy, one-ingredient recipe for satisfyingly creamy banana ice cream.

Got an awesome lactose-free dessert recipe? Enter it in the Circle of Moms Gourmoo Cooking Recipe Contest for a chance to win up to $600 in prizing!

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