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5 Foods I Swore I'd Never Feed My Kids — But Do

5 Foods I Swore I'd Never Feed My Kids — But Do

Before I had my twins, I swore I would never, ever feed them fast food, especially from the place with the golden arches.

Today, here on Circle of Moms, I'm coming out of the closet for the first time!

Yes, I feed my twins MANY foods I swore I would never give them including:

  1. Fast food (see above)
  2. Pizza (every Friday!)
  3. Too much dessert
  4. Too much ice cream
  5. Too much candy

Not only that, sometimes they don't drink enough milk or eat enough veggies. 

Life is short and motherhood can feel long some days. I do my best but I can't always prepare a from-scratch, organic, balanced dinner. 

As my own mom tells me, you and your sister and brother ate all of that "stuff" and you turned out fine. 


Never say never, Moms!

Image Source: Svadilfari via Flickr/Creative Commons

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