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5 Year-old's Ears Pierced by Her Daycare Teacher

5 Year-old's Ears Pierced by Her Daycare Teacher

5 Year-old's Ears Pierced by Her Daycare Teacher

Can you imagine picking up your child at daycare and discovering that her teacher had pierced her ears?

Eloise Cardenas, a mom in Fort Worth, TX, has pulled both of her kids out of a daycare center she once loved, Marquita KinderCare, while she waits to find out if a teacher there who pierced the ears of her 5-year-old daughter will be fired.

As the Star Telegram reports, the teacher apparently also pierced the ears of a number of other children at the center. In the case of Mia Cardenas, she defended her actions by asserting that the tot gave her permission. But Cardenas says this shows extremely poor judgement: "I said, 'She's a kid. You're the adult. You should have known better . . . What are you doing putting earrings on kids? Even if their ears were already pierced, that's unsanitary."


Read more (Star Telegram)

Have you ever felt uneasy about one of your kids' teachers, caretakers, or coaches? What did you do?

Image Source: michellecarl via Flickr/Creative Commons

TabithaHall80311 TabithaHall80311 5 years
Read the entire article. Although the teacher didn't actually pierce the child's ears, she had not right to put earrings in the child's ears. We have to respect parents decisions and beliefs, even if we don't agree. This teacher should be talked to if this is the first time something happened.
TabithaHall80311 TabithaHall80311 5 years
This is crazy. I'm a childcare provider and would never dream of doing such a thing. If I was the parent I would notify state licensing ASAP. I won't even paint the girls fingernails without notifying parents first
TiffanyBruneau TiffanyBruneau 5 years
A teacher has a lot of rights - to teach, to comfort, to help, to bond... But not to cut a child's hair, circumsize, tattoo, peirce, or do anything else to thier bodies that is permanent or debatable. If you think "should I do this?" you probably shouldn't. What was she thinking? As a student just about to go into this profession, I'm appauled.
DianaAlters DianaAlters 5 years
I'm a child care provider and there is no way I would ever think about doing something like that. Its to bad that, this mother had to go through this and she couldn't have shared that moment with her child if she wanted her daughter to get her ears pierced. Also the fact that it may have traumatized the child and any child care or center she goes to will take awhile for her to adjust.
Katie28870 Katie28870 5 years
i'd be pissed beyond all belief
MichelleMayes MichelleMayes 5 years
My family has issues with keloids - overgrowth of scar tissue. Piercing my child's ears could lead to those on her earlobes (if you've never seen a picture, google images keloid + ear). I've had to fend off well meaning friends/aunts, so if a daycare provider did this and a keloid developed, I'd most likely be suing for pain & suffering - a 5 year old cannot give legal consent!
JessicaMathias61520 JessicaMathias61520 5 years
I also think people sound like idiots on here, the teacher only put earrings in, she did NOT pierce her ears. So like janet or janice said read the article before responding
TraciePiercy TraciePiercy 5 years
Wow! That's all I have to say. I can't believe this. No one! And I mean no one should have the right to do that except for the mother or father. Or a relative that had been given permission from one of the parents. This is crazy. She actually said she was given permission from the child?? That was her permission?? A 5 yr old? This woman most definitely should be fired. And not allowed to work at any daycare service anywhere. Ever. Sorry. Just wrong.
CoMMember136132035192 CoMMember136132035192 5 years
That parent should call child services! She should also report the director, she should have been fired the day she pierced the first child's ear. How does she have time to pierce ears and pay attention to every other child. They must be the right ones because I would wait for her to get off and wear her out!!!! Physically
JoyiKraus JoyiKraus 5 years
Uggg, now I feel dumb. Should have read the article first. Okay, I agree with other posters... it would have hacked me off, but these seems to amount more to a teacher putting earrings on the child. Poor judgement - for sure - but not the end of the world. And the holes could have easily still been open - different people have their piercings open and close at different rates... heck, I have two piercings in each ear. The first piercings I haven't worn earrings in for years and they have never closed... the second piercing, I took the earrings out, because they were irritating my ears - and those closed up almost immediately - within a month. Also, the earrings likely didn't start bothering the child until she had them on for a while... at least that is what happens with me and my daughter. She likes her earrings, but then wants them taken out as soon as she gets home from school. So, anyway, I feel dumb for not at least reading the entire article first - what an inflammatory title! Kind of makes me mad at the newspaper.
JoyiKraus JoyiKraus 5 years
Holy Hell! I would have flat come unglued on someone! It is one thing to braid my daughter's hair or swipe some blush on her cheeks... it is an entire different story to do something along these lines. She is "waiting to see if the teacher will be fired?!" Bull! I would be demanding the teacher be fired AND I would be demanding to be refunded childcare cost, the cost to transfer to a new daycare, the cost taking my child to the doctor to have her checked for infection, AND I would be suing the school.
BarbaraCard BarbaraCard 5 years
This person should NOT be watching or be found in the company of children. She clearly crossed the line and exploited these children. What kind of medication was she taking to believe that children give her the right to "mutilate" their bodies in that way. Yes, I said mutilate, she pierced a hole (holes) into those children and did NOT seek the permission of their parent. Someone needs to yank that woman's license (if she even has one). YOW!!!
CoMMember13630956296469 CoMMember13630956296469 5 years
ok so i did the same no excuse but ive just got up lol. after reading i know the ears were already pierced but what if parent of the child had done it and the child had a reaction, anything from a mild rash to sepsis (apologies if this is spelt wrong) or worse. ear DO knit back together if they havent healed correctly and the rings are taken out which is why so many get them re-done. This teacher had poor lack of judgement and anyone with an ounce of sense knows you do not interfere with a child like that. she is paid to look after children and thats it.
CoMMember13630956296469 CoMMember13630956296469 5 years
wierd i brought this up on another site yesterday. whether it is right to pierce childrens ears before they are old enough to take care of the cleaning of them ie around 10years and over. it started when i noticed more BABIES and toddlers with pierced ears. surely this is done not for the child but for the parents vanity.'o look how cute' yeah cute that you punched two holes in your child yet smacking is talked about as uncalled for, plus you risk infection no matter who does it as it is all about the aftercare and kids will be kids and get filthy. i hate it. it is a for of abuse if it is done to early and there should be an age restriction. this is just my opinion everyone is entitled to their own.x
BrandiStriplin BrandiStriplin 5 years
Janet, you need to read the full article before commenting. The clip you read (as well as most of the other people commenting) doesn't bother to tell you all of the facts: the girls ears were previously pierced. The problem lies in that the teacher RE-INSERTED earrings into her ALREADY pierced ears.
AshleyTatum88416 AshleyTatum88416 5 years
That is sickening! Not her kid not her choice!
janetjones55395 janetjones55395 5 years
Janice Murphy, your comment is uncalled for.
janetjones55395 janetjones55395 5 years
Oh my gosh! What nerve! Isn't that abuse? I waited to pierce my daughters ears until she was 6 years old. It was a milestone birthday, very special for me. I wanted to pierce her ears as a celebration. What if it was this way for the mother of this child, and the teacher ruined it for her? I would sue her!
MarshaMais MarshaMais 5 years
@ Lori Chambers- Yep, you're gonna get some flak about your comment. Think woman, about the implications of this teacher's actions. It goes beyond just the action of piercing. Hygiene is at the top: while yes some stores sell those at home single use piercing kits, it doesn't mean she handled them sanitary fashion. That can lead to an infection, and depending on how the child's body reacts to the traumatic violation of using a piercing gun rather than a 22 gauge needle, an allergic reaction could also come up if the kid is at all allergic to the materials used. It's one thing to take a child to a pagoda or a REAL piercing parlor, where the piercer is trained to do the job and work with kids. The parent can be fully responsible for that doctors bill if something does happen and they can go, "oh shit, we won't do that again". It's another to have someone with NO training doing the same thing and possibly try not to be responsible for any subsequent repercussions. I'd have pierced that teacher in the face with my fist. And since you don't think it's such a big deal, I hope your kid comes home with their belly button pierced. Hopefully you'll be able to see what all the fuss is about.
MadieKnudson MadieKnudson 5 years
I would be so mad!! It's against my religion to pierce your ears and if someone did it to my daughter I would freak! Totally unprofessional!
maleiahollander maleiahollander 5 years
with infections like staph and who knows what- I would be horrified. My childrens ears were done in a drs setting. it was my CHOICE! I would never do them at a mall or public place - millions would-but its my choice, This crossed the line. I want to know hands are washed,ear rings are brand new and sanitary and decide if i want to deal with taking care of the re-done holes = i think its shocking anyone could find this acceptable.
JenniferMahowald JenniferMahowald 5 years
Yeah, for those of you saying that piercings don't close up, maybe yours didn't heal, but other people's have. My daughter had her ears pierced for over a year, took out her earrings for three days and they closed up. She may still have had some of the scar tissue on the inside of the hole, but the outsides had closed up completely. She is going to have to have them re-pierced when she chooses to. Further, no one should ever, ever do that, even if a child has nice wide-open piercings. From sanitation problems to blood-borne illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, there are serious safety risks. It would be one thing if a parent looked at the teacher and said, "hey, if her earrings come out, could you put them back in?" Totally different to put earrings into a child's ears if they weren't wearing any and the parent's didn't give instructions. Especially adult-sized hoops. It's just wrong and I sincerely hope that this woman does get fired, because she can obviously not be trusted to make mature decisions when it comes to the kids in her care.
KristinRetallack KristinRetallack 5 years
My concern is were the earrings taken out in the first place because of problems with the childs ears? My Mum had my ears pearced when I was very young. Due to family breakup, my ears where not cared for properly, and the holes closed up around the earrings! When I was 5 the earrings had to be ripped out of my ears. I then had trouble with my ears until I was 7 and stopped wearing the earrings. It's possible this young girl's earrings were removed for a similar reason, if so I can understand why the (adoptive) mum is so concerned. Even if it was a personal preference to take them out, it is still up to the parent. The child had not worn earrings for two years, the holes would have been closed over, so it's not a case of the daycare person simply putting earrings back in, they would have had to re-pierce the ears. Was this done hygenically with the right equipment? Even a trained piercer will be in trouble if they use unhygenic or the wrong equipment, so yes there is cause for concern here.
JaniceMurphy43558 JaniceMurphy43558 5 years
Please read the article competely before entering a comment. Most of you sound like idiots.
JaniceMurphy43558 JaniceMurphy43558 5 years
ok...poor lack of judgement. When I read the headline I thought the teacher actually pierced the childs ears, but they were already pierced. Sorry, but the holds don't "close up" they are still there. I had my ears pierced at a very young age and didn't wear earrings for years. All through elementary school it was prohibited because of possible injury. She probably didn't think anything of it when the child asked for earrings because there is already holes there. She has limited knowledge of the childs history. I have four children, 21, 5, 2 and one apopted who's 18. If it were me, I would have explained to the teacher that it was poor judgement to put earrings in my childs ears and my concerns for infection. But seriously, this wasn't a life threating situation, sorry, but it wasn't. Get her fired, get a grip, take a breath. With everything that could happen to a child, this is not life shattering, its stupid. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.
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