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5 Foods I Swore I'd Never Feed My Kids — But Do

5 Foods I Swore I'd Never Feed My Kids — But Do

5 Foods I Swore I'd Never Feed My Kids — But Do

Before I had my twins, I swore I would never, ever feed them fast food, especially from the place with the golden arches.

Today, here on Circle of Moms, I'm coming out of the closet for the first time!

Yes, I feed my twins MANY foods I swore I would never give them including:

  1. Fast food (see above)
  2. Pizza (every Friday!)
  3. Too much dessert
  4. Too much ice cream
  5. Too much candy

Not only that, sometimes they don't drink enough milk or eat enough veggies. 

Life is short and motherhood can feel long some days. I do my best but I can't always prepare a from-scratch, organic, balanced dinner. 

As my own mom tells me, you and your sister and brother ate all of that "stuff" and you turned out fine. 


Never say never, Moms!

Image Source: Svadilfari via Flickr/Creative Commons

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EveHill EveHill 5 years
Hahahaha! Moms.....we need to stop judging and fighting each other. I am a long time nanny and a first time single mom of a 23 month old. I have learnt not to judge other parents because we really don't know each other circumstances, I do know for me fast food is the equivalent to poison, so as much as I NEVER go, I don't even regard it as eatable for my child. But that is my priority. However I do think it is a mistake to ignore facts while trying to prove a point. Fact is, fast food is not healthy for anyone, regardless of size. If a family has a different priority so be it, do you! :)
JenniferMahowald JenniferMahowald 5 years
It's also a money thing. Celebrities make comments all the time about feeding their children only organic or gluten-free diets, etc. However, they have staff that allow them to make certain lifestyle choices more accessible. In real life, it is a struggle to get everything that we need to get done completed. I am big on mindfulness and if that means that I spend less time cooking once in a while so that I can spend more time INTERACTING with my children, I would rather feed them something quick to make that happen. My kids will still choose fruits and juice over candy and sodas, so that's a win for me. Banning something entirely only makes it more desirable anyway. Oh yeah, whoever said that pizza is fast food has never had a family pizza night where everyone actually makes their own pizza from fresh ingredients. It's hard, messy and takes forever. Still not junk food though, when you consider what goes onto a homemade pizza.
Laura-Rossi-of-My-So-Called-Sensory-Life Laura-Rossi-of-My-So-Called-Sensory-Life 5 years
Will you tell your BFF the truth about feeding your kids fast food??!! The good, the bad and the ugly. We need to accept it all I think.
KellyElms KellyElms 5 years
Love it! Being surrounded by health-conscious ppl, or passionate person who's opinionated, it's nice to know I'm not e only one who's given in to what work. I feel guilty-enough abo frozen fish fingers or the occasional chips and nuggets. Why are we so hard on ourselves or feel we have to prove ourselves? Idothebest I can and think that while my priorities vary from others, we all do what works forums and I'm happy with my mothering. Thank you
tibby14 tibby14 5 years
I agree with you but I also never said 'never'. I do believe in keeping the amount of fast food and junk down but denying the kids it all their childhood makes them want it more as adults. I struggled with this issue on soda pop for years once I was out on my own. So I applaud you in your honesty and the fact that you acknowledge that the childhood years are short and should be enjoyed.
KaityEvans KaityEvans 5 years
@Rachel O'Brien, i sure hope you're not saying that eating unhealthy foods causes mental illnesses and disorders such as ADD/ADHD, bipolar, depression etc. Healthy food sure does help keep you balanced but it doesn't take the place of meds. I've had ADHD for my entire life and depression since my teens, and i have to say eating greasy, fatty, salty foods do make it worse. My husband has had ADD his entire life and now we only eat healthy and organic. Even the best food doesn't take the place of medicine. I just don't want anyone to be ashamed of their mental disorders and the fact they need medicine. It's ok to need help.
Laura-Rossi-of-My-So-Called-Sensory-Life Laura-Rossi-of-My-So-Called-Sensory-Life 5 years
Thanks for this passionate discussion. To eat fries or not to eat fries? That is the question! #FridayReads
RachelOBrien91617 RachelOBrien91617 5 years
If you don't have time to cook a meal one night why don't you cook extra and freeze it. I have 4 children all ranging in ages 14, 9, 7, 3 and a baby on the way.. All I see is excuses on why you eat fast food.. Why make one, if its the choice you make. I worked 12 hr shifts sometimes 9 days straight and guess what.. I still cooked.. Also I find it amusing when a mom says we order pizza every Friday and eat fast food 3xs a month.. Last time I checked pizza is fast food. Organic can be affordable.. And you do have to realize 87% of those that eat fast food are overweight and I doubt you all have great thighs or flat stomachs.. I know before i changed the way my family and I ate 2 of my 4 children had add and adhd.. I was taking bp meds, and meds for cholesterol.. Now I don't take any meds other than prenatal vitamins.. How many moms here take a shot of apple cider vinegar every day? So for the moms that choose to eat junk.. Just realize those of us that don't more than likely walked in your shoes before making better health decisions.. Its all about priority not convience..
MelissaDale12032 MelissaDale12032 5 years
My parents had a huge organic fruit & vegetable garden and fruit trees while my brother and I where growing up. We still had fast food once in a while. There are some days where life takes you for a loop (accidents, illnesses, etc.) and you simply can't get that meal created. That being said, I'm so happy there are healthy options in most fast food places now.
CoMMember13627284819133 CoMMember13627284819133 5 years
I'm proud to say that I said I'd never feed my kids fast food, and it still holds true. One of the nurses who was there at our oldest child's delivery made some comment about feeding my kid fast food, and it pissed me off. When I protested with, "I don't eat fast food, and my kid sure isn't either," she just laughed and said "yeah, right!" Well, even after having our fourth child last fall, we STILL don't feed our kids fast food. A family dictates it's priorities by how it spends its time - and much of our time is spent in the kitchen cooking meals from scratch. Nutrition and health are important to us. I also say I'll never buy my kid a cell phone, because I don't even own one.
JennCirisan JennCirisan 5 years
I swore my child would never eat fast food. However, when my schedule and his schedule amounts to more time running from one activity to the next, sometimes there is not enough time to go home, eat, and get to the next activity. We do not eat out often, and he knows about healthy choices versus unhealthy ones. If we eat out, then snack will be a healthy one. Eating out once in a while will not hurt the children. I also have a jar of candy in my home that sits out, and my son will eat a banana, crackers and cheese, or other choices over candy. I throw out holiday candy by the time the next holiday rolls around because we don't eat it. If we go to the bank, and the teller gives him a sucker, he may eat it, or more likely it ends up in the garbage.
AshleyBishop10553 AshleyBishop10553 5 years
I have a 4 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old, and am 13 weeks pregnant. When I had one kid, I never fed him fast food. I had my 2nd, and even then no fast food. I didn't like the idea of giving fast food to such little bodies. But I didn't give them sugary foods either until they were 2. I don't know at what point I let them eat fast food and pizza, but it was after a year and a half. Now that I have 3 kids, my youngest is 14months and a 4th on the way, sometimes easy foods are what you have to do. With morning sickness and migraines, and still having places to go, sometimes just getting a lunchable or bringing a pizza home is what needs to happen so they can eat and I don't puke my brains out all day. So long as they get taken care of, and generally get good nutrition, I'm NOT ashamed of getting them pizza, a hamburger, a hotdog from target, or whatever else on occassion. I love making my kids homemade breads, healthy smoothies, and all sorts of homemade goods, but I can't all the time. So unless you've walked in the shoes of a mom of multiple kids, you don't get to judge or comment on our choices.
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