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5 Ways to Comfortably Bathe Your Toddler While Pregnant

5 Ways to Comfortably Bathe Your Toddler While Pregnant

Bathing a young child can become difficult when another baby is on the way, as kneeling on a hard bathroom floor and leaning over the edge of the tub is hardly convenient with a ballooning belly. How can a mom comfortably bathe her toddler as her pregnancy advances? Check out these five recommendations from Circle of Moms members.

1. Get into the Tub Yourself

Other pregnant moms choose to get in the tub to bathe with their toddlers. As Julie S. shares: “My daughter and I bathe together despite the fact I'm nearly 8 months pregnant. I lay or sit down in the tub and my daughter (20 months old) plays on the other end of the tub. That way we both get clean she has fun and it is easy on me.”

2. Sit on a Stool or Chair Next to the Tub

Another way to manage bath time while pregnant is to sit nearby on a stool or a tub. Jenny G. explains: “When I bathe my 12 month old, I put a chair next to the tub... even a folding chair works. That way I don't have to be on my knees or the side of the tub the whole time.” Katherine W. shares a similar recommendation for bathing her 3 year-old daughter: “I am pregnant and have SPD and sciatica…I have a stool to sit on while washing and she stands up close to me so I don't have to stretch. When she is playing I can sit on toilet lid.” 


3. Sit on the Side of the Tub

Side saddle the tub,” recommend Elizabeth M., one of many moms who say that sitting on the side of the tub is more comfortable than the floor. Too hard? Take Brittany G.'s tip for extra cushioning: “I sit on the side of the tub with a towel under me. 

4. Shower Together Instead

Countless moms say the easiest way to bathe your toddler while pregnant is to take a shower with her. Nicolo W. shares: “I take my tot in the shower with me...I make sure the bathroom heater is on though since it's been quite chilly. If I'm washing my hair, I [put] bath toys in the shower for distraction.” Danielle R. agrees: “I normally shower with my daughter. I put some water in the tub and then I run the shower for me. I take my shower while my daughter is playing with her toys. After that I wash her hair and her body and put her under the shower to rinse. That's it! We're done. I even stay in the shower for longer so she can play and I can enjoy the warm water and relax.”

5. Use the Kitchen Sink

Is your toddler scared of the shower? Try the sink! As Amber S. recalls about bathing her 2 year-old while pregnant, “It was the only way to get him clean and it was great for not having to’s a little strange to bathe a toddler in the sink [but] it may work well while pregnant.


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Image Source: juhansonin via Flickr/Creative Commons

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