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5 Tips for Coping with the Post-Holiday Blues

Like many Circle of Moms members, Leila E. is taking a big sigh after the holidays. She pulled off the Olympian feat of creating a spectacular annual event for her kids and extended family. But now she’s having trouble getting “back on track.” As she describes it, “I just don’t have much motivation."

Decking the halls may be fun, but now that the trees are down and the messes gone, "it's a letdown." Here, Circle of Moms members offer X post-holiday steps for getting your groove back.

1. Dive Into Hobbies or New Activities

Several Circle of Moms suggest keeping the let-down at bay by taking up new creative projects. For Stephanie D. it’s scrapbooking. “I scrapbook the time we had with them to create a memory book." Maria L. likes to "get busy right away" with activities that include mentoring junior high school students and coaching middle school cheerleading and girl's soccer. "This establishes a life of my own in the new year.” Getting back on track through exercise is Amy D.'s coping strategy.


2. Relish the Memories

Well the good news is all the holiday shopping and preparation stress is over, Circle of Moms members suggest, adding that part of the let down can be missing all the busyness or being exhausted from it. "Holidays are over ... kids are back to college... house is empty," says Carolyn C. "Miss the holidays already."

3. Get Back on Schedule

Many Circle of Moms members dread the post holiday period because they have been casual about bedtimes and other rules - like eating sweets -- that they keep for their children the rest of the year. Nikki L. asks other moms if they share her post-holiday feelings: "Is anyone else dreading getting our kindergartners back on a sleep pattern after the holidays and winter break?" She says she works hard at "re-establishing routines quickly."

 How do you get yourself back on track after the holidays?


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