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5 Tips for a Clutter-Free Entryway

5 Tips for a Clutter-Free Entryway

As an unloading area for shoes, coats, backpacks, toys, and mail, it's no surprise that our homes' entryways are constantly cluttered. So how to get the problem area under control?  Moms who have mastered the mess, like Brenna Burke of the blog Almost All the Truth, say it's all about having a constistent organizing plan: "It helps tremendously for the kids to know exactly where to put (and find again) their things when coming home."

To help you come up with a plan, we've rounded up five simple entryway storage ideas that moms say really work with kids.

1. Hooks

"Installing a row of hooks near my entry was by the far the best thing that I ever did to keep coats and bags off of the floor, (and it gives the stuff in my tiny entryway closet some room to breathe)." -AlexisAnne of Clean, Smart, Simple Style


2. Bins and Baskets

“Bins! They can be cute baskets or practical plastic, but I find bins are the best way to contain clutter. One for shoes, one for bags, one for books, etc. – Carina Schoen of A Punk, a Pumpkin and a Peanut

“I have an old, small dresser in the entryway of our house. I placed large baskets for shoes on the sides of the dressers, and then small bowls on the top for keys, mail, etc. This way, even if it is a bunch of clutter coming in, it looks neat and clean until we get a chance to take care of the mail, etc.” -Jacinda of Homemaker Hand Guide


3. Lockers

“We built lockers to store the clutter for my four boys. Kind of like Pottery Barn's wooden, open-shelf lockers, but not as expensive. We have a hook for their coats, a shelf for them to sit on, and underneath, a tray for the boys to keep their shoes.” –Anna Hackman of Green Talk

4. Hanging Organzers

“For this and thats we have a bulletin board set with mail slots and key rings near the kitchen.” -Pam of Momma Can

5. Minimize Flat Surfaces

“Don't fall for the allure of pretty flat surfaces!!! I've completely eliminated a cute piece that did nothing but catch clutter and stress me out. It was difficult, but worth it!” –Nony of A Slob Comes Clean

"Instead of one flat surface for shoes, vertical shelving up the wall. Wet shoes and boots on the bottom and rotate them up when they dry." Kristin Lindstrom of The Imperfect Home

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