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5 Healthy, No Cook Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

5 Healthy, No Cook Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Mornings are not a Mom’s best friend.  No matter how prepared I think I am when I go to sleep at night, some how we still end up frantically searching for one shoe or a misplaced library book in the morning.  The minutes just keep ticking along until suddenly you HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE SO JUST GET IN THE CAR.  Or is that just me?

I think it’s a universal worry among Mothers that their children will go to school hungry, and therefore become one of those statistics the cereal commercials are always quoting.  I know I do.  So how do we make sure those commercials are wrong while still getting everyone, including ourselves, presentable and prepared for the day ahead?  All you really need is a well-stocked kitchen, and from time to time, perhaps a flexible interpretation of the term “breakfast food”.

Here are a few of my favorite strategies you can use to make sure there’s always something nutritious you can grab as you run out the door. 


1. Keep the fruit bowl full of bananas and apples – These are some of natures perfect on the go foods.  Add a piece of all natural string cheese and a handful of nuts, and you’ve got protein, calcium, fiber, and a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals covered.  And a big bonus, it can be eaten in the backseat without worrying about having to change shirts by the time you reach the carpool line.

 2. Yogurt, Granola, and Fruit Parfaits - these are loved by both kids and adults.  Open a cup of all natural, vanilla yogurt and sprinkle with a few spoonfuls of your favorite granola from the market.  Add berries – blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are some of my favorites because they require no chopping or slicing.  That’s it.  Really.  Swap regular yogurt for Greek yogurt and you’ll be serving the same amount of protein as an egg. 

3. Cook more than you need - We usually eat pancakes at some point during the weekend.  I just make a few extra and keep them in the refrigerator for a super quick, super kid-friendly breakfast during the week.   If it’s one of those mornings where you don’t have time to sit down to eat, these are still a perfect choice.  Slather on peanut butter, almond butter, or cream cheese with sliced fruit or jam between two pancakes for a tasty breakfast sandwich.  

The same theory of make more than you need applies to muffins as well.  When you have extras leftover, pop them in the freezer (using a zip top freezer bag) and pull them out whenever you need them.  Either let them thaw overnight, or put them straight into the microwave for a few seconds to defrost.

4. Smoothies – everyone loves a good smoothie, especially kids.  We call them “fruity milkshakes” to make them even more appealing.  The best thing about smoothies is that frozen fruit works just as well as fresh, so keeping the ingredients on hand is easy.  To make things even speedier in the mornings, add all your ingredients to your blender’s pitcher and pop it in the fridge before you go to bed.  The next morning just add ice and give it a whirl.  Be sure to stock up on straws – they’re a must.

5. And the final no-cook breakfast idea: Leftovers.  I can’t tell you how many times my kids have eaten leftover pizza for breakfast.  Or chicken fingers.  Or even meatloaf.  If it’s in the refrigerator and needs nothing more than a quick re-heating, I’m probably going to offer it up for breakfast.  In my house, if it was good enough for dinner then it’s good enough for breakfast.  Just be sure to add some fruit and a glass of milk.  Because for some reason the addition of those two things can magically transform anything into an appropriate breakfast. 

Now it's your turn - what are some of your favorite no-cook breakfasts?

Susan is a mom to two young children, with a full time job and a hungry husband.  Her blog, Our Family Eats, began from a desire to help other overwhelmed families find easy and inspiring ways to get fun, wholesome meals on the table fast. She loves old school cameras, documentaries about useless information, and Bundt cakes, but she won’t tolerate chaos.   


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CoMMember13631176981476 CoMMember13631176981476 5 years
Pizza for breakfast or left over from dinner call me crazy but not for my house. I love the other ideas though.
MaryHubbellAnsera MaryHubbellAnsera 5 years
I get the nutrigrain waffles and make a yogurt cake. Simply layer yogurt in two waffles. You can use different yogurt flavors or add nuts on top or fresh fruit. My 4 yr old eats it right up!
TaniaSchrattenholz TaniaSchrattenholz 5 years
Great ideas. I do agree with the mums concerned about nut allergies though. My children go to nut free schools and I have always taken the extra caution of not allowing peanut butter or any other nut product for breakfast on weekdays. I think it's a very small and easy thing to do to ensure someone else's precious child is safe. There are plenty of other healthy foods they can have for breakfast. They can have nuts after school and on the weekends.
KatieErwin49980 KatieErwin49980 5 years
My 3 year old suffers from seasonal allergies so for breakfast we like to do a waffle with peanut butter and a local honey mixed in... the local honey helps with allergies bc the bees used pollen from local flowers and helps build an immunity. I also make sure to buy the orange juice for kids, it has added vitamins. He also loves blueberry muffins. I LOVE the egg muffin idea!!! I'm def going to try this one out!!!! I think I'm going to make them in a mini muffin pan and make them bite size. Momma might be snagging some for breakfast too!! =)
KerryKrassner KerryKrassner 5 years
@Carrie Lake-Gleason Would LOVE your Breakfast Casserole Recipe Thanks :) Kerry Krassner
KeriLopez25446 KeriLopez25446 5 years
I love frozen waffles --make them homemade with whole wheat flour and pop them in the toaster! My 10 month old loves it when I add mashed bananas and oatmeal to the mix, and I just saw a recipe on TV that calls for adding ham chunks and cheese --a great idea for lunch waffles, I think!
TammyBeauchamp TammyBeauchamp 5 years
My daughter and nephew love the Eggo Nutri Grain Whole Wheat waffles with Nutella spread on them. It's quick and easy.
AdantsiRichard AdantsiRichard 5 years
This is simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
cindybentov cindybentov 5 years
Cereal in a bag or string cheese, or a yogurt tube are the three top favorites of a grab and go breakfast.
cindybentov cindybentov 5 years
Cereal in a bag or string cheese, or a yogurt tube are the three top favorites of a grab and go breakkfast.
cindybentov cindybentov 5 years
Cereal in a bag or string cheese, or a gogurt tube are the three top favs of a grab and go brkfst.
JeanetteBinns JeanetteBinns 5 years
Waffles and French toast re-heat awesome in a toaster!
AmandaWhitt AmandaWhitt 5 years
My comment is more about the nut allergy issue than breakfast - but all of these ideas are great and I use them all! My son is in school with a child with severe nut allergies and I can tell you the key is to educate everyone involved. As 8 year old children in 3rd grade, these kids made the decision themselves to create a safe environment for this girl when she moved into our district. This did not keep them from eating nut products - even at school. This made them aware of the consequences and what was necessary to avoid it. Teeth brushing afterwards, hand and face washing, the works. They are all now in the 6th grade together and have NEVER had an issue. They even take it upon themselves to educate new students. We do live in a small community so we have a small school and I realize this may not be as realistic in a large school but it is important to educate your own child as well. I think the argument about depriving my child so yours is more comfortable is totally unnecessary if we educate and leave it up to the kids. You might be surprised at how much better the kids handle it than the adults do.
CoMMember13631013202003 CoMMember13631013202003 5 years
All my girls want is nutella on wheat bread with milk. I'm glad the school asks us to send a morning snack because I feel like thats not enough
BrittKloehn BrittKloehn 5 years
My kids are creatures of habit and perfectly happy with cereal most mornings, but I'm always looking for new ideas. Unfortunately, they are also allergic to dairy, egg, peanuts and tree nuts, so most of these suggestions won't work for me! That said, everyone needs to find some common ground on the food allergy issue. My kids have the potential for anaphylactic reactions with exposure to peanuts, but I know and trust the school staff at our public school, and I trust that they will be safe. There is no way I would have home-schooled my kids just because of their allergies, nor do I expect people to avoid feeding their own kids nuts just because my kids are allergic. Any teacher worth their salt will have safe practices in place to avoid any contact allergies (hand washing, etc.), and my kids benefit from the socialization that accompanies attending a public school. It's a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned. Most people who have food allergic kids don't really expect anyone else to change their lifestyle to accommodate them, but no one should ever suggest that food allergic kids shouldn't attend public school, either. That is ridiculous. Concerned parents simply need to be proactive and make sure that the school staff is very aware of their kids' needs, and then trust that they will be safe. IF you cannot do that, THEN consider home-schooling or some such alternative. Just my two cents.
DeniseGentry DeniseGentry 5 years
Melt some peanut butter in the microwave with some apple slices... very yummy
AnnForbes67916 AnnForbes67916 5 years
nutella on toast
LydiaCopp LydiaCopp 5 years
ATTENTION USER: I understand that reading what these other mothers here have to say about your child's nut allergy would be very upsetting. I too have a child with allergies how ever as far as I'm aware not anaphylactic. Other families who get to live life care free have no clue how distressing these allergies can be for the families and extended families and the constant anxiety that can be involved for social gatherings. To all you mothers that are giving this user a hard time how would you feel if a child with a severe allergy like this died and furthermore your child may have been the culprit? I'm not suggesting that it was with malicious intent but the child with the allergy can't control how life got delt to them. It is only for school days and school lunches. Try living like this all the time! Why should this child be ostracized from school all because of an allergy. If the family feels that public education is best for the child that should be there choice. Consider the childs feelings having to live with something like this and knowing that any peers feeling like peanut butter sandwiches could result in being stabbed with an epi-pen. I've been told these are very painful (but of course necessary!) It breaks my heart that all you loving parents out there can be quite heartless on this one issue. We have 3 kids 1 of which has the allergies. Our oldest isn't deprived from the things he likes (such as peanut butter sandwiches) but our daily routines have to make such a big accommodation for this. Having a child with allergies was the biggest shock as a parent since it was my second child that developed this. Before then I admit I was as ignorant as most of you others. I empathize with your lack of knowledge and understanding on these. I hope and pray that one day soon allergies for children won't be as common as they seem to be are these days.
MelissaLeyshon MelissaLeyshon 5 years
I love the way this article is written, you pick up on some fantastic realistic ideas thank you :-)
CarrieLakeGleason CarrieLakeGleason 5 years
To ensure my kids eat breakfast every morning I make a breakfast caserole on Sunday evening and serve it 2-3 mornings. It has eggs, cheese, sausage and a croissant crust. Each piece takes about 30 sec. in the microwave to heat. Just add milk or juice and a piece of fruit and we are good to go. The other days I serve frozen waffles or blue berry pancakes (which take 1min 10sec in the microwave) along w/ a sausage link or stip of bacon (prepared ahead of time), a piece of fruit and juice or milk.
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