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The 5 Most Popular Initials for Baby Names in 2011

The 5 Most Popular Initials for Baby Names in 2011

Did you start your search for a baby name with a particular letter? Many moms come to Circle of Moms looking for names that begin with an "S," a "J," or some other initial that's meaningful to them or to their families. So after sharing the most common baby names of 2011, we took a page from these searchers and dug a little deeper into our data, this time to find the most common first initials given to their baby girls and boys by Circle of Moms members in 2011.

The Most Popular First Initials for Girls

Certain letters of the alphabet were much more prevalent than others in 2011. More than half (a full 56) of the top 100 girls' names of the year start with one of five initials: A, S, M, K, and L! The names, in order of their first initial's popularity, are as follows:

A: Ava, Abigail, Addison, Amelia, Alexis, Aubrey, Alyssa, Audrey, Autumn, Avery, Aaliyah, Aurora, Anna, Arianna, Aubree, Allison, Abby, Ashley, Amber, Ariana, Alexa, Alice, Alivia


S: Sophia, Sophie, Savannah, Samantha, Sarah, Sofia, Sydney, Scarlett, Serenity, Sienna, Summer

M: Madison, Mia, Mackenzie, Morgan, Maya, Madelyn, Mya, Makayla, Molly

K: Kayla, Kaylee, Katie, Kaitlyn, Kylie, Khloe, Kennedy, Kendall

L: Lily, Lillian, Lilly, Leah, Lucy, Layla, Lauren, Lyla


The Most Popular First Initials for Boys

There was a similarly strange high number of names in the top 100 boys names in 2011 that began with certain letters. As with the girls, more than half (51) of the top 100 boys' names began with J, C, A, B, or M! The names, in order of their first initial's popularity, are as follows:

J: Jacob, Jayden, Joshua, James, Jack, Jackson, John, Joseph, Jordan, Jaxon, Jeremiah, Jake, Jace, Jonathan, Justin, Jaxson, Julian

C: Connor, Caleb, Christopher, Cameron, Christian, Chase, Carter, Cooper, Charlie, Colton, Cole, Charles

A: Aiden, Alexander, Andrew, Austin, Anthony, Aaron, Alex, Adam, Ashton, Aidan, Ayden

B: Benjamin, Brayden, Bentley, Blake, Brandon, Brody

M: Mason, Matthew, Michael, Max, Micah, Muhammad

Why Are Certain Initials So Popular?

Are more parents choosing names that start with A so that their children will be placed at the front of the line? Do the letters S, K, and L somehow feel feminine whereas J, C, and B seem masculine? And why are there no girl names starting with D or boys names starting with F in the top 100 lists? 

We're baffled  so you tell us! Did you choose your child's name in part because of the first initial? If so, what does that letter mean to you?

Why do you think these initials are so common?

NikaDavies NikaDavies 5 years
My son is called Brenden Anthony Davies, as i always liked Brenden Frazer (The Mummy Films) and Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal)
BelindaLubin BelindaLubin 5 years
With our first son, the letter didn't matter. We just liked the name, so we used it. And he has my husband's middle name. For our second son, we were considering names that started with the same letter as our first son but didn't find any we loved. So we started looking at other letters and decided on a name that started with the same letter as my husband. We had already chosen the middle name, which started with the same letter as our first son's (and my husband's) middle name. So my second son has the same initials as his father. We like that both of our sons are technically named after their father (the first with his middle name, the second with his initials) without actually giving either my husband's exact name.
Vanessa43531 Vanessa43531 5 years
My son's first name starts with a J, his first name and so does his middle name. We chose the names because they had special meanings to us, but also loved initials. I like the idea that he can go by J or JJ. We also loved monogram so much just incase he was really a she we chose a girls name and middle name based on those letters
tonihirst tonihirst 5 years
i chose duncan for my son which is perfect for him i wanted a name not many other kids will have but nothing stupid and i just read through a baby name book and saw it and as i got further through the boys names the more i was set on duncan as a name... his second names tho are of great importance to me alan for my grand father and justin for my baby cousin who both passed away within a month of each other .. thats how i chose my names
veritywright47270 veritywright47270 5 years
Deacon really Suits my lil man no one else liked it but I stuck to my guns and won the name war :o)
veritywright47270 veritywright47270 5 years
I loved the name deek when I was growing up but thought it wud get miss said then I watched the film blade an the character in it was call deacon an desided when I grow up an have a child he's to be called deacon , his full name is deacon Ashley Craig , Ashley after my brother who passed an Craig coz he's my partners 1st born son , when I have a second child they will be either felicity Heidi Catherine , felicity is sorta after me as people use to forget my name an call me that lol an the 2 middle names are after my mum an my partners mum , if I have a boy it's to be Byron Phillip Ian , I had a dream about the name byron strange I know and again the 2 middle names are after my dad an my partners grandad , I don't think it matters how you chose ur child's name weather it's coz of the letter or to match there siblings, an first in line ok that's a new one on me lol
MyLisaThompson MyLisaThompson 5 years
My daughters name has multiple meanings. Her first name has 2... first she is named after myself, and I was named after my mother.... My mother is Lisa, I am MyLisa (pronounced as two words but really one My - Leesa) and my daughter is named AdahLisa (add-a-Leesa). Adah is hebrew for "a beautiful addition" so it worked out perfect! Her middle name was also inspired the same as my own middle name... my mother chose my middle name from her favorite story in the Bible, and I did the same... My middle name is Rachel and my daughter is AdahLisa Ruth. My son was a bit more challenging... His first name was super easy - he was born on his great great grandfather's 85th birthday, and was given the same first name Forest... but my husband and I argued over the middle name. All the first born males on my husbands side of the family have the same middle name Noal - Not a fan at all, and it doesn't flow well with Forest.... so we compromised... My son has 2 middle names to help Noal flow, he was named after his great grandfather on his daddys side William Noal - and thus we have AdahLisa Ruth and Forest William Noal.
AyaZickefoose AyaZickefoose 5 years
the only child we named based on initials is our son Xavier. Our last name starts with a Z, and we gave him a middle name of Yogi. his initials are XYZ. just thought it'd be fun!
AmberMunt AmberMunt 5 years
I fell in love with my son's name, Gage like 20 years ago in Pet Cemetary. I know terrible. good thing he was born 15 years later. No-one his age knows the movie. Then my second I named Hannah. It seems to be pretty popular. Then I went with Isaac and Jordan to finish the part of the alphabet I have the hardest time filing, G, H, I & J.
PamelaLong PamelaLong 5 years
Our three boys have names that start with A. It wasn't intentional until #3 came along. We named our oldest Andrew because I always thought it was a sophisticated name. We intended to call him Drew for short, but somehow Andrew just stuck. Surprisingly he is usually the only Andrew in his class. I found my middle son's name in a book long before I was expecting him. I loved the name Aidan because it was Irish and so unique. Little did I know it was going to be so popular. When I was expecting #3, and found out it was a boy, I felt that he would be left out if his name didn't start with A. So a search of A names began. I didn't want Alex because we knew so many of those. We finally decided on Avery and it suits him well. I know many are using it as a girls name, but I still think of it as a boys name. My boys are lovingly referred to as The A Team by relatives.
michelegower michelegower 5 years
yep, we picked our sons name because it started with 'L'. We have Lachlan, Joshua & Jemma, so we decided we'd have another L name to finish it off. Logan was in our top 5 list, so we went with it.
JennyDavidson4579 JennyDavidson4579 5 years
My last name starts w/ a D so I named my son w/ a name that started w/ a D so both would be the same.
AlliDeutsch AlliDeutsch 5 years
To honor *loved ones...
AlliDeutsch AlliDeutsch 5 years
We chose Jenna Rose in memory of my grandmothers, Jeanie & Ruth. We followed this Jewish tradition to honor lived ones that have passed away.
AshleyKight AshleyKight 5 years
My daughter's name is Celia Yvonne, and I absolutely love it!
DebiDuncan DebiDuncan 5 years
I have a friend who's granddaughters name is Acadia. I love it! I think it is very feminine.
ErinKruse ErinKruse 5 years
We have a Braedyn and a Brody which were not popular at the time of their births.
LisaRojas89637 LisaRojas89637 5 years
with my daughter Emily it wasn't so much about the initial as I loved the name. When I was pregnant with my son, my mom suggested giving him a name starting with E since besides my daughter, my nephews name was Ethan. I then had to find a hispanic name strting with E and so he became Eduardo (Eddie) Rojas
JamieDelgado94667 JamieDelgado94667 5 years
I have an A (Autumn), S (Sarah) and L (Luna). :-) I also have a B (Brooklyn).
DesireeJaquett DesireeJaquett 5 years
My theme for our kids names is I like long names that have shortened forms of the name ! We have Kimberley ( Kim) Elizabeth ( Lizzie) Daniel (Danny) and if we have another we like Isabelle( Bella) and for a boy Oliver (Ollie) ! But also with our first son we also named him after his father but we didn't want a jr so we found a k middle name that fits with Daniel so he is Daniel Kole where his father is Daniel Kirby they have the same initials but they have their own names !
MadonnaMcCrae MadonnaMcCrae 5 years
I don't much care for popular names. You know, the kind where most girls are all named the same and the boys, the same thing. All my kids have very unique names and it suits them. My eldest is named Keiza (as in Key and za like in the Zaza (Gabor) name), my son is named Aeron (we pronounce it as Aaron), and my youngest daughter is Rhiannon (rhymes with Shannon). Of course ppl never pronounce the girls names correctly, which ticks me off a lot. But like I said, their names fit them, especially Rhiannon (it's was a mythical Irish princess that loves horses) and funny enough, Rhiannon loves horses. Anyway, by placing the initials or names and hoping that the kid will be first is stupid. And it places too much pressure on them to live up to the name they have. Name your kids what you want and it should be fine. And if they don't like their name, they can always change it when they are older.
BritniBrodhead BritniBrodhead 5 years
My little family is an A,B,C,D,E family. My husbands name is Adam, and mine is Britni. We ended up naming our children Colt, Danika, and Ella. If we have another, it will most definitely be a "F" name.
AshleyBarajas AshleyBarajas 5 years
Actually for my first child I went through the whole alphabet until I decided on Sapphire and my second daughter I wanted to name after anothe gem Jade but my husband and I comprimised on Jaden.
DorothyLandsberg DorothyLandsberg 5 years
We went through an Italian phase when we got pregnant with our first and so we called her Isabella. When we got pregnant again we decided on a K or C name. We wanted a name that sounded strong and feminine at the same time. So we went with Katelynne. We liked Kathleen and Ciarra as well so if we did have any other girls Im almost sure we'll go for Ciarra or maybe even Cara. We think the names suit their personalities to the dot. Isabella is full of life - so energetic- and very outgoing. Katy on the other hand is more quiet and shy. I dont think anyone chooses a name for their kid to "be placed the at front of the line" or get ahead so to speak. That would just be silly.
CoMMember13628145277488 CoMMember13628145277488 5 years
Dumb! Choosing a so your kid will be first in line? Dumb! Not to mention that kids are alphabetized in school by LAST name!!!
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