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5 Reasons Kids Have it Good

5 Reasons Kids Have it Good

There are certain wisdoms that come only from getting older. There are also many things in life that we don't appreciate until they are gone. I try to share these personal experiences with my own children particularly when I see them taking things in their own lives for granted.

To a child, many of these things are right now little more than a nuisance or just something else their parents are telling them to do. Personally, I'd love to have any of these things back for even a day:

1. Mandatory Nap Time

Oh, the things I would do to have someone tell me I had to take a nap each day!  Every time my kids fight with me about nap time, I try to tell them they'll regret it later in life, but the lesson just isn't sinking in yet.  As for me, I'm left wishing I could take back all the naps I ever passed up on as a child.


2. Cleaning & Laundry

I feel like I should say "thank you" to  my own mother every time I see her now because just as she did, I'm now the one doing the cleaning and laundry for three kids. Sure I did chores growing up, just as I plan on having my kids do as they get older, but the bulk of the responsibility was always on my Mom as it is on me now. I understand why she used to tell us that Mom is not synonymous with maid. Having someone else wash, dry and fold my clothes now seems like a distant dream and something I really didn't appreciate until it was a load put on my shoulders.


3. Prepared Meals

If I had someone come into my house, prepare, serve, and clean up after three meals (and two light snacks) for me, I'd eat whatever they put in front of me. I know I used to grumble at my Mother saying things like "Spaghetti again?!" meanwhile she had made the sauce and meatballs from scratch.  My own children have three different pallets and there's no such thing as pleasing everyone at any meal.  I try to tell them to appreciate it now, but it's another thing they might not get until they're older.

4. Mom's Taxi

Perhaps if I win Powerball one day I'll hire a driver, but until then I'm in charge of the taxi services around here.  I'd be one happy Mama to have someone else cart me around where ever I needed to go, but sadly those days are past....until I'm elderly or a billionaire anyway.

5. Draw Me a Bath

I would think I was royalty or the winner of a luxury trip to a spa to have someone draw me a bubble bath and wash, dry and style my hair every day. As much as my kids enjoy water (oceans, pools, puddles in the street), I would have thought that bath time would be one of the funnest parts of the day. I forgot how little boys also love being dirty. Still, if someone were to start drawing me baths at the end of every day and giving me the spa treatment, I promise not to complain one bit about it.

What childhood luxuries do you miss as an adult?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you're missing most!

Award winning blogger Susan McLean can be found writing about her daily adventures in Motherhood over at The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva.  Connect with her and thousands of like-minded Mamas on Facebook for some fun, and don't forget to check her out on Twitter too!

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